5 Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry in 2024

Hospitality Industry

A couple of years back, Motels, Hotels, and several hospitality businesses were just places for people to rest their heads when far from home.

With little managerial expertise, anyone could run a hotel business. But in more recent times, there is an increasing need for managers to get more competent or get knocked out of business.

Nowadays, hotel managers use management systems such as Amenitiz, the leader in Hotel technology and software. Many technological trends are helping managers improve how they manage their businesses.

In this article, we’ll discuss five technological trends that are making a strong wave in the hospitality industry.

Five Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry in 2024

As the competition in the hospitality industry intensifies, hotel owners need to keep up with new technology trends to improve their business. Here are five Technology Trends in the hospitality industry in 2024.

Unified Property Management Systems

Several hotels now join a unified property management system that assists in the operations and management of administrative tasks. This application allows customers to interact with different hotel brands.

Guests are more pleased with the experience of searching for and booking their desired lodging without stress, detailed description, getting its location, and availability of the flat.

Location Bases Service

Nowadays, mobile apps and PCs have location service features. Knowing where to locate a hotel presents another opportunity to enhance the guest experience. Guests can get deliveries from anywhere, and staff can operate more quickly and efficiently.


Although technology has contributed more benefits to the hospitality industry, it also comes with risks. With cybersecurity, hoteliers can contain these risks. Hospitality possesses sensitive information, and they get cyber-attacks like DDoS, Phishing, and ransomware attacks very often.

Hospitality businesses need to approach these attacks by putting protocols in place. Protocols such as using a guest Network make it impossible for a guest to use the same network with hotel staff.

Artificial Intelligence for Self Automation

With the introduction of Artificial intelligence(AI), hospitality businesses are looking for new opportunities to connect with guests digitally while allowing staff to focus on other tasks. There is also an improvement in the travel experience.

The problem of language differences is eliminated. Staff can easily interact with travellers from different parts of the continent.

Energy Saving Technology

Technology has not only proven to be pivotal in the running of hotel businesses. It has also proven to reduce expenses for hotel owners. For instance, occupancy-based sensors can minimize money spent on energy by using thermal sensors or motion detectors.

These sensors will automatically shut off the power of an unoccupied room. The use of LED lighting can also help in saving energy costs while giving the room a warm effect.


Since technology has become a big part of the global market, the hospitality industry must stay updated with different technology trends in 2023.

Your clients should receive an exceptional service enhanced with the latest technologies. These hospitality technology trends will help to ensure customer satisfaction, improve service levels, and boost business profitability.