OLED Televisions: Are They Worth It?


OLED TVs are increasingly popular and you think they are a new technology. But no, it’s a TV screen system that has been around for several years. Until now, TVs that carried OLED screens were an eye-watering expense.

As the technology has improved and time has passed, OLED TVs have dropped in price, and the range of TVs offering the technology has increased. This means that more people are looking at purchasing one next time they are looking for a TV.

This might be the case if you’ve been searching the web with even the simplest TV questions, like “where to get the best 32-inch smart TV” or “what TV should I buy?” If you find yourself looking for a new TV and OLED is on your radar, it’s key that you know what you’re purchasing.

Here, we answer the essential question surrounding OLED – is it worth it?

What is an OLED TV?

Standard LED TVs have a screen composed of millions of diodes that use a backlight panel to illuminate pixels to produce a screen picture. This is a good technology, but it does have its flaws – namely, it’s not the best at displaying true colours. Here’s where OLED comes in.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. These don’t require a backlight panel as they are self-illuminating and are excellent at producing true-to-life colours. The result is a stunning and vibrant image with precise and dramatic contrast. On top of this, OLED TVs tend to have unbeatable refresh rates, meaning they’re perfect for gaming at 4K.

OLED tech is found on TV models from many of the best brands, including Sony, LG, Philips and Samsung.

Below, we’ve broken it down as simply as possible. If you find yourself aligning most with the points made in the first section, then yes, an OLED TV is good for you. If you find yourself in the second section, then you’ll be more than happy with a standard LED TV.

An OLED TV is worth it if you…

  • Are picky about picture quality: OLED TVs are renowned for incredible colour detail and excellent contrast. This can add real drama to your viewing experience.
  • Love vibrant media: Visually impressive blockbusters, out-of-this-world video games, and 4K nature documentaries all pack an extra punch with the colour powers of OLED.
  • Play video games: Not only will the colours of your digital world pop, but the impressive refresh speed of the OLEDs (up to 120Hz) will keep your game looking smooth and free from stutters and tears. Ideal for PS5, PC and Xbox Series X.
  • Don’t mind spending a little more: OLED TVs are excellent, but the technology does involve paying a little more. A good OLED TV is going to set you back at least £1,000.

An OLED TV is not worth it if you…

  • Aren’t fussy about image quality: If you aren’t excited by vibrant screen and super-fast refresh rates, then you’re free to avoid OLED TVs.
  • Only watching terrestrial TV and basic on-demand service: Only watching soap operas, catching up on the news and binging 90s sitcoms? Then OLED isn’t for you – a standard LED will do nicely.
  • Are on a budget: OLED TVs are among the most expensive around. If you’re looking to keep a tight handle on outgoings, standard LEDs will be far kinder on your bank balance and still offer a great TV experience. 
  • Are only looking for a small screen size: OLED TVs tend to be large screened, with most starting at a minimum of around 50-inches. If you’re looking for a TV to fit a bedroom, kitchen, or smaller living room, then OLED will be hard to come by.