Dmitry Gordovich—Successful Businessman and Philanthropist

Dmitry Gordovich

The success story of the entrepreneur. Dmitry Gordovich’s charitable projects in the BBR Bank and trusteeship in the Ostrova charity foundation.

Dmitry Gordovich is an entrepreneur who started his way into business in the late 1990s with a small enterprise for processing agricultural products.

In nine years, he turned a startup project into a large manufacturing enterprise, which still holds leading positions in the ranking of suppliers of food ingredients. The top manager has built an equally successful career in the banking sector.

Today he holds the position of Deputy Head of the Network Development Department at BBR Bank. The businessman is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ostrova charitable foundation and participates in many socially significant projects.

First Career Steps

The entrepreneur was born on May 20, 1969 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. After graduating from high school in 1986, he moved from the Far East to Leningrad, where he entered the geological faculty of LSU.

After a year of study, Dmitry was drafted into the army. After serving for two years, he returned to the university and in 1992, began working in his specialty. Later the entrepreneur decided to abandon the career of a geologist.

The turning point in the entrepreneur’s life was the decision to continue his education at the Faculty of Management of the St. Petersburg Institute of Modern Economics and Technology.

Dmitry Gordovich entered the university in 1997 and focused on launching his own company, successfully combining business with studies.

In 1999, he registered the Viadi company, the main profile of which was the processing of agricultural products. Managing his enterprise did not prevent the aspiring businessman from graduating from the institute with honours in 2001.

Enterprise Development

The Viadi company was based on Kanonersky Island, in the industrial zone of St. Petersburg. A powerful impetus for the development of the enterprise was its contract with a large American food company Cargill, which invested in the development of food production around the world.

At the initial stage, Viadi was engaged in the distribution of additives and ingredients for the processing industry. In 2000, the company began to expand and opened branches in the Central, Volga and Siberian Federal Districts.

The next step was the organization of a laboratory to develop the company’s products.

In 2005, the business financed the construction of a gas pipeline on Kanonersky Island with a length of more than one and a half kilometres to provide the workshops with fuel.

Viadi became widely known for launching mixtures under the brand name Emulgofix on the market. This soy protein firming agent is in great demand in the production of sausages, canned goods and semi-finished products.

In 2007, the production site for manufacturing mixtures was launched. A year later, the company developed a new product—textured soy protein OPTTEMA.

Having done everything possible to establish the business, Dmitry Gordovich decided in 2008 to develop in other areas and left the position of head of the company. Today, the former Viadi, now known as the Ingredients.

Solution company occupies a leading position in the sector of manufacturing additives for the food industry. The production site in St. Petersburg relies on the latest equipment and its staff is being retrained abroad.

Career in the Bank

From the position of director of the industrial enterprise, Dmitry Gordovich moved to work in the branch of the commercial Baltic Development Bank.

This credit institution was founded in 1994 in Kaliningrad and initially provided banking services to organizations engaged in cargo transportation.

In 2000, its head office moved to Moscow. Dmitry Gordovich started his career at the bank in 2007 as an adviser to the manager for the development of client business.

In 2012, the credit institution changed its name to BBR Bank. A year later, a large office was opened in St. Petersburg on Kharkiv Street, not far from Nevsky Prospekt.

Later the bank actively scaled its activities in the regions. Today it is represented in many large cities.

In 2016, Dmitry Gordovich moved to the BBR Bank Network Development Department, where he took the position of Deputy Head.

Public Activities

As a top manager of BBR Bank, Dmitry Gordovich takes part in all charitable initiatives of the organization. Among the permanent programs is the development of squash.

The Bank organizes and finances the BBR Bank White Nights Open tournament in this sport, which is held annually in St. Petersburg. Another large-scale project is assistance in conducting the Tramontana Boulder Battle climbing competitions at the Tramontana Climbing Centre.

In addition to these events, BBR Bank regularly transfers funds to children’s sports clubs Spartak and Sirius and finances the Olympic Reserve School in Kamchatka.

The bank also helps the Change One Life charity foundation in finding foster families for children left without parental care.

Dmitry Gordovich is a trustee of the Ostrova Charity Foundation. This organization not only helps patients with cystic fibrosis but also conducts scientific work to find ways to make the lives of patients with this genetic disease easier.

The top manager is directly involved in several foundation programs, including Initiative, Kinesitherapy, the Chopin Prize, and Science and Training.