Spotting Knockoff Breitling Watches: 7 Key Indicators to Look For

Breitling Watches

In the world of luxury watches, the Breitling brand is a juggernaut. If you’ve ever seen a Breitling watch, you’ll immediately understand why.

These luxurious masterpieces exude sheer class and style even at a glance. If you want a watch that makes a statement no matter the occasion, then Breitling is the way to go.

However, you should know that purchasing a Breitling watch is easier said than done. This is because there are so many counterfeit products on the market these days. So, the question is, how do you spot a knockoff Breitling watch?

In this article, you’ll discover seven tips on accurately differentiating knockoff Breitling watches from the real thing. Let’s get right into it.

7 Key Indicators of Fake Breitling Watches

#1. The Price Tag

Spotting a knockoff Breitling watch starts from the price. Breitling watches tend to be very pricey, with the more affordable models costing as much as $3,800. In fact, some Breitling watches may even cost as much as $40,000.

This wide price variation is because Breitling has a wide product catalogue. Thanks to this, customers are always able to find the perfect Breitling watches for every occasion.

That said, if you ever get an offer for a Breitling watch retailing for maybe $500 or something lesser, this is a red flag. It’s an immediate tell-tale sign that the watch you’re about to buy is likely to be a fake.

People trying to scam you with low-price Breitling watches may try to pass it off as a distress sale. However, you shouldn’t even pay any mind to these offerings in the first place because the scam possibilities are very high.

#2. Check the Engravings

Breitling watches have some engravings or markings on their back panel. However, the problem is that most of these engravings are not in English. This makes them a prime target for those who counterfeit luxury watches.

So how do you detect this? It’s simple: get a picture of the back panel of an original Breitling watch (the model you want to buy).

You can then compare the watch being offered to you to the picture on your phone. If you notice any discrepancy, there’s a high chance that the watch you’re being offered is fake.

That said, note that Breitling watch engravings usually depend on the particular edition or model. For example, the Chronomat Bentley watch, a Bentley-Breitling partnership watch, has a “BENTLEY” engraving on its case back.

#3. Open-Heart Design

Open-heart watch designs always look pretty cool. If you aren’t familiar with what “open-heart watches” are, they have a window showing their internal mechanism.

When you combine this awesome look with an iconic name like Breitling, you end up with a potentially highly successful honeycomb trap for unsuspecting customers.

Here’s the thing, Breitling has only one watch with an open-heart design, and that’s the Breitling for Bentley Mulliner. In addition to this, this particular watch is a very limited edition with only a few numbers in circulation. So, if you ever have someone offer you a Breitling watch with an open-heart design, it’s most likely a fake.

Of course, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with what the Breitling for Bentley Mulliner looks like first. This will help you be able to spot the more obvious fakes right away. The bottom line is you should take extra care when examining Breitling watches with an open-heart design.

#4. Check Watch Face

It’s practically impossible to talk about how to identify a fake Breitling watch without talking about examining the watch’s face. This is because this is one area that makes it very easy to distinguish the fakes from the originals. So, what exactly are you checking for here?

  • Logo: Breitling watches have a logo on their face, which can be an anchor between wings or a curvy ‘B.’ This logo is usually at the top centre or the side of the watch dial, and sometimes the word “Breitling” is printed below it. Sometimes, the logo isn’t etched but applied. If the logo is printed, unusually large, or looks fuzzy, it’s probably a fake.
  • Another thing to note here is for Breitling watches with a curvaceous “B” logo, the “B” is usually a part of an anchor. So, if the watch before you has a plain “B,” then it’s a fake.
  • Sharpness: Another thing to note here is that original Breitling watches have very sharp designs. So, if the logo of the watch you are checking appears to be fuzzy or abnormally sized, it’s likely to be a fake.
  • Spellings: Closely scrutinize the text under the Breitling logo to be sure it actually spells “Breitling” and not something else. Counterfeit watches could have logos that spell “Breiting” or even “Brietling.” Because they look so close to the correct thing, you may not even notice the intentional spelling errors unless you’re paying close attention.

#5. Check Watch Hands Movement

Counterfeiters try hard to replicate luxury watches, like Breitling watches because they know people see them as good investments and want more affordable options.

However, these counterfeiters often fail to accurately replicate the hand-winding movement of these luxury watches.

Therefore, before you buy a particular Breitling watch, find out what sort of movement its hands make. For example, does it have a continuous motion or move in separate ticks? Breitling makes watches that feature one of both styles, so you must find out which one your particular model has.

#6. Craftsmanship and Build

Original Breitling watches are built with materials like genuine crocodile skin or leather. If your Breitling watch doesn’t have these authenticity stamps on its straps or bands, it’s likely a fake.

Another thing to note here is original Breitling watches have an anti-glare coating. So, if you shine a light on the watch and you get a bright glare in return, there’s a very high chance you’re holding a fake.

#7. Packaging

If you’re buying a brand-new Breitling watch, check the packaging to see if it comes with a certificate. The certificate, if present, should accurately describe the watch and its various specifications. If you get offered a “new” Breitling watch without a certificate, it’s most definitely a fake.

If you’re buying your Breitling watch second-hand, ask the previous owner for the certificate. If they can’t produce it, then you may need to get an expert to ascertain it’s indeed an original. Otherwise, refrain from buying such watches since there’s a very high chance you’re about to buy a fake.


Breitling watches are very classy and luxurious, and they give you that premium feel. However, these same qualities make them prime targets for counterfeiting. With the tips above, however, you can easily weed out the fakes from the original.