How to Choose What to Travel in Dubai


There are several types of transportation by tourists: on foot, by public transport, taxi, car rental. In Dubai, a rental company is on every corner. They provide rental services of various kinds: luxury cars, sports cars, etc. If you are a tourist with an above-average budget, you can use the services of exotic rental cars dubai.

Public transport in Dubai is a little different from what we are used to. Transport is well organized, there is the public transport of the usual type and the so-called premium class. The most popular mode of transport among budget tourists is the metro and buses. So, you can move around Dubai: on foot, by public transport, by taxi, and by rented car.

Car rental

Renting a car in Dubai will be easy. You can rent a car right at the airport or pre-book a car that will be brought to you right at the airport. The choice of cars is great, ranging from small Smart cars to sports cars. If a car rental company didn’t catch your eye nearby. You can easily find it on the internet.

You will need to present an International Driving Permit valid in the UAE and a credit card. In a multinational company, credit cards are preferred. With their help, you not only pay but also provide a deposit in case of fines or other undesirable situations. The local company only accepts cash. In this case, your passport serves as collateral.

Large multinational companies will never rent a car without full insurance. There are two types of insurance – CDW and PAI. CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – compensation (exemption from compensation) for damage in an accident. PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) – personal insurance.


Walking around Dubai is likely to make you feel uncomfortable. Distances in this city are simply huge. From one point to another, which is along the way, the distance can reach a couple of kilometers.

Public transport

Travel in Dubai
Travel in Dubai

Public transport in Dubai is very developed. However, it is not quite the way we are used to seeing it. The route is divided into 7 specific zones. There is free travel for children who are under 5 years old or whose height does not exceed 90 cm. You can buy tickets with special cards. There are three of them: NOL Red card, NOL Silver Card, and the best NOL golden card

The most popular card among tourists is the Red Card. It is the cheapest (2 AED). The fare, as described above, will depend on the number of AED zones 4, 6, and 8.5 crossed. Unlimited travel, which will cost 20 AED for 1 day for the regular class and 40 AED for premium.

The Silver Card. You buy it, like all cards in a special machine. It will cost you 25 AED, however, 19 AED will immediately go to your account. The fare will cost 3, 5, and 7.5 AED.

The card of the highest class (Golden Card) will allow you not only to ride the metro, trams, and premium class buses but also with this card you can pay for the park. The cost is 6, 10, and 5 AED.

Taxi in Dubai

Almost all taxis in the city are state-owned and pricing is controlled. Taxis travel around all cities/emirates and are easily caught right on the road. Rides are metered: no hidden fares, nothing like that. All taxi drivers, albeit minimally, know English.

How to call and where to order a car

In the daytime (from 6 am to 10 pm), landing when “voting” on the street will cost you 5 AED (1.2 euros), by phone – 6 AED (1.5 euros), through the application – 8-12 AED ( 2-3 euros).

At night, the cost increases by 1-2 AED. During peak hours (Sat-Wed 7:00-10:00, 16:00-22:00; Thu-Fri 16:00-20:00) the cost of landing will be 12 AED (3 euros), regardless of the method of calling a taxi.

Each kilometer of the journey costs 1.82 AED (0.45 euros). The minimum order amount must be at least 12 AED (3 euros).

Above all are available modes of transportation in Dubai. Which one to choose is up to you. Naturally, public transport and walking are for budget tourists. Taxi – for tourists with an average budget. But car rental for tourists with an above-average budget, but the conditions there are better.