Top Essential Skills for a Magento Developer

Magento Developer

As our lives become more and more connected with software, the demand for competent developers only grows. But as software becomes more ubiquitous – from server technology to the Internet of Things – the responsibility of developers grows, so there is a need to constantly develop their skills.

Companies are now constantly looking for someone who is familiar with all aspects of development, who can isolate what is needed from a huge dataset, who can think strategically about trends, who can remake old systems using the latest languages and frameworks. This is enough for developers to get lost and not know where to start.

When you want to hire a magento developer, you must know what skills he must have. Let’s take a look at them today in the article.

Brush up your JavaScript skills

Today, you definitely can’t go wrong as you improve your JavaScript skills. This is the most common criterion that managers have named.

Whether you are designing for desktop, web, or developing mobile applications, JavaScript is highly valued in the market, in part because of its portability.

Look towards Big Data

Related projects continue to expand and there is no indication that this growth will slow.

Since Big Data has been discussed a lot in recent years, this is already something of a trend. Developers must have a detailed understanding of Business intelligence and analysis products, machine learning, and other solutions that transmit, store and process large amounts of information so that better decisions can be made.

Expand your area of  expertise

Many top companies are now looking for full-stack developers who are free to work at different levels, with different technologies and platforms.

Such developers understand how the application works, from the kernel level to the presentation level, the interface. This is great, it is very easy for such people to find a job, and in startups, they interfere with the creation of a bureaucratic machine with classical management methods, the team remains small and efficient.

Use DevOps

Many people think DevOps will go away as the cloud spreads, but we disagree. DevOps can be described as “The people responsible for writing the application and the people who will support it should be the same people.” This means that developers must clearly understand how their product will actually be used, must be responsible for performance and stability at the development stage. Once you master these skills, not only will it be much easier for you to get a job, you will become an indispensable specialist in the company. Developers who think this way will write better code faster and with more confidence. This principle will unite the team and give the company serious advantages.

Explore different technologies

The range of skills that companies need is much broader now than it was a few years ago. Java and C # have a significant share of the market, but if you look at companies that were founded relatively recently, you will see that they use many technologies: Ruby on Rails, Python / Django, Node.js, various functional languages like Scala.

Work with OpenSource

In particular, this is relevant for freelancers – the ability to show your code on GitHub, which has been appreciated by other users, is worth a lot.

Writing a good library and making it public is a great way to showcase your skills to potential employers. If you help develop someone else’s project, it will also help to earn a reputation.

Although .Net and Java are still highly valued, there has been a significant increase in demand for professionals with Ruby, Python, Node.js, AngularJS … Companies are trying to move away from platforms for which they need to buy a license. If companies themselves are looking for the right technology by browsing GitHub, what’s stopping you from doing it?

Train teamwork skills and use agile methods

Agile development should be a must-have skill for any developer. Do not be afraid of agile methods, this is the ability to break large projects into simple tasks, this is the ability to prioritize, be ready for change, this is the ability to do your job better.

Study information security

Companies that have suffered from security holes in the past year know exactly what they want and what skills will be most useful to them. To work on the safety of data, they will use not only internal reserves, but knowledge of information security will also be one of the requirements for new employees.

With the rise of cloud computing, the need to write secure software has dramatically increased among enterprises, so the demand for security and data management specialists will only grow.

Explore mobile technology

Mobile developers are in great demand now, especially those who can promote their products. Many are accustomed to believing that the title of a successful mobile developer cannot be achieved only through the study of appropriate technologies; certain business skills are also required. Coding is only the first stage of a project. Knowing how to promote your mobile application, how to attract a target audience – that’s what brings real success.

Don’t forget about the cloud

It should come as no surprise that developers who are familiar with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are highly regarded. In the realm of cloud web services, Amazon is still a major player, so stay tuned for their advanced offerings.

But it’s not just about tools — following general trends, companies are looking for developers who have business skills, who can manage a project, and negotiate with manufacturers.