Time For An Upgrade? How to Donate, Recycle Or Sell Your Old Phone

Old Phone

If you’re hoping to get a new phone for the start of a new year, there’s a good chance it’s time for a clear-out. If you’ve followed trends from the latest iPhone model to the next, it’s likely that you’ve still got your old ones lying around at home.

Instead of leaving it to let its value diminish, why not give it a new purpose instead? In the wake of the release of the iPhone 13, this guide will outline a few ideas to avoid letting your old phones grow obsolete.

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Sell it

Cash converting is a no-fuss route to disposing of your preloved tech. Online platforms offer space to advertise your mobile phone, or you could use comparison tools to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Before you sell your iPhone 8 or any previous model left to gather dust, do your research to make sure you get a fair price. Opting to sell via online platforms or social media could be the most efficient, but it’s sensible to prioritize a potential profit to help with the cost of your new phone.

Donate it

There’s always someone out there who could need a phone like the one you don’t use anymore. If you’ve decided to give yours away, it’s important to factory reset a phone to remove all your personal data before it reaches its new home.

It only takes a few seconds to do this. If you’re using an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset. Then select ‘Erase All Content and Settings and you’re good to go.

If your phone doesn’t work properly, it might not be the best idea to donate it to a charitable organization. Make sure the speakers sound normal, and that the phone connects to Wi-Fi as it should.

Recycle it

If you’re put off by the idea and challenge of fixing an iPhone yourself, it could be more sensible to recycle it. Certain mobile phone donation services exist specifically for broken or faulty models and going down this route could even earn you a few pennies.

Breaking up your phone into its separate components could allow you to recycle it at a household waste and recycling center. Otherwise, passing it on through an online platform could prove most efficient.

Before you upgrade, make sure you’ve thought about what to do with your old phone first!