Francesca D’Amcio Talks about How Experiencing the Inner Self  & Conviviality Can Set the Path toward a Better Lifestyle and Mental Health


Good food can change anyone’s mood in an instant. Many brain-imaging studies have associated food intake with increased dopamine release, correlating pleasant culinary experiences with mental well-being. Francesca D’Amico is one culinary artist inspiring people to improve their mental health with memorable food experiences.

After numerous struggles throughout her life, Francesca found her true calling as a culinary expert. She started her career with a solid dedication to food and launched her catering business, believing that conviviality is the perfect approach for connecting with life. “The pleasure of food shouldn’t be measured by the delicacies of the courses only, but by the connection recreated at the moment and their conversations,” she presumes. From Francesca’s perspective, we must find someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink, as we do in other parts of our lives.

Today, she has remodelled her creative business into an all-inclusive experience by combining food with hypnotism. She employs the hosting experience she gained as the creator of FAM Events, which she quit before the pandemic as it became too commercial and lost its true purpose.

When the pandemic hit, Francesca had to shut down her FAM and think of a way to keep motivating and inspiring people. She found social media to be an excellent place to start; thus, she began making videos on eating properly and healthily.

 Better Lifestyle and Mental Health

Different recipes like timbales of green broccoli, aubergine polpette and pumpkin cream, curry rice, raw fish tartare, asparagus risotto, and gnocchi with mushroom are featured on her Youtube channel. She goes on to explain how the ingredients used in the recipes work well together; for example, the gnocchi and mushroom recipe is good for immunity, and raw fish tartare is an excellent source of protein. After all, good food is not merely about consumption; it’s about energizing yourself to gain happiness and maintain good health.

Francesa aspires to make a difference by emphasizing the magic cooking at home adds to our daily life. She realizes the romanticism of the delectable aroma passing through the doorways and awakening the people from the inside. “We create magic after it is felt within,” she says.

As a holistic coach, she hosts to make people discover the power of genuine connection from within through spiritual experiences. Her methods promote exploring hidden dimensions, appreciating simplicity, and enjoying life together, even if there are conflicts and differences. She asks us to connect for who we are, not what we do.

People usually ask why she coaches love. For Francesca, love is a state of being but not in the sense of living in the illusion or thought of it. It means feeling it within as the purest form of life. Love is the essence that enables us to create and recreate what our intuition suggests, not only based on external motivations and information.

Francesca provides one-on-one sessions for spiritual guidance. With her proven expertise, she believes that lack of love and corrupt surroundings are the biggest challenges that her clients face. She’s excited to expand on Rossano Sambo’s program based on lots of experience and knowledge to help those needing twin flame guidance as our world becomes more connected. So to live aware of our constant process of the soul is fundamental to opening up to real transformation for a fulfilling life.

Francesca believes “the key is valuing the essence of human connection and relationships.” She encourages us to set boundaries and respect ourselves, not limit our true selves. Follow her example and let your soul be free to explore love, life, and all the joys they bring.

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