Messaging App: What Should It Be?


Do you remember this ubiquitous «ooh-ooh», when ICQ became popular? People used it not only for communication with friends, acquaintances and relatives, but they decided to work questions and others through it. Nowadays, the leaders have changed. There are many solutions that you can use for your needs in different spheres. For example, WhatsApp is widespread for informal communication as even your grandma and grandpa can get into how to use it, while Slack is better known for connecting students, colleagues, and partners. The messaging app market is mushrooming. Year by year it rolls out solutions that satisfy people with certain design and functionality.

And if the idea to level up people’s communication is burning a hole in your head, it’s time to move forward and find out how to create a messaging app. The messenger presumes the same work as any other product requires. But there are some nuances, and the Purrweb experts generously share the tips.

What a messaging app is and why it’s still worth investing

People often mess with messengers and social media. As the first ones are often equipped with additional functionality, it doesn’t surprise me. For example, Telegram enables users not only to send and get messages but to conduct channels and attract followers. Thus, it acquires the features that usually social media have.

However, messengers are an independent phenomenon that has their own goals and features. Depending on the app’s specifics, the required design and functions will be implemented in messaging app development.

A messaging app can be determined as a digital service honed to make peer-to-peer communication pleasant, safe, and effective.

If we delve into statistics, we discover that such programs as Telegram, QQ, and Snapchat are used by 500 million users daily. The achievements of WhatsApp are even more overwhelming: 2bn daily users.

All these numbers motivate and inspire us to create one more alternative to the existing solutions: there’s always something that can be improved and polished.

Top messengers as an incentive for creativity

When you are planning a messaging app development, the analysis of the core features and benefits of competitors is a thing that traditionally prefaces further steps.

Let’s try to brainstorm how the existing services that encourage people to communicate with each other can be complimented.


The zest of this messenger is the disappearing photos: after the user has seen the picture from his interlocutor, the app automatically deletes it in a short time. On the one hand, this approach intrigues the audience. On the other hand, it fosters better communication with visual means without overloading the device’s memory. Targeting at effective messaging app development, you can try to invent your own shtick. Imagine that the service allows users to switch on the «self-deleting mode»: for definite talks it would be an in-demand option as it empowers the user to boost keeping safe information that should be kept secret.


Due to its unprecedented encryption, this messenger aroused interest predominantly among business users. Try to think which functions will be desirable for better communication. For example, as many people use the app for business talks it would be convenient to have an in-built planner with push notifications about upcoming calls.

You can try to create a specified app for a certain audience. For example, WhatsApp is often used for communication between teachers and students. But there’s no specific functionality like screen sharing with audio sharing or an in-built whiteboard that makes explanation and the whole education process smooth and easy. What about a messenger especially honed for teachers?

Really, there’s a huge room for creative improvements and alterations. What about video messages with advanced editing tools? And what if to equip users with the opportunity to add their own emoticons? What if someone wants to add musical accompaniment to his text message and wants to have a library of popular tracks?

There are a plethora of ways to make messaging app development more user-friendly and inspiring.

You can make a questionnaire on your favorite social media or on quora and ask people what they dream of when dealing with messengers. Their repetitive answers can serve as a lighthouse among the ocean of ideas. If a certain idea resonates with your vision, you can try to bring it to life through messaging app development.

How UI/UX design of the app impacts its being in demand

Unforgettable look and unparalleled user experience. Can your service be rewarded with these compliments? If yes, the process of messaging app development goes in the right direction. But if there’s any doubt, don’t waste time and effort: look for professionals.

People tend to underestimate the significance of UI/UX design in messaging app development. It’s wrong. There are myriads of digital offers in the market, and so as not to be buried in oblivion, the appearance of the app, as well as its character, should be catchy and stand out from the crowd. If you’re a newbie in the digital business, it’s better to trust an experienced team in order to avoid common mistakes.

The size of buttons or the colorful pallet, the inner logic of the composition, and UX design copywriting – all details matter. To make messaging app development purposeful and result, focus on searching for an appropriate contractor who is talented in the domain and will really care for your project.

Messaging app for iOS and Android: what’s the difference

Every type of device requires its own product. So, if you’re targeting smartphone owners, you have to find android developers and entrust the task of messaging app development to them. And if you’re planning to deal with iPhone lovers, you are compelled to search for iOS developers in order to perform messaging app development.

The good news is that you can avoid splitting. It’s enough to find talented React Native developers, and you can count on fastening the messaging app development process essentially. Leaning on the intersecting code base, the IT experts can simultaneously build two required apps that entail cost-cutting by 30%-50%.

To wrap up

Communication is one of the eternal values, and you can count that your app will be in demand if it responds to people’s aesthetic preferences and can surprise with original functionality. One of the most reliable ways to organize messaging app development in a proper way is to cooperate with an experienced team. For example, Purrweb has relevant experience and can demonstrate trendy designs in its portfolio. If the style resonates with your vision of digital products, you can get in touch and compare what they offer with competing quotes.