How to Look After Staff Well-Being


As an employer, there is an expected duty of care towards your employees. Any staff member who works at the company should be treated fairly in an environment that nurtures mental and physical well-being. This is often incorporated into a business strategy plan and takes shape in many ways, the most important of which are highlighted in the following article.

Office Design Tips

If there is a company building or office space, there are lots of ways to gear it towards promoting positive energy and general wellness. Everything from the wall hangings to the furniture choices can influence motivation, productivity, and mood so it has to be planned carefully. Here are some of the key factors to choose wisely.


As detailed here by design company Mobius, the importance of lighting in your workspace is pivotal to creating a healthy, nurturing workplace. So, what kind of lighting is a strategic decision? Natural light allows for a more organic, energy-conserving option; however, it is not always practical for actually making an office bright and visually supportive. Therefore, while it has its uses, and should be encouraged through window placement, etc., it is not the final answer to how to make the lighting the best it can be.

Color Schemes

Avoid white, blank walls wherever possible. Sure, this is a money-saving, more economical option but it is plain, boring, and has a direct impact on mood. That’s not to say that it should be avoided entirely, as long as it is complemented by splashes of color here and there, white is still a good option in moderation.


Plants improve air quality, they make an urban environment feel more in tune with nature, and they provide a decorative aesthetic appeal too. Nature is amazing for boosting mental health and therefore, has a significant role to play in an office environment.

Staff Incentives

Aside from the work environment, there are also active choices companies can make when it comes to rewarding and recognizing employees. Some ideas are listed below.

Bonus Schemes

Bonus schemes are particularly viable in the retail and hospitality sectors. They are an added amount of money or vouchers awarded based on a worker meeting specific performance criteria. These targets can be laid out clearly in a staff meeting or similar, and if the goal is achieved, the bonus is awarded. These programs inspire motivation and productivity and collaboration amongst a team of staff.

Work Socials

A staff night out subsidized by the department is always an appealing prospect for team members. Any activity can be chosen but popular work night-outs include a pub trip, a meal out, and bowling. It depends on the age range and availability of the individual staff.

Fitness and Well-Being

Physical and mental well-being are closely linked, so having some form of motivational incentive in this area is never a bad idea. This can be a discounted gym membership, company-wide walk work schemes, and even collaborations with local health establishments in the community.

Workplace Mental Health Mentors

This is a special role that can be included in any office on a part-time basis. The point is to have a dedicated person for employee well-being, like an in-house emotional advisor. That way, if staff have any issues that are impacting their work, they have a direct link to getting some help and finding a resolution.

Respect Their Time

Take into account the fact that if a holiday is booked in, it needs to stay booked in. Asking staff to work on their days off creates an awkward obligation that some people will struggle to say no to. So, it’s best to avoid this wherever possible. Of course, it can’t always be avoided but, take care of who is asked as some managers may learn to take advantage of the ones that always say yes.

Provide Proper Training

Giving people the tools to do their jobs successfully is empowering, and it is also good practice for the company’s success. With staff lacking sufficient job-based knowledge, there is an increased risk of a higher staff turnover and becoming trapped in a cycle of doom. Avoid this by ensuring all new members, and existing teams are fully informed about updates, procedures, and health and safety measures.

Protecting staff well-being is vital to retaining the workforce and avoiding excessive staff losses, and making your brand an authentic one with good moral standing. As you’ve seen above, there are multiple ways to implement well-being policies in a work arena.