How Much Do Real Estate Agents Earn in The UK

Real Estate Agents

Dealing with Buildings, Properties, etc., is an extensively brilliant job. Not every layperson can become a real estate agent. Real estate agents require a sharp mind, flexibility, mobility as a whole because it isn’t a job to sit at the office; it requires moving out and about in the city and nearby locations to let the customers have a view of the property they intend to buy or sell. It is the work of highly professional individuals whom a customer trusts enough to let off their guard regarding their budget, choice, and other functionalities. So being a good, trustworthy, and reliable agent is what one needs to be.

As fascinating as it may sound, no job in the world is smooth and easy. Every job has related issues and complexities to deal with. Being a real estate agent is not accessible to everyday new situations are served in the platter, and one has to deal with it with zeal and daring.

What exactly do real estate agents do?

Anyone fascinated by the buildings, properties, skyscrapers, etc. And thinks about making it a profession can be an agent. Real Estate Agents do marketing, helping ppl in buying and selling properties with negotiations, etc. 

Some essential qualities and duties of real estate agents are:

1. It involves a great deal of hard work, dedication, and social skills.

2. Handling the inquiries and queries of the customers.

3. Moving in and around the city and nearby areas to show the properties

4. Take measurements and pictures of the properties.

5. Evaluating the properties.

6. Dealing with clients and helping in negotiating the price from both the buyer and seller sides.

What are the required qualifications needed for being a Real Estate agent?

There is no requisite degree to pursue being a Real Estate agent. But there are various courses one can follow to strengthen the knowledge about properties and dealings like Estate Agent Diploma, Estate Agent & Personal Development Training Course. There is no proper training required, though, but these courses do help the Agents somehow.

However, one needs to be highly passionate about being an agent because the job has highs and lows, and one needs to be consistent enough. Incredibly well-spoken with excellent communication skills, friendly and approachable, highly organized with excellent negotiation skills are the essential qualities of a real estate agent. Also, they must possess an active interest and the ability to work under pressure.

How much does an estate agent earn?

The pay scale of estate agents London in is relatively high as compared to others. However, their basic wage includes incentives and bonuses as and when required. The agents are goal-driven, and they know how and when to put their best foot forward.

With the qualification and experience, the estate agents in London do well for themselves and have a name to cater to.

The pay scale ranges about £12,000 – £25,000 in total where a newcomer in the field earns about £12,000 to £15,000, while after being successful can earn around £18,000 and £25,000. There are also incentives, bonuses, and commissions added up. The commission is calculated upon the property sold, and the office and individual agents receive their part out of it. The office takes a particular interest, and the rest is given to the agent dealing with the client. Likewise, the whole real estate agency works. 


Being a part of the real estate agencies or even as an individual is a tasking job. Every day dealing with complex clients to complex situations might be tiring and brain-draining, but once the outcome comes out, it is satisfying for the agents. The level of hard work that goes into every deal is different but transparent. The agency has several agents, but few outshine all, and they are the sought-after guys to turn to. This earns the agency name and fame.