Soccer Players in Online Casinos – What Attracts Athletes to The World of Gambling


Online casinos are the passion of many people around the world, they are easy to access and allow you to play your favorite games without worrying about traffic or what you will wear.

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Among the people who are interested in online gambling, there are also many famous ones, such as football players. But why would they prefer the online option over going to a land-based casino?

We talked to expert Ella Houghton (see her profile here) and we separate here the main reasons that lead football players to choose to bet at online casinos.

Why soccer players enjoy gambling

Although many believe that, due to the various obligations that accompany a football player, they do not have time to be interested in other activities, this is not true.

Many players have different hobbies, and among them, gambling is a very popular activity, especially when done online. Below we will see some of the main on why soccer players like casinos.

A great hobby

Although soccer players make a lot of money by doing what they love, they have to work every day and travel a lot. Apart from that, there is the pressure they suffer from fans and the media, and, because of that; their work can be quite stressful.

The best way to relax is to find a hobby and gambling is a great option, mainly because it is an interesting activity and you can win amazing prizes depending on your luck.

Easy to play

Different from other activities, such as starting playing an instrument or learning to draw, gambling is not difficult to understand and play. Even if you never gambled before, you can learn in a few minutes how to play best mobile online casinos, especially when talking about the most popular games.

For playing slots, for example, all you have to do is place a bet and push a lever or click on a button and wait. For people that don’t have much time and just want to relax, like footballers, this is a great activity.

Opportunity to win money

It is true that footballers make a lot of money, but who doesn’t want to win great prizes in a casino? And that’s also one of the reasons why they enjoy gambling so much. By doing a good wager and having a bit of luck, they can win a lot of money just by having fun.

World of Gambling

Why gamble online

Know that you know the main motives that make footballers be interested in gambling, let’s understand why they prefer online gambling instead of going to a physical place to do so.


As we well know, football players are public figures, just like other celebrities. Because of this, it is often not feasible for them to be seen in land-based casinos, as for many people it can be an unacceptable practice, especially during the season.

Soccer players in online casinos don’t have this kind of problem, as for privacy reasons, no one will know about their registration on these platforms, and people won’t be able to see them betting unless they disclose it.


Even though land-based casinos offer a good amount of games, online casinos end up with a much wider variety. That’s because they can offer games from different providers without spending more on machines.

In them, soccer players can have fun playing different games, such as:

  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • poker
  • Bingo

In addition, it is possible to find a lot of variety within each game. Online casinos offer several slots, for example, of many different themes such as who wants to be a millionaire casino, which shows luxurious environments and great prizes.

Gamble anywhere

One thing that makes part of a footballer’s life is traveling, not only nationally but also internationally because of competitions, like the Champions League when talking about clubs, or the FIFA World Cup.

Because of that, they need activities to do when they are resting at the hotel or riding on a bus going to or coming back from a game. And that is exactly what is an online casino, a place you can gamble anywhere, as many of them are available in a great number of countries.

You can gamble too

World of Gambling

Just like footballers, you can start gambling online without any difficulties. All you need is to find a good platform and register on it. If you don’t know how to start your research on the best casino sites, take a look at the link we’ve left at the beginning of the article.

That way you will be able to start a new hobby that is interesting, and exciting and can make you get a lot of money by having just a bit of luck.