Help keep yourself and others safe this winter with snoods


As September comes to an end, winter is approaching, which means that cold and flu season is not too far away. For the past year, we have all been doing our best to prevent catching any kind of virus by wearing face coverings like snoods, sanitising our hands regularly and social distancing. This means that last year, cases of the common cold were at an all-time low as coronavirus protection also helped to keep people from catching the flu.

This year, COVID-19 rules have been drastically relaxed. Masks are no longer mandatory, social distancing seems to have disappeared and fewer people are using hand sanitiser regularly. This sudden change in behaviour could leave our immune systems vulnerable to catching colds and flu once again and, with our immune systems weakened due to a year of protection, these illnesses could be worse than ever before!

Why does this matter now?

While we may still be in the tail end of summer, Freshers week at universities across the UK is about to commence. The flow of students travelling up and down the country is a huge contributor to nasty colds and flu every year. ‘Freshers Flu’ can affect anyone, not just the students themselves. Therefore, now might be the perfect time to start protecting yourself and others from common colds and viruses.

Protect yourself with a snood this winter

Masks may no longer be mandatory, but this does not mean that you should abandon face protection entirely. A great way to protect yourself from illness is by wearing a snood.

Snoods are clothing accessories, similar to scarfs, that wrap around your neck and face and protect you from cold weather and any viruses that may be in the air. Also known as neck tubes, snoods come as one piece of material that is placed over your head and worn in any way that feels comfortable. Some people use them to simply keep warm during winter and others have been using them as face masks to prevent COVID-19. Snoods are equally effective for both uses and are an excellent accessory to have in your handbag or glove box. You never know when you will need an extra layer of protection!

Smart snood for extra protection

To make sure that you are truly protected from colds and flu this winter, you could consider investing in a smart snood. Much like regular snoods, these neck tubes are made from soft material and are worn around the neck. The main difference is that these snoods are specifically designed to combat viruses with built-in anti-viral protection. The snood is made of three layers of HeiQ Viroblock technology that has been tested as effective against SARS-CoV-2; the virus that causes COVID-19. It is also just as effective against other types of flu.

The smart snood is an eco-friendly option, made from plastic bottles. Each mask that is purchased saves two bottles from ending up in our oceans or landfill. The MeiQ Viroblock technology has been certified as safe and is a great alternative to regular snoods if you are looking for that extra layer of protection this winter.

Styling your snood

Just like face masks, snoods come in a range of different colours and designs that can be matched with your personal style. It is super easy to incorporate your snood with your everyday outfit, whether that be your office get up or your favourite party look. When not in use, snoods can be folded up very small and can easily fit into a bag or pocket. This means that you can take your snood on and off throughout the day, without having to comprise on practicality.

Snoods are the must-have accessory this winter that will keep you warm, protected and stylish.