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Being a fan of thrillers and murder mysteries, we are sure you have already had enough of your share of movies that send your heart racing and get your adrenaline pumping.

But no matter how much we love thrillers and suspense films, a slight dash of laughter is always welcome, especially in today’s day and age of the Covid-19 pandemic where people are fed up with staying at their homes and are craving social interactions.

The need of the hour is mystery movies with a touch of comedy that is unusual and crazy. Such films not only introduce audiences to dark crimes and mysteries but also some subtle humour that leaves them asking for more.

And one such movie is ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ streaming now on Hulu. Before proceeding to review the KeepStream Hulu Downloader, we take this opportunity to review ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ a refreshing offering that will blow your mind away with its comedy-mystery exchange.

Only Murders in the Building: A Refreshing Mix of Comedy and Murder Mystery

Only Murders in the Building is a story of three characters, Charles Haden Savage (Steve Martin), a former TV star, Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), a struggling Broadway producer, and Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez), a young woman living in her aunt’s apartment, apparently for renovating it.

The three are true-crime-podcast addicts who get together to transform the investigation of the murder of Tim Kono (Julian Cihi), a resident of their apartment building, into a podcast.

What follows is a hilarious tale of several twists and turns, with everybody hiding something from everybody and nothing turning out as it seems.

But do not be fooled. The show is not all about humour. There is enough mystery to keep you glued, with one revelation falling out of the cupboard after another and a twist towards the climax.

Everyone’s a suspect, from Oliver (Michael Cyril Creighton), whose cat died on the same day of the murder, to therapist Stanley (Russell G. Jones), deli owner Teddy Dimas (Nathan Lane), his deaf son Theo (James Caverly), Ndidi (Zainab Jah), and even Mabel, who fails to reveal she was earlier in a relationship with the victim.

Ultimately, it is the treatment of the story by creators Steve Martin and John Hoffman and its journey that makes Only Murders in the Building fun to watch.

The generation gap between the two men and Mabel lends a fun element, with all three trying to outsmart and have fun at the expense of each other, especially Mabel. Also hilarious is the way they exchange text messages, which sound casual even in times of adversity.

All in all, Only Murders in the Building is well-written, with all characters nicely laid out. It remains high-spirited and emotionally charged all the while, with the three lead characters embracing their mess and exploring themselves.

And not to forget the final twist that brings the three together in a manner never seen before and promises to bring them back for another season. Watch Only Murders in the Building streaming live now on Hulu.

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Where can I watch Only Murders in the Building besides Hulu?

Ans- You can watch only Murders in the Building Disney+

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