How Employers Can Nurture a Healthy and Happy Workforce


When employees spend long hours in the office, it can be hard for them to maintain optimal levels of physical and mental health. To work at their best, people need more than a salad for lunch and a trip to the gym after work – and that’s where their employer can help. It’s not just about encouraging wellness, it’s also about minimising absence days, having a more focused team, and ultimately boosting productivity across the entire firm. Wellness schemes, fitness initiatives, and caring leadership may be time-consuming practices, but a tremendous return on investment can follow.

Show dedication to the health of the team

Employees are more likely to feel good if their workspace has plenty of natural light, comfortable furniture, and a vending machine with nutritious snacks. An additional way to safeguard the health of a team is to keep the workplace free from illegal substances. Matrix drug and alcohol lab testing services give employers a secure way of cutting the risk of accidents and ensuring the entire team feels confident in their colleagues. As well as being highly accurate, the tests will be processed quickly and most results are available within 24 hours.

Encourage behaviours that boost well-being

Not everyone knows what a healthy lifestyle looks like or what it could mean for them, so improving awareness can be important. Whether you give advice on maintaining a healthy work/life balance or the importance of good posture at a desk, guidance can create better health outcomes for the team. You can provide useful information regularly with webinars, at meetings, or by putting posters up around the office.

Prevent work hours from spiralling

Giving people plenty of overtime can be good for their bank balance and it’s certainly something that most employees appreciate. However, constant long weeks and overtime hours that become excessive can leave people feeling stressed and burnt out. Try to have a policy that restricts the amount of overtime that staff can work in one month or develop a way of monitoring what additional hours people give to their job. Ensuring that they take their paid holidays each year, rather than cashing them in, can also help employees feel rested.

Support fitness initiatives and give awards

Funding gym memberships for all is a very generous way of nurturing people’s fitness goals, but there are cheaper options. From walking clubs that take place after work or during lunchtime, to Biggest Loser prizes and yoga classes in the office, incentivising a healthy lifestyle is simple. Alongside these physical programmes, it’s a good idea to also highlight mental fitness. Mindfulness classes and mediation groups can all be organised in the office or after work as a way of helping people deal with feelings of stress.

Taking good care of employees won’t just be a benefit to them, it can also create a more efficient and productive working environment. Healthy and happy employees are motivated and work hard, giving the business every chance of continued success.