Popular Topics for Webinars in 2024


Looking into statistics over the last few years, it’s plain to see that the webinar business has been seeing significant growth. While in-person events have remained popular, it’s not hard to see why virtual ones have been gaining more traction, especially after the pandemic, which further limited the capabilities of physical gatherings.

Even though things have improved and are returning to normal, webinars are still essential and are more popular than ever. So, if you’re looking to get involved, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many opportunities to do just that.

What topics for webinars have been most prominent in 2024?

Whether you want to make your webinar or learn from someone else’s, there are plenty of great topics that have seen more success than others this year. If you’re hoping to create an interesting webinar, it may be worth looking into some of the more popular options. Let’s take a closer look into what types of webinar topics have been dominating 2024 so far.  

1. Social media marketing

The need for marketing on social media is rather large – often encompassing a wide array of individuals. From large businesses to influencers; there are a lot of people who can benefit from learning a little more about marketing on social media platforms. Similarly, online advertising is another popular topic, but since it’s so similar, we thought we’d mention it here.   

2. Search engine optimization

Many of those who are looking for online success may find that a good marketing strategy will only be part of it. For most individuals, SEO will also be a necessity. With more businesses and entrepreneurs looking to succeed now than ever before, it’s not hard to see why webinars on search engine optimization are so sought after.

3. Product demonstration

For anyone who believes in the future of their product and wants to share it with the world, webinars could just be the perfect medium.

Simply put, it offers an excellent opportunity to get the word out there about your product and demonstrate what it’s capable of.

It also offers the opportunity for investors to find start-ups that they want to support, which has certainly helped in increasing the popularity of these kinds of webinars.

4. Personal and professional development

Overall these can be considered very different topics, but both aim to help an individual; just in different ways. There are some excellent webinars for helping people with physical and mental well-being and general development, as well as ones that focus more on the professional side of things,

5. Education

In a wide variety of forms, the topic of education has become one of the most popular this year. One of the main reasons for this is simply that many people have been interested in learning new skills, as well as how to evolve with teaching to suit the modern classroom environment. This may not apply to everybody, but it’s certainly something that has cropped up and seen significant success throughout 2024 – and could be beneficial for anybody looking to teach.

Top tips for anyone planning on hosting their webinar

  • Make sure you find the right place to host your virtual event since there are a variety of platforms out there. It’s usually a good idea to consider the features on offer
  • Take the time to learn what makes a good webinar – think about the content presented, how you present it, etc.

Try to make your event as engaging as possible. You can do this by asking compelling questions or even making use of a live chat