Should More Students Skip College? Is That Correct?

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Starting college can be the most beautiful and most exciting experience of life. Sometimes, it seems challenging to get into a new environment and meet new people. Most college students need good emotional and physical training to cope with the new environment and lifestyle.

Is that correct to skip college for students?

Yes, most successful people haven’t graduated from college. If students want to be in a profession where they must have a degree, they shouldn’t skip college. Professions that require a degree are doctor, lawyer, nurse, etc.
Other than that, every other industry realizes that experience of 4+ years, and great performance is more valuable than a degree. If you have a desire to start as a freelance services provider, digital marketing is a great initiative for newcomers.   Freelancing can help a student to get a good salary even without getting a college degree.
There are some factors that show why students should skip college:

  • You can find many jobs that require skills over a degree.
  • Technical jobs are even better to get a high salary
  • Students waste their four years in college without setting their goals.
  • The expenses of college are way more than expected.

Quality of Learning

Learning most of the time depends on the students’ ability to absorb and how much they can absorb. Some students are wise enough to get good grades, and some can’t. That’s why some students get help from writing services where they pay for essay. The main goal of such services is to help students to accomplish all their writing assignments on time and help them to get good grades.

The degree doesn’t matter

In some situations, a college degree is not necessary to get a necessary job. Because of this fact,  most students skip college. Students who don’t have college degrees have the same job. Due to this, college students don’t earn more with their degrees. Some graduate college students often end up in careers that have little or sometimes nothing to do with their education.

COVID-19 impact on college Students

In COVID-19, most students decided to skip college due to a pandemic situation. It is reported that students feel more depressed, anxious, down, and tired. According to research, 77% of students decided that they would increase and maintain their savings by skipping college. COVID-19 disturbed the life of so many college students.

Expenses of education

College is an expensive, time-consuming way to figure out what you want with your life. In my life, I have seen so many students who go into college, and after three years, they realize to skip college because their college education has no role in their job. By the way, they can earn even better without going to college.

If you know your goals, and you know that college is not required to get that, then leave it. There’s no sense in spending your precious time and money at college.

Technical jobs do not require a degree

Some students are naturally weak. Never force them to get high grades if they couldn’t. They can just hire a professional essay writer to get their essays and assignments done in a great way. But still, their minds are not capable of getting a higher education level. Technical jobs like plumbers and mechanics don’t require a college education and degree, but require technical school, typically two years.

Final thoughts

It all depends on you, what you want to do with your life. Many jobs don’t require any degree, and they can turn into lifetime careers. Maybe you will get a  more successful life than someone with a college degree.  Make sure to focus on your goal and set your life according to it. Use your judgment. If your dream job doesn’t require a college degree, do not get one.

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Barbara Fielder is a professional writer with great experience. As an editor, she has great skills in working for academic publications. Barbara spends most of her free time writing articles on various educational topics to help students get a better future.