Solar Panel Sale: How To Get the Best Panels for the Lowest Cost

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According to recent estimates, some US households can save around $2,000 a year by installing solar panels!

What often holds people back from this money-saving endeavour is the cost to get started. Solar panels aren’t cheap to install, even though they more than pay for themselves in the long run.

So is looking for a solar panel sale the best way to start?

The thing is, solar panel sales are few and far between. They’re such high-value products that installers will rarely – if ever – drop their prices.

But there is hope!

In this brief guide, we’ve assembled a few tips to lower your solar installation costs. Read on for how to get the best deals on solar panels for your home.

Don’t Lease!

Leasing solar panels may seem like an appealing choice for reducing your spending. It can drastically lower upfront costs, making solar panels accessible to many more households.

However, while there’s a lower upfront cost, the process will cost more in the long run. That means less of the savings get passed on to you.

To save money on your panels, always opt to buy if possible.

Low-Cost Provider

Buying your solar panels still leaves you with many choices of providers. Each solar panel installer has its own products and deals to lure customers in.

Regardless of which brand you choose, all you need is an installation that saves power and money. While you can invest in more advanced or complex versions, don’t let yourself feel pressured into doing so!

A simple way to save on your panels is to choose a low-cost provider that doesn’t try to add endless bells and whistles to your purchase. Low-cost solar panels will still do the job and cost far less to set up.

Federal Income Tax Credit

The next way to get your solar panels as cheap as if they were on sale is by claiming the tax credits you’re entitled to. For example, the federal tax credit for solar photovoltaics can reduce your solar panel cost by 26%.

If you were going to spend $20,000 on your new panels, a 26% saving drops the cost by $5,200! That’s better than any solar panel sale you’ll find online.


Financing options make buying solar panel systems far less intimidating. They allow you to spread the cost over several years, turning a large investment into a manageable monthly bill.

For example, how much would a $20,000 system cost if spread over 5 years? Only $333 a month!

Of course, different installers will require different deposits or may charge interest. But it still makes this money-saving purchase even more accessible.


What if you could cut solar installer fees altogether?

This is possible if you install the panels yourself. But depending on how the process goes, it could cost you more in the long run. So consider these factors before you decide.

First of all, ask the solar company how warranties and financing are affected by self-installation. If self-installation means you have to sacrifice those benefits, it may not be worthwhile.

Secondly, consider your own skills and abilities in relation to the work.

Are you physically capable of installing heavy panels and complex wiring without professional assistance? If something goes wrong during installation, such as a damaged panel or damage to the roof, it could cost more than it saves.

Do you still feel confident in self-installation after considering these two factors? Then it may be the best way for your to save on solar panels! But if not, the previous ways of saving may be more appropriate for your situation.

If you do install solar panels yourself, there are plenty of resources that can show you the way! This helpful blog is full of solar panel tips from cleaning and maintenance to increasing efficiency. Check out their advice on buying solar panels for more ideas.


Whether you lease, buy, pay for installation, or self-install, always make sure you have a warranty! Warranties protect this large investment so that it doesn’t cost you more down the line.

What could happen without a warranty on your panels? If they become damaged in installation, by extreme weather, or another factor, you may have to pay for new panels yourself!

Warranties ensure that this never happens. Eventualities covered by your warranty won’t ever cost you extra money.

As simple as this sounds, those self-installing their solar panels should be particularly cautious. Many solar company warranties may be voided if the panels aren’t installed by professionals. So before you decide, make sure you’ll still be covered.

Combine Tasks

When springtime rolls around, many start to repair, maintain, or replace their roof. If you’re considering doing so, this may be the best time to hire a solar installer!

Solar panel installation has a huge impact on your roof. The work involved in integrating the panels with your roof is complex and time-consuming. However, if you’re getting a new roof at the same time, it can streamline the whole process.

Rather than removing roof tiles and carefully replacing them as needed, the roof can be constructed with the panels in mind. This saves time and money for a solar panel installer. If you can tackle these tasks at the same time, expect some serious savings!

More Solar Panel Sale Tips!

A solar panel sale may be impossible to find. But now you know there are several ways you can save thousands of dollars in the process.

Would you like more money-saving tips for home improvement? That’s what we’re here for!

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