9 Simple But Effective Tools That Will Make Business Owners’ Lives Easier


Managing a business can take up a huge amount of time, and the survival of a new business often depends on how business owner manages their time and responsibilities. Finding tools to make running a business easier can be invaluable to ensure success at the crucial early stages of a business’s lifecycle. 

Thanks to the digital age, there are more options available to help business owners manage their workloads than ever before. Research should always be done before selecting new technology for the workplace, ensuring that it is of the best quality and provides adequately for the needs of the business. 

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is invaluable for businesses with employees spread across multiple locations, allowing them to share information and documentation easily across any distance. Companies should research the cloud storage options carefully, choosing one that will give the business the best possible protection against cybercrime. Business plans will often come at a premium, but it will be worthwhile for the additional storage and security provided. 

Video Conferencing Software

Often, businesses do dealings with third parties spread across the country – or even across the globe. Video conferencing software can be invaluable for making business meetings manageable and productive for all involved. There are various quality, secure options, including Google Meet and Zoom, which are particularly popular among remote workers

Accounting Software

Accounting is often the most dreaded task for business owners unless they’re lucky enough to be mathematically minded. Accounting software can help make business accounting easier and more digestible, so business owners can understand precisely what’s going on with their company books. Accounting software should never be a replacement for an actual accountant, but it can help manage finances and make both business owners’ and accountants’ lives much easier. 

Communication Platform

Keeping employees connected is a critical way to ensure that collaboration between teams and individual employees is as effective as possible. It can also help prevent miscommunication or breakdowns in communication. There are plenty of communications platforms available for businesses, and it is crucial to select the one that will provide the most benefits. 

It is also crucial to avoid using too many communications platforms, as this can lead to missed communications and lowered collaboration. It is best to experiment with a few different options to find the perfect fit for the business. 

Document Editing Software

Documents are a common and essential part of any business, and choosing the correct file format is critical. The best options will allow businesses to edit and change formats easily and quickly, providing the versatility that is critical when doing business. It is best to look for well-reviewed and commonplace document editing software for convenience and universal use. 

Smart CCTV

Keeping your business premises secure is critical for business owners, and identifying risks to your property quickly is key. Smart CCTV can be a great option to give business owners the peace of mind they need when leaving their premises for the night. 

This type of CCTV allows authorized individuals to access the CCTV footage in real-time, moving cameras to get better visuals of the space and even using microphones to communicate with anyone on the property. Along with a quality alarm and secure doors and windows, smart CCTV can be the ideal way to keep your business protected around the clock. 

Project Management Software

Businesses often have a number of projects on the go at any given time. Having effective project management software can help ensure that all projects are effectively managed and monitored by all parties involved. Project management software allows managers to assess the strengths and weaknesses of employees and ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner, without undue delays. 

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social media is a powerful tool for business owners and one that can be a full-time job to manage. Customers expect regular, quality content from the businesses they follow, and it is crucial that companies show themselves to be authorities in their industry. This means generating entertaining and informative content for audiences to engage with on a daily basis.

Keeping up with a grueling social media posting schedule can be daunting, but with scheduling tools, it can become much more manageable. Business owners can use these tools to queue up a week’s worth of posts that will auto-publish at set intervals. This is invaluable for saving business owners time and increasing customer engagement on social media.

Recruiting Tracker

The recruiting process can be a lengthy one and difficult for business owners to manage without the help of an HR manager or department. For business owners doing their own recruiting, recruitment tracking software can be an excellent investment. This type of software helps businesses stay on top of their job listings, applications received, and communications with candidates, all in one centralised location.