How to Survive The First Year as A Business Startup


Starting your business and surviving in the middle of a competitive market are two entirely different tasks in the same sector. If you have passion, you will be able to create a startup of your own, but if you want to achieve success in your business, you need to have a strong survival instinct.

It’s ‘survive’ not ‘staying’ because the market of the business is too competitive for leisure. So, if you are willing to survive in the market for a long time, you need to have the potential and strategies to survive the first crucial year of your startup. 

Startup companies are opening and shutting down like flowers starting to blossom and then falling into the soil. It’s too risky, and you knew that from the beginning. Now when you have taken the risk, you need to determine the success of taking this risk.

How Do You Survive?

Surviving the first year for your startup will need to follow some decent practices. Here we are going to discuss some essential aspects of business practices to determine and strengthen the survival instinct of your startup business. 

1. Solid Business Plan

If you are in the business without a business plan, then you have no idea about the processing of your business visions. A proper business plan includes the perspective of your business, and it is also related to the credentials of people around you. 

If you have a story behind your business, people will find the perspective of your business. It is necessary to be clear about who you want to target with your business. After that, you might consider the value of the target area. If those are determined, then you have to be confident about how you are going to deliver the value to your targets.

2. money-generating Activities

A solid business plan is nothing without the presence of money. Doing business without money is not possible, and thus you need to have enough capital to start and progress your business. 

Coming to the point, gathering capital might not depend wholly on loans. Business loans are there, but you cannot continue to take loans for your business without showing any decent revenue. In such cases, the modern world is very much dependent on trading practices. You might also consider the bitcoin era to advance your trading purposes.

Trying to cope with the digital world will be a smart step for you to invest more into various operations. Once you generate enough money, you will have better renovation opportunities. 

3. Keep Your Expenses Low

Running out of money might not have only one reason- lack of capital. On the other hand, you might face a lack of money due to unnecessary expenses in your business process. 

Run for the things that you need right now in your business, not for the things that a business should have. Try to focus on your production and delivery process with minimal expenses in other areas. 

Until you are new, you are at risk, so do not take another risk. Most important, above all, is the hiring process for your business operations. Try to keep a minimum of employees with good experience, and that will help you to save your money and increase your productivity. 

4. Build Your Network

In business profession building, a strong and decent network seems to be very useful. If you do not know how to keep relationships with people, then you do not have the potential to do business. 

At the starting phase of your business, you may try to be responsible socially. Social interactions can help your business nerves and will allow you to get out of any trouble easily. 

Try to be with people and allow them to be with you. Moreover, try to be respectful; if you give something valuable to the people, they are ready to give you back something more. 

5. Focus On The Customers

In business, your customers are your main priority, and they are the only focus right now. Within the first year of business, your main goal will be to survive the market and thus serve the customers.

There will be enough time later to experiment with your products. This is the time to handle your consumers and make them satisfied at any cost. 

So try to invest more in customer satisfaction and allow them to get the best service from you. Moreover, you can measure the performance of your service by taking the reviews from the customers.

To Conclude

Surviving the first year in your new office is much easier than surviving the first year with your own startup. This is the time to concentrate fully on your business and find out quick strategies and solutions to mitigate difficulties in your business and increase visibility. 

If you have other ideas regarding startups to survive in the competitive market, you can share those freely with us.