Top 7 Best Vintage Shows on Netflix UK To Watch This Winter

Vintage Shows

Winter brings matchless coziness, and if you’re a movie or a show lover, you agree with me this is the perfect time to binge-watch. Did you know that most of the latest and new seasons of TV shows are resuming this winter?

If you are not sure what to watch, we feel you. We have a prestige series for the winter. Whether in a loving mood, a gearhead lover, or you want an adrenaline rush; there is a bounty of shows available on Netflix.

You only need to sit back on your couch, grab your hot beverage, curl up with your BFF, cat, and enjoy. Below are some of our 7 best vintage shows you can find on Netflix

1. The Office

Greg Daniels brings the day-to-day lives of workers in Scranton, a branch to Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The story shows the company’s employees during a tour offered by the regional manager (Michael Scott). 

Despite some loopholes in the business, Michael wants to show his capabilities of running an organized office.

At the same time, Jim, a sales representative, is trying to woo Pam into a relationship, even though she is engaged.

Within no time, rumors spread all over about Michael trying to reduce the branch’s workers, and everyone seems worried. However, Michael pretends to remain calm on the realities to avoid employee chaos.

The show has sexual humor involving interoffice affairs. It is a good binge watch for the winters to those who love office romance. Again, there is an unexplainable hook to the characters and, in the end, some suspense; it’s one of the best shows to watch on Netflix UK.

2. Arrested Development

The sitcom follows the life of Bluth’s family whose business once thrived but later had to survive after all their assets were frozen.

George Bluth, the founder of Bluth Company which is now run by his son Michael, is arrested after being found in a compromised situation with investors. He is also using the business money for personal gain.  Due to this, his wife becomes the CEO.

Michael becomes furious and secures another job, leaving his family for good. Worried that the business will not thrive, they call back their son. But his family will not give him peace which makes his job intolerable.

3. Freaks and Geeks

The teen –comedy show is a chronicle of the issues faced by teenagers when they indulge in vulgar behaviors.

The show set in suburban high school features Lindsay and Sam, her younger brother while in high school.

While Lindsay gets engaged with the “freaks” group, Sam joins the “geeks”. Sam is determined to make ends meet in life by working hard, but her sister sees school life as meaningless and indulges herself in drugs, drinking, and depraved living.

Sam and Lindsay struggle to fit in the universe each has proved will work.  Though the series was canceled after its 12 episodes, the show continues to attract viewers globally.

4. Parenthood

Ron Howards sets up a drama on parenting based on real-life experiences. Gil Buckman is between a rock and a hard place as he tries to have a work-life balance. 

He discovers that Kevin, her son is mentally sick and needs some therapy. Gil’s other two sons also have the same issues, making him ponder about his fatherhood.

The worst prevails when he discovers his wife is expecting their fourth child. How will Gil Buckman handle family life and work stresses? Will Frank’s answer become a soother to his never-ending doubts about his failures as a father?

5. Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston, a high school chemistry teacher, is battling lung cancer. He has a quest to leave behind some wealth for his family before cancer eats him up. 

He decides to join the life of crime by teaming up with his former student Aaron Paul. But Bryan is only putting his life and that of his family at risk

The show has been rated as one of the best TV series of all time. This was evident on its 4th and 5th seasons as it appeared on Netflix.

6. Son of Anarchy

Son of Anarchy tells a crime story of a motorcycle club in California. The show introduces Charlie Hunnam as the club’s vice president who comes across a manifesto by his late father.

He immediately starts questioning himself about his involvement in the outlaw motorcycle club. From then on, he struggles to keep himself engaged in the club and at the same time have time for his family. With authentic characters, the show is worth your winter.

7. Party of Five

The show was created by Christopher Keyser stars Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, and Lacey Chabert.

Party of Five is a teen drama that follows the lives of five siblings who are forced to take care of each other after their parents’ demise through an accident.

Being directed to teenagers and young adults, it has some of the best characters to connect with.  Besides, it explores themes such as teen pregnancy, drugs, domestic abuse, and the pain to deal with the loss of a loved one.


Vintage shows provide us with a glimpse of the past. If they are not available in your country, you can always change your Netflix region. They help the users understand why these titles are regarded as classics and how they shaped the entertainment industry.

We hope that you like our pick of the best vintage shows currently streaming on UK Netflix. Stay tuned if you are interested in more movies and shows lists1.