10 Top Most Popular British Car Brands 2024


In every British home, there is at least one person obsessed with fast vehicles, and in some situations, there are even more. Any person with a high level of automotive appreciation has a deep-seated desire to enjoy the splendour of owning expensive cars and to hear the scream of their revving engines.

The vehicle’s characteristics and levels of performance have advanced since the invention of the wheel. Only an exceptional brand can make driving seem noble and superior while guaranteeing that consumer demand for their goods is that of the average person’s pragmatic viewpoint.

Here are the 10 Top Most Popular British Car Brands 2024 that have made it into the list after many detours and turns. Thanks to advancements in technology that can be used to build better and more effective versions of the model on four wheels.

Top 10 Luxury car brands from Britain

Even though many luxury car brands are on the market today, only a small number have been around for more than a century.

The top 10 Luxury car brands from Britain have survived two world wars, a severe economic downturn, and the rise of social media to become some of the most well-known brands in the world.

#1. Arash Motor Company

British Car Brands
Arash Motor Company

When seeking something speedy, fashionable, fully furnished, and has a high-quality appearance and feel, there is only one firm that comes to mind, and that company is Arash Motor Company. They are skilled at doing a job effectively.

You took satisfaction in driving the automobile you bought from Arash Motor Company since it is upscale and cutting-edge. Nothing compares to breathing in the fresh air and feeling the wind in your hair when driving a sports convertible or listening to your favourite top models from Arash Motor Company.

#2. Ascari Cars

Although there are several British car brands of luxury cars available, Ascari is the only one of its kind. This company is the only entity permitted to utilize the Ascari brand name. As a result, they are free to experiment with models and designs without worrying that they would compete with or lessen the effect of other product lines vying for the same market share.

Grab your phone and be ready before you read them since one glance at them might change how you see the world. Today, we’ll take a deeper look at Ascari Cars (yes, it’s real! ), focusing on what makes them unique from other automakers.

#3. Morgan Motor Company

British Car Brands
Morgan Motor Company

Morgan Motor Company is an English business that specializes in creating high-end sports cars in small quantities. In 1909, Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan was the one who first started the project.

The look of handcrafted Morgan cars is distinctively genuine or evocative of sports cars from the 1930s and 1940s. The high-strength steel, aircraft-grade aluminium, ash, oak, aspen, and maple are the primary materials used in each production and every model of the Morgan car company.

#4. Noble Automotive

Noble Automotive Cars will turn every significant intersection into a three-way stop in the urban region. With this vehicle, you may go over long distances without worrying about the fuel level.

There aren’t any British car brands on the market right now that can match what Noble offers. The varied miles per gallon are an added benefit, and the cars are reliable and safe.

#5. Lotus Cars

British Car Brands
Lotus Cars

If you want to expand your horizons with the look of a sports vehicle and feel as if you are floating on air the whole journey, you should consider buying a Lotus car. You could see some people glancing your way as you drive down the street.

Lotus employs high-end materials and pays attention to detail at a level uncommon in mainstream vehicles, providing drivers with exotic design and exquisite performance that cannot be equalled in this vehicle class.

#6. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

People with either old money or absurd amounts of new money like to buy this kind of car because it is remarkable. Unquestionably, the ideal choice for a guy with refined taste is a Rolls-Royce motor car.

Your Rolls-Royce is undoubtedly in a class of its own because of the opulent fixtures and furnishings it features. When you visit Rolls Royce, you have many options to pick from, including anything from coupes to limousines.

#7. McLaren Automotive

The corporate headquarters of British car brand McLaren Automotive are in Woking, Surrey. Ron Dennis and Mike Carruthers founded them, and their vehicles include the most advanced and unique technology available.

For individuals who are enthusiastic about cars, McLaren is a game-changer. British luxury automobiles have always been vehicles for those who want the best, but nowadays, they are also fast cars that you can use daily for errands around town.

#8. Range Rover

British Car Brands
Range Rover

The Range Rover has a longstanding reputation for being a top-notch British car brand. Power brakes, electric windows, cruise control, and air conditioning are just a few of the amazing features that this car has to offer. The 2018-released Range Rover Velar is the pinnacle of the luxurious and stylish SUV sports vehicle.

The sturdy Range Rover is the ideal car for driving on open highways and enjoying total independence. The iconic three-letter Land Rover logo, the sculpted frame, the high-tech features, and the opulent finishes ensure that nothing will obstruct your excursions.

#9. Bentley Motors Limited

British Car Brands
Bentley Motors Limited

The Bentley Motors Limited automobile can transport you in elegance from home to work thanks to its elegant lines, plush leather, and excellent artistry.

The car’s power and performance speak for themselves. Because four-wheel drive offers the finest grip in snowy or bad weather, one can navigate steep routes confidently even if most of these vehicles are white or silver.

#10. Aston Martin

Aston Martin, a British car brand well-known and admired globally, has come to be linked with luxury. It offered a never-before-seen inside-the-vehicle experience and was created especially for the premium car sector. 

Anyone’s taste, from musicians to mathematicians, may be satiated by one of these gorgeous cars. Although happiness cannot be purchased with money, it can be purchased with happiness, and these cars make it simple to do both! 

Top 10 Most used car brands from Britain

It is simple to conclude that 2024 was another challenging year for the automobile sector. The coronavirus pandemic’s residual effects hindered several businesses from selling as many cars as they would have wanted. As a result, the year 2024 was turbulent for the automobile sector.

But which automakers reported the biggest sales volume in the UK the year before? You can see the Top 10 General car brands from Britain here.

#1. Volkswagen

British Car Brands

Volkswagen surpassed Ford to become the most popular automaker in the UK (for the first time in the company’s history). The Polo and Golf are frequently included among the best-selling cars, demonstrating how important these models have been to the company’s success.

In the foreseeable future, it seems unlikely that Volkswagen’s status as one of the biggest automakers in the UK will be in jeopardy. 

#2. Audi

Audi is now at the top of the list of British car brands regarding sales at a time when premium automakers sell significantly more automobiles than many mainstream companies.

With just under 120,000 cars sold in 2021, it registered more vehicles in Britain than Citroen, Honda, Mazda, and Renault combined.

#3. BMW

British Car Brands

Despite finishing in second place in sales, BMW nonetheless performed quite well, considering that it was the third-largest automaker in the UK. In the UK, Audi is the market leader.

Customers are responding well to the plug-in hybrids made by BMW, particularly the 330e, which led the category for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) sales in the UK.

#4. Ford

The component shortages, which substantially influenced Ford’s car production in 2021 and prevented the Fiesta and the Focus from making the list of best-selling vehicles, harmed Ford more than most other firms.

While buyers are expected to continue to choose the brand’s Puma, the seventh best-selling car, in 2021, the firm hopes to change in 2024 when it introduces facelifted versions of both the Fiesta and the Focus.

#5. Toyota

Toyota is well-positioned to meet the rising demand for hybrid cars since the bulk of its automotive inventory is electrified. It surpassed the 100,000 mark for registrations in 2021 due to an almost 10% increase in sales.

The brand-new Yaris supermini accounted for more than a quarter of its sales, while the British-built Corolla is still very well-liked, especially in the fleet market. 

#6. Mercedes-Benz

British Car Brands

Another company that saw a decline in sales due to the epidemic was Mercedes; in 2021, registrations of Mercedes automobiles in the United Kingdom fell by 12%.

While this, the brand’s sales figures are nevertheless impressive, especially those of the little A-Class. Despite having fewer than 100,000 vehicles registered under its name, accounted for a third of its overall sales.

#7. Vauxhall

The Astra and the Insignia, two of Vauxhall’s once-best-selling models, have lessened in popularity over time, which has caused a slight fall in the company’s sales in recent years. Despite this, the brand’s Corsa supermini had a great year and surpassed 40,000 registered units to become the best-selling car in the UK.

#8. Kia

British Car Brands

Kia had a fantastic year in 2021, with sales up a significant 29% over the year before. The seven-year warranty and extensive model lineup of the South Korean automaker, which includes everything from the affordable Picanto to the seven-seat Sorento, continue to attract customers.

The Niro and the Sportage were Kia’s best-selling models, and both are scheduled to be replaced by newer models from the same generation.

#9. Hyundai

Together with its sibling brand Kia, Hyundai had a good year in 2021, with sales rising by 47% and the business surpassing several other producers. Due to its unique design philosophy and wide range of cars, the firm has developed into one of the most intriguing in the sector. 

#10. Nissan

British Car Brands

Last but not least on the list is Nissan, which rounds out the top 10 with just under 70,000 registered automobiles. Despite having a far smaller assortment than many of the other manufacturers on our list, its products are nevertheless fairly well-liked by buyers.

Top 10 Cheapest car brands from Britain

In addition to many individuals who are reaching the end of a financing arrangement and others who want a new car, many people are thinking about converting their transportation to avoid using public transit. 

Regardless of your reason for buying, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Cheapest British Car Brands.

#1. Dacia Sandero 

British Car Brands
Dacia Sandero 

Since it was originally made accessible to the general public, the Dacia Sandero has held the record for having the lowest sticker price for a new model car in the UK.

Due to its affordable price, the Sandero has gained popularity among those who desire the security of a brand-new car but do not want to pay the customs fees involved with buying one. 

#2. Kia Picanto 

Despite being the newest model in the brand’s lineup, the Kia Picanto deceives the senses into believing it’s a much bigger car thanks to its reasonable build quality, comfortable interior, and capable driving style.

The entry-level “1” trim lacks the luxury features of higher-end versions, but its 1.0-litre engine is quick enough and gets 53.3 mpg.

#3. Mitsubishi Mirage 

Although the company is best known for its Cheapest British Car Brands and its pickup trucks and 4x4s, Mitsubishi also produces a compact supermini with a little bit over 10,500 pounds starting cost.

The Mirage now sports a more daring style and is better equipped than prior versions after an overhaul at the start of 2020. 

#4. Dacia Logan MCV

British Car Brands
Dacia Logan MCV

The second of the three models created by the Romanian low-cost manufacturer shows that there are more factors to consider than price when choosing a car. A true mid-sized estate car, the Dacia Logan MCV, has enough space inside for a family of four and all of their stuff. 

#5. Dacia Duster 

Even though most of the cars on this list are superminis and city cars, Dacia Duster pulls off another surprise with its Duster SUV.

Similar to the Sandero and Logan MCV, you get a tonne of space and a tonne of usefulness at a price far less than any other manufacturer’s equivalent car. 

#6. MG3 

MG used to be renowned for its sports cars, but nowadays, it’s about inexpensive transportation. The ZS and HS SUVs and the all-electric ZS EV are the company’s best-selling models, but if you’re looking for something smaller and less costly, the MG3 is a compact hatchback that won’t break the bank. 

#7. Toyota Aygo

British Car Brands
Toyota Aygo

Toyota, Peugeot, and Citroen worked together to produce the Aygo. This little city car was designed with input from all of these companies, each with its own viewpoint. The Aygo is the least expensive of the three cars, undercutting the Citroen C1 by almost a thousand pounds and the Peugeot 108 by about 1,250 pounds. 

#8. Peugeot 108

The most appealing of the three is aesthetics and the second partner is the Aygo/C1/108 combination. The 108, like the Aygo, is no longer offered with three doors, but like the C1, it has air conditioning as standard and a seven-inch touchscreen display that can be used with smartphones.

#9. Citroen C1

The basic variant of the C1, which varies from the Aygo in that it is a three-door vehicle as opposed to a five-door model, has air conditioning and a seven-inch touchscreen that is consistent with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

#10. Hyundai i10

British Car Brands
Hyundai i10

The all-new 2020 Hyundai i10 has previously only available technology in higher trim levels of the model’s portfolio, even in the lowest SE trim level. The £12,820 pricing includes air conditioning, cruise control, auto emergency braking, automated headlights with high-beam assist, and lane keep assist. 

Top 10 Electric car brands from Britain

2021 may be the year Brits start seriously considering electric automobiles. In 2021, more pure EVs were registered than in the previous five years combined.

Below we have put together a list of the Top 10 Electric British car brands.

#1. Tesla Model 3

British Car Brands
Tesla Model 3

Since its 2020 introduction, Tesla’s most economical model has created waves. It’s the most popular new EV of 2021 and the second best-selling vehicle in the UK, after the Vauxhall Corsa.

This BMW 3-Series-sized sedan boasts a 360-mile range and is fun to drive. The fastest ‘Performance’ variant hits 60mph in 3.1 seconds.

#2. Kia e-Niro

The e-Niro is one of the market’s most economical long-range electric vehicles and can travel up to 282 miles on a single charge.

It is easy to drive, roomy, practical, well-equipped, and loaded with safety equipment. It comes with a seven-year guarantee and a reputation for durability, making it an amazing eco-friendly daily vehicle.

#3. Volkswagen ID.3

VW must be satisfied with the first year of ID.3 sales in the United Kingdom. Slightly shorter, broader, and higher than the most recent Golf, this futuristic vehicle provides ample inside room and a spacious trunk.

It is inexpensive, safe, and smooth. It has three different battery capacities (providing ranges of up to 340 miles) and can be charged from 5 to 80 per cent using a 100kW charge point in only 35 minutes.

#4. Nissan Leaf

British Car Brands
Nissan Leaf

Despite a rapidly growing number of competitors, the pioneering British-made Nissan Leaf is still selling well.

Practical, enjoyable to drive, and affordably priced, a Nissan Leaf may be completely charged overnight with a 7kWh home charger or in as little as 60 minutes with a 50KW fast charger. The top 62kWh battery option provides a respectable 239-mile range.

#5. Audi E-Tron

It can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in as little as 5.7 seconds, has a stunning interior, and has a range of up to 252 miles. These are just some of Audi’s first-ever fully electric SUV highlights, which also feature excellent build quality, brisk performance, and a gorgeous interior.

#6. Hyundai Kona Electric

British Car Brands
Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai’s daringly shaped crossover will get a redesign in 2021. It will be updated to be another inexpensive electric vehicle crossover with a long-range (up to 300 miles).

It is roomy, and secure, and delivers a smooth driving experience. Additionally, it provides peace of mind since it comes with a five-year guarantee of unlimited mileage and an eight-year warranty of 125,000 miles on the battery.

#7. MINI Electric

If the thrill of the drive is more important to you than the distance you can go, the first electric car from MINI could be just what you’re looking for. This stylish three-door hatchback accelerates from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 7.3 seconds and has a superior level of construction compared to its gasoline-powered brothers.

#8. Renault Zoe

British Car Brands
Renault Zoe

There was a time not very long ago when the Zoe was Europe’s best-selling electric car, and it had a monopoly on the market for attractive superminis. Now that it is out on the market, it is up against stiff competition.

There are two distinct sizes of electric motors, each producing a different amount of power and a range of up to 245 miles.

#9. Vauxhall Corsa-e

The Vauxhall Corsa was the most popular automobile model purchased in the United Kingdom. In addition to versions powered by gasoline and diesel engines, Opel now offers an all-electric model called the Corsa e, a very compact option.

In addition, it can be charged to 80 per cent (adding 168 miles to its range) in only 30 minutes with a 100kW quick charger or overnight in the comfort of one’s own home through a wall box.

#10. MG ZS EV

British Car Brands

The MG electric crossover will get a refresh in 2021, and it will continue to provide exceptional value for the money. It is claimed to have a range of up to 273 miles, is easy to drive, comes well-equipped, and has room for five people.

It can be charged 80 per cent using a public ChargePoint with 50 kilowatts in just over an hour. Other desirable characteristics include its sleek design, ease of use, and high level of equipment.


The UK’s luxury automobile market is controlled by manufacturers like Jaguar, Bentley, and Aston Martin. Imagine that you are interested in purchasing a luxury automobile. Nevertheless, it would help if you also thought about those names that aren’t as well-known.

We have produced 10 Top Most Popular British Car Brands in 2024, including Rolls Royce and McLaren cars that you may not have previously considered.