5 Steps for Effective Call Quality Monitoring Within Your Customer Service Department

Call Quality

Customer service has changed a lot over recent years. There are now many ways that customers can speak to advisors including social media and text messages. However, for complicated queries, or those people that don’t use other methods, the call centre is still a vital link to your company. This means you need to ensure that the call quality is as high as it can be. Here are 5 steps for effective call quality monitoring within your customer service department.

Ensure the Call Handlers are Working Effectively

The traditional call centre has changed from a large office with many people answering calls, to a more effective solution that can involve working from home.

If your company wants to improve the effectiveness of its call handlers, then you should consider the working environment.

You may find that a cloud contact centre is far more efficient with staff working from home. This will not only improve the morale of staff but also lower costs.

Use Call Recording Software

Many companies now record all of their incoming and outgoing calls. While this is a good way to ensure the safety of your staff, it can also be a useful tool to monitor calls for quality.

You need to monitor as many calls as possible as this will help you to identify any gaps in learning or training. It can also be an effective way of finding out what your customers need the most.

Make Call Agents Part of the Training and Feedback Process

Your call staff is a vital part of a successful call centre and they must be involved in the process to improve quality.

Their experience with customers will make a big difference in the way calls are handled and which procedures need to be updated.

You can use this knowledge to focus scripts read by agents, improve conflict resolution, and provide a better experience for the customer. If a call can be resolved on the first call, there is only a 1% chance they will switch to a competitor.

Call staff also require up-to-date training on any new products along with changes in terms of service. Ongoing monitoring will then be able to determine if these changes have been effective.

Reward Agents for Good Calls and Effective Resolution

Your call handlers are often under pressure from customers and this can be sapping to morale. It is vital that you recognise good work and effective call resolutions to help boost morale and provide an incentive.

How you choose to reward your staff is up to you, but it can be a great way to make good use of the training they are provided.

Be Consistent With Analysis and Feedback

It is important to be consistent with your call analysis and any feedback you provide to your staff. This can be especially important when dealing with angry customers. By training staff to deal with these calls, in the same way, you help to give them the support and structure they need.


While many customers now use an alternative way to contact your company, calls remain an integral part of the customer experience. The same high-quality processes must be used in all forms of communication with your customers.