Nightlife Redefined: Explore the 10 Best Activity Bars in London

Best Activity Bars in London

Everyone thinks that pub means only drinks. However, many may also prefer only chatting and getting involved in some other exciting activities.

To ensure a great time with your companions, the activity bars have come into existence. Therefore, you can now find the best activity bars in London to redefine an enjoyable nightlife. 

Only dances and drinks are not the sole activities to spend a power-packed night. Instead, you may also devote time to playing various games.

Since 1936, many pubs have been organizing billiard leagues or darts. With time, the tastes and preferences changed.

Hence, you can observe several other varieties among the games and activities. 

In this context, I am going to unfold the best activities you can do in a pub in London. These bars will give you the most energetic experience for an English night.

Are you ready to have enthusiastic adventures? 

Role of Activity Bars in London

The best activity bars in London present an energetic atmosphere. If you want to spend the weekends differently, find these amazing bars.

Take the lovely drinks and get on the dance floor. After that, go for lively sports like high-tech golf games or virtual crickets.

Outdoor games can come in indoor forms through online gaming devices. Several top bars in London offer the best activities for a great time. 

You can also indulge in exciting competitions, especially on the weekends. Get a double dose of fun with the excellent combination of games, activities, drinks, dining, and of course dances.

All in one form of entertainment are present in these activity bars. The arcade games will make you relive your old-school times.

Moreover, you can enjoy boozy bowling or other attractive indoor games like cards or rummy. Therefore, the role of activity bars is significant when you are keen to enjoy the London nightlife. 

10 Best Activity Bars in London

Scroll through this content to find out the best activity bars in London. Get more excitement, fun, and lots of other things. Enjoy the facilities of gaming and chatting with your friends.

These bars open numerous other avenues to spend an eventful day. 

1. Electric Shuffle

Electric Shuffle
Image- Alina Tsyba

This activity bar lets you have a fabulous time with shuffleboard. After a hectic week, you can get along with your friends and play a lovely game.

It facilitates automatic updating of the scoreboard. It is a 90-minute session involving around 32 people at once. Therefore Electric Shuffle welcomes players as well as the viewers.

You can easily book a slot for two hours and enjoy the game. Furthermore, taste the remarkable brunch menu. You can consider the place for social events too, involving up to 320 guests. 

Address: 10 Cabot Square, London E14 4EY
Rating: 4 stars

2. Bounce

Image- Bored Kiddo

This is indeed one of the best activity bars in London to play ping pong. You can have an authentic experience while playing with the Wonderball, using electronic devices and the ping pong table.

Furthermore, you can also check out the thrilling Shuffleboard game. 

Inviting a Games Guru is a special facility in this activity bar. He will make you more energetic by providing the necessary suggestions. The exclusive brunch options come in two varieties.

You can play ping pong and enjoy the incredible food. Similarly, on the other hand, you can enjoy the DJ live and special bottomless food options for two long years. 

Address: 241 Old Street. London EC1V 9EY
Rating: 4 stars

3. Moonshine Saloon

Moonshine Saloon
Image- Moonshine Saloon

This is a fantastic place to listen to amazing stories. Furthermore, you can also spend a brilliant evening while telling interesting stories. It will make travel the time.

Experience those ancient days when alcohol was available only at Moonshine bars. The arrangements ensure that the story becomes live and you can also be a part of the same. 

Moonshine Saloon is innovative and intriguing. The session will be for around 1 hour and 45 mins. You can enjoy the session by taking tickets for the same. There are facilities for organizing different events also. 

Address: 28-30 Houndsditch. London EC3A 7DB
Rating: 4.5 stars

4. Flight Club

 Flight Club
Image- Flight Club Shoreditch

This is one of the oldest clubs allowing the playing of different games along with the drinks. Moreover, Flight Club is now in a modernized form to suit the lifestyles of the present era.

It invites visitors to engage in the game of Social Darts. Bottomless Pizza and Prosseco are the stars of the bottomless brunch here. You can have this delicious brunch with a plethora of options from Thursday to Sunday.

The two-hour-long session lets you have all the fun while enjoying delicious meals, lovely drinks, and of course darts. The vegetarian options are also equally appreciated. Expect a quirky experience as you step inside this club. 

Address: 2A Worship Street. London EC2A 2AH
Rating: 4.2 stars

5. Fairgame

Image- Fairgame

Fairgame is surely a favourable place among the best activity bars in London. It gives a modern twist to the traditional way of enjoying games.

Relive your childhood memories and enjoy different games. The favourite game of the visitors is the Teddy Bear Challenge. The competitive challenges will find out your merits as you play different games. 

Moreover, you can taste unique flavours and incredible pizzas here. The cocktails will also win your heart in the first sip only.

However, to grab a bite and play the game, you may need to wait for the turn. Therefore, it is better to arrive early to avoid the queues or crowds. 

Address: 25 Fishermans Walk. London E14 4DH
Rating: 4.8 stars

6. NQ64 Soho

NQ64 Soho
Image- NQ64 Soho

Enter this gaming paradise and the retro ambience will startle you. It gives the vibes of an electrifying environment with a bunch of exciting games.

Moreover, you will find neon colours and vibrant lights at different corners. The entire area projects the times of the 80s or 90s. So, it is time to celebrate the retro fashion and classic sensations. 

Furthermore, there are game-themed cocktails to give a unique touch to your refreshing drinks. It has a convenient location. This makes it accessible to several people.

Gaming enthusiasts can have a real treat in this specially decorated game-themed bar. The food is also amazing. 

Address: 53 Berwick Street. London W1F 8SP
Rating: 4 stars

7. Boom Battle Bar

Boom Battle Bar

Another interactive and fun-filled activity bar in London is the Boom Battle Bar. Situated on Oxford Street, it is easy to access from various parts of the city.

Moreover, the selection of games is splendid here. You can play darts, shuffleboard, axe throwing, or mini golf. The staff shows a welcoming attitude and ensures everybody enjoys the games and the food. 

Of course, you must try the amazing drinks. They are tasty and unique in different ways. Moreover, the bar is famous for its lovely presentation.

Have a wonderful atmosphere as you get to know the scores in different games. Indeed, it makes you so happy and lets you relax. Boost your energy with great performances. 

Address: 88 Oxford Street. London W1D 1BP
Rating: 4 stars

8. Roof East

Roof East
Image- Marcello Mazzara

This activity bar is the hub of non-stop entertainment and rooftop attractions. Moreover, the venue facilitates car parking on the roof with many other additions.

You can feel the vibrance everywhere. Be it the lovely music, or the enthusiastic games, you have it all here. Along with that, you will have the chance to watch movies in the cinema halls. 

The gamers can indulge in numerous activities like golf, throwing arrows, baseball, and other energetic games. The table games are also aplenty.

You need to arrive early to grab your chance for the free moves. Roof East is famous primarily for its street food options.

Therefore, you can jump onto the delicious burritos or the creamy tacos. Undoubtedly, it also has one of the finest collections of drinks. 

Address: 7 & 8 floors, Stratford Multi-storey car park, Great Eastern Way. London E15 1XE
Rating: 3.5 stars

9. Bad Moon Cafe

Bad Moon Cafe
Image- Nick Gazard

Enjoy the buzzing life at this gamer’s cafe. Moreover, you get a special retreat from all the tensions by indulging in fun-filled games.

Get along with a charming friend and have a bite of delicious pizza. Besides, amazing board games like Warhammer or other table sports are the main attractions. Spend only £5 and choose any of the games.

You can play for free for as long as you want. Have a memorable experience while playing with the hot mug of tasty coffee in hand. 

Address: 159a Great Dover Street. London SE1 4GZ
Rating: 4.8 stars

10. Four Quarters

Image- Hugo King- Irwin

Step into a time machine as you choose Four Quarters. It boasts multiple board games and gives a retro touch to every activity.

People feel nostalgic as they get involved in traditional as well as contemporary games. Be it the Pac-Man, Street Fighter, or others, excitement is there in every move. 

The incredible junction of Peckham also ensures you have the best cocktails. Feel merrier as you choose the classic beer and other flavourful drinks. 

Address: 187 Rye Lane. London SE15 4TW
Rating: 4.5 stars


Do I have to wear any dress code in the activity bars of London?

It is better to wear casual in an activity bar. However, please check the dress code or the theme before attending any event or going there casually. 

Is it possible to reserve a game at an activity bar?

The rules depend on the internal policies of the bars. Some bars allow people on first cum first serve basis. However, some others may require booking of the tickets to play certain games. 


Are you interested in taking part in various games while enjoying sumptuous food? The best activity bars in London project a mesmerizing atmosphere, fulfilling this desire. Choose any of the lovely bars and have an incredible weekend. This content highlighted only 10 top names in this list.

Moreover, in places like Four Quarters, Bounce, or Electric Shuffle, you will have a fantastic selection of games as well as food. You may try others too for the beautiful collection of drinks. The combo is genuinely awe-inspiring for every visitor.