Products That Have Been Banned Because of Their Ingredients


Proper nutrition in many ways is the key not only to good physical well-being but also to your energy and mental calm.

A healthy person can live a full life, do work, spend time with family, and find time for entertainment. You can easily have fun at home by visiting live dealer blackjack.

To always be in good shape, it is worth eating the right healthy foods. When choosing a particular product in the supermarket, do you think about the ingredients from which it is made?

Some ingredients that manufacturers use in their products are prohibited. If you want to know which products with which ingredients it is better not to buy, read this article!

What Products Are Life-Threatening?

Artificial Dyes

The facts speak for themselves – over the past 50 years, the use of artificial dyes in the food industry has increased by 500%. As you know, it is very harmful to health. Such dyes cause hyperactivity, cause allergic reactions, and, as already established, increase the risk of cancer.

They are also directly related to organ malfunctions and malformations. That is why in the products supplied to Russia, artificial dyes are either completely removed or replaced with natural ones. And in some countries, the sale of products with such chemicals is allowed only if they have a warning label on them.

Bleached Flour

It can hardly occur to you that flour can be dangerous. It’s just flour! This product can be very harmful to health. In particular, flour from America. It is banned in Singapore, Australia, and Europe, all because American manufacturers bleach flour using a chemical called potassium bromate.

In other countries, they prefer to use a less harmful approach – flour is simply sifted there. But it can take a long time, which is why manufacturers use bromate. But the most interesting thing here is how the use of this substance affects human health. It has a bad effect.

The use of potassium bromate increases the risk of cancer and asthma, and the most frightening thing is that it is present in many products – bread, pasta, and pastries.

Chicken with Antibiotics

In Europe, Russia, Norway, and Australia, the supply of chicken from the largest American meat production company Taisen Foods was banned.

The governments of these countries made such decisions after the world learned that Taisen injected antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and ketamine into birds.

But what’s wrong with antibiotics, don’t they make a person healthier? No, on the contrary, an overdose of antibiotics leads to the fact that some strains of bacteria become resistant to drugs, and then a person cannot cope with them and recover.


There is still a debate about whether food created from genetically modified products is dangerous for health or not. Someone says that GMOs are dangerous and try to avoid products with their content, and someone thinks that everything is fine with it.

Anyway, in 2015, more than half of European countries, including France, Italy, and Germany, banned the use of GMOs because they can cause allergic reactions, contain toxins, and reduce the nutritional value of products.

It is important to know that not only fruits and vegetables but also animal products can be genetically modified. Therefore, if you do not want them to get to your table, buy 100% organic products.

Bread with Baking Powder Added

Potassium bromate is used not only for bleaching flour but also as a baking powder for dough and thanks to it, bakery products remain soft and beautiful for a long time.

But it has not only pros but also cons. Potassium bromate can cause headaches, skin rashes, digestive problems, and even cancer. This was a sufficient reason for potassium bromate to be banned in Canada, China, and the EU.

Food with Fat Substitutes

Olestra is a synthetic fat substitute that has zero calories and does not contain cholesterol. Most often it is used in low-fat chips, frozen yogurt, and a bunch of other products with the word “light” in the name.

It is believed that this chemical has a very negative effect on the body and causes poor absorption of essential vitamins, as well as increases appetite.

The Times magazine even named this substance one of the 50 worst inventions in the world. Today, food containing olestra is completely banned in Canada and Europe.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks in themselves are not something bad or prohibited. They contain vitamins, minerals, and other useful substances. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers often clog the unpleasant smell of the drink and give it an attractive color with the help of brominated vegetable oil (E-443).

This substance is part of not only sports drinks but also many others – ice cream, cheese, dairy products, cereals, pastries, etc. E-443 is banned in Russia, Japan, and Europe because of its toxicity.

When consumed in large quantities, E-443 can cause bromism, the symptoms of which are seizures and psychosis. It also increases the risk of breast and prostate cancer.


Manufacturers go to all sorts of tricks to increase the number of their products. So in the USA, to get more milk from cows, they are given growth hormones.

As you understand, there is nothing good in this. The consumption of milk from such cows is associated with the risk of cancer, an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, and thyroid problems.

That is why such milk is prohibited in Russia, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and 29 other European countries.

Kinder Surprise

The sweetness is beloved by many and at the same time a toy was banned in the USA back in 1938.

The authorities banned the sale of food containing inedible elements inside because they decided that small parts in toys pose a choking hazard for children. For this reason, the import of chocolate eggs to the States was banned.


Have you ever thought that beautiful and fresh products in a supermarket near your home can carry so much danger? A lot of products on the market now are not organic and are harmful to health. Be careful and take care of your health!


How to Understand If the Product Is Dangerous to Life and Health?

To do this, you should read the ingredients of the product on the label that you want to buy and eat. And if you are in doubt about some ingredient, just read about it on the Internet. All prohibited ingredients can be found in the registry on the official health website of your country.

Where to Buy Natural Products?

Farmers’ markets are becoming more popular, and you can find such a market even in a small town. In such markets, farmers sell their natural products from eggs and milk to fruits and vegetables, as well as meat.