How Smart Switches Can Make Your Life Easier

Smart Switches

Almost everyone is guilty of leaving their homes with apprehensions of whether they have switched off the lights, fans, TVs, ACs, etc. But with the recent technological advancements, homes have transformed into safer and smarter homes, where people can switch off lights fans and even activate/deactivate security systems from anywhere. All it takes is just one tap on your mobile/laptop/tablet screen!

Smart switches, often known as Wi-Fi switches, are intended to take the role of traditional built-in switches. They are simple to install and may be used with the existing in-wall switch boxes. Yes, users can still turn their devices on and off as before, but smart switches give you far more control. It transforms the home into a completely automated environment. Aren’t these the hallmarks of a futuristic home?

Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth are the most convenient ways to connect your smart switches to your devices and are ideal for flats and smaller households. The more devices you connect to your network, though, the more bandwidth you consume. For big, multi-story houses, a mesh Wi-Fi network may be advantageous.

What are the basic features of a smart switch?

Voice Control: With the help of smart home assistants like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, etc., you can now easily give voice commands to switch on/off the lights, dim the lights, turn on the fans, etc. For example, if you want to use the restroom at night, you no longer have to struggle to find the switches. You can easily command Alexa to switch on the lights for you!

Adjustable Timing: Smart switches allow you to adjust the timings of the use of your smart appliances. So, for example, if you do not need the lights after 11.00 pm, you can program your switch through your smartphone to turn off the lights after 11.00 pm accordingly.

Set the Ambience Right: Smart switches help in setting the mood right. If it is a movie night, you can easily control the lights – when to switch it off/on or how much dimmer you want the lights to rest on your fingers. Likewise, you might not require all lights in your room when you are reading, so you may choose the lights that suit your eyes.

Monitor your Home: With smart switches, monitoring your home has become easier than before. Now you can easily activate your security cameras and survey your house whenever you are away! This feature is more beneficial for households with children and the elderly. You can switch on appliances for them as and when they require it!

How Smart Switches Can Make Your Life Easier?

Aside from automation, smart home switches may assist you in various other ways. While the simplicity of use is a powerful reason for many people to convert to smart light switches, there are many more advantages than just ease of use. Let’s have a look at how smart switches can make your life easier –

● Smart Switches Stands for Safety: Yes, that is one true alliteration! It is often believed that switching on the lights at home while leaving for a trip gives an impression of being at home, and that is why people leave their lights on to ward off potential thieves and robbers. But have you ever wondered about the daytime when you don’t need the lights? How are you going to switch it off while you are away?

It is precisely this reason that makes smart switches so useful. Because you can switch on/off lights from anywhere, you are not only making your house safer but are also saving energy. Smart switches may also be used to regulate various alarm systems and security cameras. By calling a home automation firm, you, along with your family, can get an additional degree of security.

● Smart Switch to Save Money: Who doesn’t want to save money on their daily expenses? With the use of smart switches, saving money is easily attainable. Through smart switches, you have the ability to command your system. You do not have to apprehend whether you have switched off your lights or not. You can now easily regulate and turn on your security system, light bulbs, ACs as per your need. If you are not around, you can easily switch off the devices you do not want to use!

● More Control and Convenience: Smart switches have the power to create a whole automated environment for you. You can easily adjust the room temperature right before your arrival, play comforting music you would like to go home to and dim the lights for that relaxed and cozy ambiance. A simple connection can open up so many opportunities!

A smart switch allows you to control lights, fans, ACs, speakers through your smartphone. You can easily activate your security cameras and use your smartphone for home surveillance. You can even use voice search to give your command, and the smart switch would oblige!

You can now read books at night without having the burden of getting up to switch off the lights. Why? Because now, through your smartphone or home assistant (like Alexa), you can easily command the switch to turn off the light. What can be more convenient than this?

Efficiency and Easy Installation: Many people are under the false assumption that there needs to be an overhaul of the whole wiring system to switch to smart switches. That is not true! Smart switches are functional in the traditional switch boxes as well. So, not much is required to convert your home into a smart home. A good and stable Wi-Fi connection and interconnected devices to your smartphone can do wonders for your life!

In Conclusion

Converting your traditional switches to smart switches lets you harness the amazing benefits of the Internet of Things. You are able to smoothly control your house from the comforts of a tap on your smartphone! Your house becomes safer and safer for children and the elderly. Despite you being not around, you can actually be around without a hassle!