The Best Ways to Invest for Amateur Investors in 2024 And Beyond


Depending on where you live, around half of the population invests in various assets, securities, and other vehicles every year.

This number has crept up and up over the last few decades as people become more aware of the need to invest, what their options are, and how to go about it.

We also cannot underestimate the impact the internet and smartphones have had on giving us new ways to invest and also new assets to invest in.

Forex and crypto

For many years, investing in foreign currency could only be done through a third-party company or broker, often over the phone or email. But in 2024, several online platforms and applications facilitate forex trading by the user in real-time and with just a swipe of the thumb.

But over the last decade, the emergence of cryptocurrency has changed the face of the sector.

Now, investors can purchase and trade various crypto coins and digital currencies, such as bitcoin, ether, ripple, and thousands more.

However, the accessibility of such platforms on mobiles has propelled the sector as it allows trading and investing any time of the day in global markets.

This provides much more flexibility and opportunity for investors, be they amateurs or more seasoned.

Through an investment company

Then, some want to invest in a more professional or structured manner, perhaps with a specific strategy in mind. For this kind of investor, it is advisable to go through a financial services company that offers investment services.

In 2024, most of these can be accessed online, and users can connect with their advisors virtually via video and audio.

Companies like Hargreaves Lansdown offer funds and shares and other kinds of investments in a once-centralized place, also providing advisory services, stockbroking, and annuity broking.

The availability of such professional services via the online world has opened up a new level of trading and investing for regular people, not just those who do it professionally.

This has significantly pushed up levels of financial literacy as millions of people use such methods and companies combined with readily available and easy-to-digest information online.

Amateur Investment
Amateur Investment

The stock market

The stock market is one of the biggest markets in the world, operating on five continents and including thousands of companies.

The biggest stock market in the world is the New York Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of over $24 trillion, followed by the London Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, amongst many others.

In addition, there are indices that group companies, such as those working in tech, industry, and those from certain regions and of specific values. There are also many ways of investing in the stock market, such as a contract for difference, day trading, position trading, and scalping, to name a few.

There is an almost endless array of things to invest in 2024 and beyond, the majority of which can be done from your home or at least your mobile. Just ensure that before investing, you have researched adequately beforehand and are informed of the risks, pitfalls, and benefits.