What Does The Process of Hair Transplant Turkey Look Like?


Scheduling a hair transplant can be a tough decision to make. It’s never easy to choose a surgical solution to hair loss – after all, things could go wrong. Inexperienced surgeons could make mistakes, the transplant could be performed poorly, and the results might not be what you imagined. That’s why it’s critical to find a high-quality hair clinic with skilled medical staff.

When done right, a hair transplant procedure can offer impeccable results. Experienced surgeons can ensure that the transplanted hair is inserted at the right angle and the distance from the surrounding follicles. They can ensure the maximum graft survival rates and restore your confidence and self-esteem by giving you a full head of luscious hair, and you can find some of the best surgeons for hair transplantation in Istanbul.

Learn why Turkey became the top destination for hair transplantation surgery and see what you can expect from the process there.

Hair Transplant before and after
Hair Transplants before and after

Why go to Turkey for a hair transplant?

Many international patients choose to schedule a hair transplant in Turkey. The country welcomes millions of medical tourists annually, many of whom are interested in hair transplantation specifically.

The main reason behind this trend is Turkey’s strong educational system. Turkey has some of the best schools and universities where future medical professionals can obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding services to their patients.

The top clinics and hospitals provide rigorous training, requiring each medical professional to deliver the utmost precision and excellence in everything they do. Moreover, they feature cutting-edge equipment that enables doctors to perform even the most complicated procedures without breaking a sweat.

Hence, hair transplantation clinics in Turkey traditionally enjoy great renown, setting the highest standards and ensuring absolute patient satisfaction.

What you need to know about hair transplant clinics in Turkey

Hair transplantation clinics in Turkey, such as the Medart Hair clinic, prioritise patient satisfaction and wellbeing above all else. They conduct hundreds of hair transplantation operations annually, with each surgery being tailored to the unique patient’s needs.

The abovementioned Medart Hair clinic, for instance, goes out of its way to ensure that each patient understands how the hair transplantation surgery will go and what results they can expect to achieve. To that end, the clinic offers personal translators who eliminate any potential misunderstandings, keeping everyone involved on the same page.

Although the Medart Hair clinic offers premium services, you won’t be required to pay a premium price. Hair transplants in Turkey, with the highest number of grafts, have a price that’s up to 90% cheaper than in western countries such as the US or the UK.

Since the costs of living in Turkey are notably lower than in these countries, the prices of goods and services, including medical services, are markedly more affordable. What’s more, Turkish clinics can customize the surgery to suit your budget.

The cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul is mainly dependent on the number of hair follicles that need to be transplanted. The higher the number, the more demanding the surgery, and therefore, the costlier the operation.

Of course, the ultimate goal of any transplant surgery is to restore the natural appearance and ensure that hair looks full and thick. However, not all patients need the highest number of hair grafts possible. So, hair transplantation clinics can reduce the number to ensure that there’s no visible hair loss and that the surgery fits the patient’s budget.

 Hair transplant clinics in Turkey
Hair transplant clinics in Turkey

Comprehensive transplant packages for medical tourists

Considering that international medical tourists typically have more difficulties finding their way around cities in Turkey, facilities like the Medart Hair clinic offer unique transplant packages that can help them along.

When scheduling your hair transplantation operation, you will receive a quote for an all-inclusive package that contains the surgery and all the required post-op medications, lotions, and shampoos, as well as transfer from the Istanbul airport to your hotel, clinic, and back, and accommodation at the hotel during your required stay. As mentioned, you will also have access to translators who can ensure clear and direct communication between you and the clinic’s staff. Translations are available in Turkish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic.

Types of hair transplant procedures

At the Medart Hair clinic, patients can receive two types of hair transplantation procedures – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

Hair transplant surgeons using the FUE technique will first deliver local anesthesia and then extract follicular units from the donor area (commonly located on the back or sides of the head). They will leave the follicular units in a nutrient solution while preparing the recipient area for the surgery by making small incisions and opening channels where they’ll insert the transplanted hair.

The DHI hair transplant skips this step. The surgeon will use a Choi implanter pen with a hollow needle at the end. They’ll insert the hair follicles in the needle and then directly transplant the hair to the recipient area without opening channels beforehand. This approach minimises scarring and accelerates the healing process.

These surgeries are available for hair transplants on the head, beard, or even eyebrows.

For either FUE or DHI approach to be effective, the surgeon needs to have years of experience. They need to carefully extract hair from the donor area and leave it looking virtually intact. What’s more, they need to be careful with the insertion to ensure the highest graft survival rates.

Final thoughts

Scheduling a hair transplant at clinics in Turkey, such as the Medart Hair clinic, gives you access to highly-esteemed surgeons who can work wonders with your hair. You won’t have to break the bank to afford the treatment, and you’ll enjoy a full head of luscious hair, forgetting you’d ever had hair loss issues in the first place.