Everything You Need to Know About Hair Transplant Turkey


While unexpected hair thinning can be alarming, it’s not always a sign of trouble. On average, people shed about a hundred hairs a day. Depending on the season, the number can temporarily more than double. However, if you notice excessive, ongoing hair loss, you might want to start looking for remedies.

Hair loss can be caused by poor nutritional intake, some health conditions and medicines you might be taking, stress, trauma, and even genetics. In instances where it’s overly noticeable and affects your confidence and self-esteem, your only solution might be to seek out a hair transplant surgery.

Over the past few years, clinics for hair transplants in Turkey have become astoundingly popular due to their affordable pricing and quality treatments. Take a look at what Turkey has to offer and why you should consider scheduling your hair restoration surgery there.

What makes Turkey a popular location for hair transplants?

Millions of people visit Turkey every year. Some consider it their go-to holiday destination – after all, the country has many famous sightseeing spots, gorgeous beaches, and astonishing architecture. However, more and more visitors have a medical agenda for traveling to Turkey.

Turkey has accessible clinics and hospitals that provide the utmost care to all patients. In cities like Istanbul, you can easily find respectable clinics with highly-skilled surgeons and medical staff internationally recognised for their expertise. It goes without saying that these professionals wouldn’t enjoy such renown if Turkey didn’t have the strong educational system that it does.

Some of Europe’s best schools and medical universities are located right in the heart of Turkey. Hence, it’s not surprising that the country produces exemplary professionals across fields and industries.

It’s this expertise and the overall hospitable culture that attracts millions of medical tourists who require advanced hair restoration treatments.

Hair Transplant Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey

What to look for in the best hair transplant clinics?

Technological advancements have made hair restoration treatments minimally invasive. The surgeons performing hair transplantation can use sophisticated tools to ensure that both the recipient and the donor area stay virtually intact, leaving no signs of surgery whatsoever. It takes great skill and expertise to use such tools correctly and deliver natural-looking results.

Hence, when scheduling your hair transplant in Istanbul, you need to look for clinics that have international acclaim and solely hire the top minds in the field. One such clinic is Dr. Yaman Hair Transplant.

It was founded by Dr. Resul Yaman, a renowned hair restoration expert with years of experience in the field. Dr. Yaman graduated from Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, and decided to specialize in hair transplantation because he himself struggled with hair loss issues.

He perfected the hair transplant procedure once known as Follicular Unit Extraction FUE (now renamed Follicular Unit Excision) and has even developed an advanced Modified FUE-Yaman Implanter tool that enables him to perform surgery with the utmost precision.

The price of hair transplants in Turkey

Although it’s easy to assume that traveling to a foreign country for hair implantation at a premium hair clinic would put a sizable dent in your budget, that’s not the case when you’re visiting Turkey.

In the UK, hair transplantation operations using the FUE technique can easily cost upwards of £30,000. Not covered by insurance since it’s a cosmetic treatment, you’d have to cover the costs out of pocket.

At hair transplantation clinics in Turkey, the same surgery using the FUE method is up to 90% less expensive. Not because of lower quality compared to the UK but because of the differences in the costs of living.

Turkey is a significantly more affordable country, with the basic living costs, including housing, transportation, food, utilities, and more is much lower than in the UK. Hence, even cosmetic treatments like hair transplantation are more affordable.

What’s more, clinics like the Dr. Yaman Hair Transplant offer comprehensive packages for international patients to make the treatment as budget-friendly and convenient as possible. The package includes the surgery, all necessary medications, shampoos, and lotions for after-care, accommodation, transfer between the airport, hotel, and clinic, and free post-op consultations.

Hair Transplant Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey\

How do hair transplants work?

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer surgeries with the maximum number of grafts possible using one of two methods – the aforementioned FUE or the Direct Hair Implantation DHI.

Both surgeries start with pain-free local anesthesia and can be used on the head, beard, or eyebrows. With the FUE method, the surgeon extracts hair follicles from the donor area and then opens up small channels in the recipient area to make room for the transplanted hair. Only after opening the channels do they insert the hair follicles.

With the DHI hair transplant technique, the surgeon uses a Choi implanter pen which simultaneously opens the channels and inserts follicles into the recipient area in one fell swoop.

Both FUE and DHI hair transplants have comparable final results, giving you natural-looking, voluminous hair after only a few months.

Final thoughts

While traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant seems like a hassle, it could be the best option for patients on a budget. You’ll gain access to some of the best medical professionals in the world without paying a premium price for their services. Consult your chosen clinic and learn exactly how the process works.