Montenegro Is Becoming a Luxury Goods Exporter Thanks to Noblewood


Montenegro used to be an import-oriented country, hardly associated with the production of premium goods. However, the turning point happened not so long ago.

This state has become the home of Noblewood Beluga— a luxury beverage manufacturer that applies advanced technologies and thoroughly sticks to ESG practices.

Thanks to it, Montenegro is becoming an increasingly attractive location to make investments and run a business.

Traditional Profile of Montenegro

This small state boasts exceptional natural wealth. Over half of it is forested, which makes it the fourth greenest country on the continent. National parks occupy approximately 15% of its surface.

If we count the ratio of UNESCO-protected territories per square meter, the number will be among the highest in the world.

The local biodiversity is stunning. Here, you can find 60% of the continent’s bird species, over 3,000 plant species and numerous endangered animal species. The authorities go to great lengths to protect flora and fauna.

Montenegro is an ideal place for generating green energy from water and wind. These sources account for over one-third of the nationally produced energy.

The usage of solar power is expanding — to boost this process, VAT on solar panel installation was reduced to 7%.

The government and businesses have confirmed their willingness to invest millions of euros in renewable energy. The country can start to export it in large amounts.

In 1991, Montenegro fixed an important statement in its Constitution: it became an ecological state, the first on the planet. Businesses are required to pay increased attention to the protection of the environment.

Agricultural and industrial companies aren’t allowed to pollute water resources. Developers are obliged to assess the impact of their projects on the surrounding nature and devise a plan for eliminating potential hazards.

Traditionally, the Montenegrin economy has been focused on imports. Among the few export items were electricity, raw aluminium and copper ore.

A large part of the population has been engaged in seasonal work. The unemployment rate has been high — in April 2023, it exceeded 18%

However, the country is committed to ongoing progress and improvement. It hopes to join the EU and welcomes foreign investments.

Noblewood Group Opens New Opportunities and Facilitates Advancements

In 2022, the Group bought and modernized production facilities in this country. It already employs over 200 staff members — and this number is projected to double by 2025.

This will make Noblewood the largest export-oriented business that has come to Montenegro from abroad in the last three decades

The company provides year-round jobs with competitive salaries and comfortable conditions. Blue-collar workers enjoy the maximum safety at the factory and use modern tools.

When they arrive at their workplaces, they can leave their belongings in renovated locker rooms.

They are provided with brand-new uniforms and shoes. Shifts last 8 hours. In the middle of the shift, the staff takes half an hour off from work to eat a free lunch with a hot meal.

Before leaving for home, they can take a shower with hot water and heating.

The most ambitious and diligent professionals get a chance to climb up the career ladder. They can attend educational events, take part in industry conferences, get promotions and join new exciting projects.

Apart from work, specialists of any level can take part in winery tours, birthday celebrations of their colleagues and other entertainment events.

The Group has a reputation as a supportive employer. It sticks to inclusive work practices. The staff’s reviews of the conditions at the factory tend to be positive.

The facilities produce premium beverages. Beluga Montenegro is the most widely known item. The range of drinks keeps continuously expanding.

All the products are made of raw materials of remarkably high quality and hold the Kosher certification. Customers recognize them at a glance due to the sophisticated design of their bottles.

The Noblewood Group supports social, cultural and sports endeavours in Montenegro. It makes sure its operations are sustainable and its business activities align with the local environmental protection laws.

Noblewood already shipped the drinks to almost 40 countries, located in different parts of the globe. According to the Group’s development strategy, the export network will include over 150 destinations.

The brand participates in upscale marketing events to familiarize the audience with its product range.

To promote its drinks, the Group placed ads in the city of Cannes as well as the airports of Cannes and Berlin. Such authoritative industry publications as Drinks International, The Spirits Business and Global Drinks Intel featured the brand’s beverages. Large-scale advertising campaigns promote both the products and their country of origin, Montenegro.

In October 2023, the Group took part in the TFWA World Exhibition, which is duty-free and travel retail’s major annual gathering and conference, and in Bar Convent Berlin, which is the biggest trade fair for the bar and beverage industry.

The development of the brand’s business fosters the overall economic advancement of the country. The transport infrastructure is to be expanded and enhanced to meet the needs of the growing export.

This will come in handy for foreign investors. It will be easier for them to reach Montenegro and they will see that the government is serious about the state’s business evolution.


Noblewood Group has become a valuable addition to the Montenegrin business landscape.

The company sets the bar high in terms of the organization of its processes, the quality of its products and the safety and comfort of its staff. It opens new opportunities for the country’s development.