5 Best Forex Indicators for Day Trading

Forex Indicators

Forex trading is really in the hype today, and many people are very much willing to invest their money in forex trading.

Nowadays, many teenagers are also into this trading thing and wanted to earn more and more money in a lesser amount of time by doing forex trading. Forex trading is a market where all foreign currency is traded.

If you know the trading world, you have also known that it is the only trading market globally that works continuously and non-stop. This market doesn’t have any physical buildings but operates through a wide range of computer networks.

Well, for some years this whole market was operated through computer links only but as time passed and the technologies developed.

Many mobile applications have launched in the play store or iOS Store, making forex trading much more convenient to use. As we all use smartphones, we can easily see the market position anytime and anywhere we wanted.

As time passed, the number of applications has also increased, but you don’t need to worry much about it. Here is the list of the 5 most trustable and safe forex trading indicators which are used worldwide. 

Parabolic SAR

Parabolic SAR is one of the highly used and trusted technical indicators in this whole plant. It is mostly used in the trading markets. J. Welles Wilder developed it, and it was invented for him to know the direction of the assets.

It helped him and helped a lot of people throughout the world, and the people started to analyse the whole graph of the asset before investing in it. This led to minimised the investors’ loss and helped them earn a huge amount of money by providing the exact and most accurate results. 


Taking about the Fractals, then remember that it is one of the best Forex indicators available in the market today. It is a geometry pattern that is continuously repeated in time frames.

The pattern helps you to exactly know whether the currency is falling or rising. Fractals are also provided with guide arrows which help you better understand the market condition of the currency or asset you have invested. 

Woodies CCI indicator

If you want a trading indicator that helps you gain more profit, then let me tell you that Woodies CCI is one of the best indicators for forex available in IQ Option. You can take the help of Woodies CCI for knowing your current position and investing in your most preferred asset.

It has a very advanced and user-friendly interface which provides you with different types of information about the trading market in just single touch. Woodies CCI is highly preferred for young investors and traders to know about the position of the trading market. 

Relative Strength Index

The relative Strength Index is one of the most advanced trading indicators which is available. It always shows the real-time value of the particular asset in the most accurate value. It also has a feature that tells you whether you have overbought or oversold some of the assets.

This makes the Relative Strength Index one of the best Forex indicators with the most advanced setting. It is generally used in trading on a trend reversal, but its advanced technology even allows you to trade in the price movement direction. 


Moving average convergence divergence, commonly known as MACD, is one of the most used indicators for trading. It is mostly used while analysing the technology of stock prices. MACD was fully developed and launched by G. Apple in the late 70s.

Due to its accuracy in the direction and price of the stocks, it is one of the best indicators for forex trading available in the market. Having the most user-friendly interface helps MACD for being the most commonly used indicator for forex trading. 


As we all have understood, forex trading is one of the most successful and trusted trading market trades. It has traders who come from different age groups. For gaining more numbers of profits, one should take the help of trading indicators.

There are many applications and websites present on the internet, but the above-mentioned are the best 5 in the forex trading industry, having users from different age groups worldwide.