7 Best Moonpig alternatives for Cards and Gifts 2024

Moonpig alternatives

Greetings cards occupy a special place in our hearts. Moreover, it is one of the inseparable objects to send good wishes for any occasion.

Although the popularity of greetings is decreasing in the digital era, some people still appreciate them. Therefore, creative card makers are offering customizable digital cards. They reflect the same warmth but in a different fashion. 

The impressive abundance of unique cards and gifts makes Moonpig a lovable brand in the UK.

However, several other brands are offering greater specialization in card making. Get more varieties within your preferred range, just with a click. 

I will talk about those fantastic Moonpig alternatives. Explore the innovative world of customized gifts and cards in 2024 for any occasion. Be it a special thank you note for your teacher, a birthday wish, or a Mother’s Day special token, they will keep you covered. 

Specialties of Digital Cards

With the advent of digital media, people are reducing the use of paper. A great change you will notice now in the market for greetings cards. As a result, we are now more inclined towards the digital cards. Be it birthdays, New Year, or even weddings, digital cards are now ruling. 

Furthermore, these cards are easily accessible. Only a few clicks can confirm your order. Moreover, you can send them to hundreds of recipients at once.

This will save you time to travel as well as money. Book a special gift and a card online to express your excitement on any occasion. Congratulate or send luck through these warm wishes. 

It is fascinating to note here that Moonpig comes as the leading brand when you say online greetings. It also offers incredible gifts to please your loved ones. However, if you wish to check some other options, here I am. Read this piece to learn about the best Moonpig alternatives UK. 

Alternatives for Cards and Gifts

Moonpig is ruling the hearts of most customers for its unique collection of cards and gifts. However, in 2024, you can try some other splendid Moonpig alternatives, too.

These UK stores have amazing collections to impress you. Let me share the top 7 alternatives and their specialties. 

1. Thankbox

Image- www.thankbox.com

Thankbox occupies the top position as one of the primary Moonpig alternatives. This online shopping store is famous for its quirky greetings. Moreover, you can prepare some interesting collabs too for a special occasion.

It is better than Moonpig in the matter of customization. The brand focuses more on your tastes and gives a unique touch. 

The cards will have the company of preferred videos and personal messages. This makes them more attractive and even connects with the emotions of the recipients.

Additionally, the best part is you can directly send these digital cards over email. This is a distinct feature that you will not get in Moonpig.

Therefore, more than 700 retailers can access them from different parts of the world. Send invites, love, and warm wishes in seconds. Truly, it is a box of thanks. 

Price: starting from £5
4.7 stars

2. Zazzle

Image- Wikipedia

Another Moonpig alternative UK prevalent in the market is Zazzle. It finds the hidden artist within you and provides the most creative results you have ever seen.

Discover innovative designs, and pleasant ideas while ordering from this online destination. Along with cards, you can pick up some customized products like mugs, chains, photo frames, and so on. 

The list of goodies available here is marvelous. Undoubtedly, Zazzle cards and gifts are in high demand across Europe. You can easily get something extraordinary for 

  • Birthdays
  • Baby shower
  • Weddings
  • New Businesses
  • Personalized gifts
  • Token of love

Price: starting from £1.22
4.6 stars

3. Touchnote

Image- touchnote. com

Often, you may desire to gift something unique and touching to your beloved. However, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right thing.

Touchnote will vanish this confusion. It brings a wide pool of interesting objects, that meet your criteria.

Moreover, Touchnote has a huge team of experts who create the best designs for you. You can find the incredible work of more than 7000 artists connected with the brand.

Scroll through all the themes and choose the most suitable card. Touchnote will not forget to add a personal touch to all your gifts or cards. 

Price: Starting from £8 (for a pack of 6 cards)
4.1 stars

4. Scribbler

Image- Scribbler

Are you searching for a unique gift for your anniversary? Brilliant. You are at the right place. Scribbler can let you have any type of card at an affordable rate. Of course, it is worth to have a look at these unique collections.

Furthermore, you can get a pinch of humor attached to the gift cards. So, be it your best wishes or expressing your love, Scribbler lets you scribble on a beautiful card.

However, you can not send the e-cards here. Instead, the bucket of interesting themes is a large one. Focus on your subject and get some cool ideas. You will get the perfect theme for every occasion. 

Price: starting from £9.99 (pack of 4)
3.7 stars

5. Hallmark

Image- Wikipedia

Hallmark is already an established name in the world of greeting cards. Remember, the beautiful Christmas cards we used to gift in our childhood? Most of them were from Hallmark.

Well, the brand has evolved newly to suit the requirements of modern times. As a result, we can get a vast collection of digital cards in its store.

The traditional brand carries the legacy with it till now. Wish a Happy Anniversary, or send birthday wishes to your loved ones through this reliable online platform.

Additionally, you can pick some catchy lines, or add personalized messages. Let your loved one get a personal fee after receiving this card.

You may choose to give some exciting goodies too as a token of love. Christmas and New Year will be superb with the Hallmark surprises. Celebrate every moment with the splendors of Hallmark. 

Price: starting from £5.60
3.5 stars

6. Funky Pigeon

Funky Pigeon
Image- Funky Pigeon

Get funky as you go for this amazing digital card supplier. While looking for Moonpig alternatives, you should consider the quality and price. Funky Pigeon lets you have the most vibrant cards for your special ones.

Of course, the name will ring a bell in your ears in the first place. Undoubtedly, it will catch your attention as soon as you come across the brand online.

The moment you see it, you will feel inclined to make some interesting purchases. 

The plethora of gift items ranges from stylish gift cards to customizable T-shirts. Moreover, you can also get cool cushions and customized wall art here.

Besides, the online editors will help you get the exact design you want. So, next time you wish to gift a funky card to your friend or choose a birthday gift, select Funky Pigeon. 

Price: starting from £5 (pack of 5 cards)
4.2 stars

7. Redbubble

Image- Wikipedia

Redbubble is also a global online medium to purchase digital cards. It showcases numerous brilliant creations of talented artists. Not just personalization, but also unique concepts are the specialties of Redbubble. Go for the unique art-inspired themes.

These marvelous ideas will undoubtedly please the recipients. 

Furthermore, you can place orders for multiple cool products from here. The designs are innovative. Moreover, the brand keeps on adding something exciting now and then.

Please check the website often to get details about the lovely offers. Your festivals will be more fun-filled with these exclusive gifts and cards. 

Price: starting from £1.66 per piece of card
4.8 stars


1. Can I send e-cards from all the Moonpig alternatives?

No. The facility to send e-cards is not available in many of the Moonpig alternatives like Funky Pigeon, etc. 

2. Are physical greetings available from any of these Moonpig alternatives UK?

Physical greetings are rare now. Most of the Moonpig alternatives sell only digital cards. Some of them still have some customized physical cards, as well. However, you can get interesting gift items from these stores. 

3. What is the best competitor for Moonpig?

There are multiple competitors of Moonpig, like Funky Pigeon, Touchbox, Redbubble, etc. Touchbox and Funly Piegon are considered the best among many other alternatives. 


Who doesn’t like greeting cards? An occasion seems incomplete if you do not send your good wishes to your loved ones. In this digital era, several brands present innovative e-cards. Not only these but also you will have incredible gifts. Moonpig tops this list of card suppliers. However, you can find some amazing Moonpig alternatives UK for greater advantages. 

Choose well-crafted designs, reasonable rates, innovative ideas, and a personal touch. The pack of cards or the lovely gifts will reflect your warmth for the special one. Select the best creations and store them for years. Of course, these cards or gifts are precious possessions. Make sure you get some unique presents to establish an emotional connection.