Discover Adorable Adventures: 20 Cute Things to Do in London Today!

Cute Things to Do in London

Are you staying in London or going for a vacation? Whatever the reason is, this gem city will always keep you amused.

Don’t wonder why. Just ask what not you can do here. The incredible city promises an extraordinary and fun-filled day while exploring the different marvels of London. 

Not only witnessing the historical architecture, you can also indulge in various exciting activities. In this context, I will portray 20 cute things to do in London. Therefore, plan your day in London and have a wonderful break from your busy schedule. 

The list of the fun things to do in London is long. So, identify the best things you can do here. Be it impressing your partner or spending some lovely moments with your friends.

Get on an unusual path and explore the unknown. 

The Dream Destination: London

London has always remained a dream destination for millions of people worldwide. Apart from the job opportunities, it also offers picturesque views to fall in love with.

The city takes a different form in every month of the year. Therefore, experience the charms differently as you visit this place during various seasons. 

London is famous for its museums, architectural marvels, and pubs. Therefore, you can explore a brilliant nightlife while staying in England’s capital.

Furthermore, enjoy the exhibitions, luxurious dining, or amusement parks with your kids. Check out the iconic destinations and sort out a marvellous journey.

You will also have several romantic things to do in London. So, it is a paradise for the honeymoon couples. If you love sports, London gives you ample opportunities to have some remarkable moments.

Be it the outdoor games or water sports; you have everything to make your holidays more adventurous. The vibrant spots are also there for the LGBTQ community.

Therefore, when London is your dream destination, hundreds of exciting things come as a package. Forget all your worries and dive into the pool of enthusiastic adventures. 

Top 20 Cute Things To Do In London

The list of cute things to do in London is pretty long. However, I have compiled only the top 20 of them here.

I hope this will help you plan your adventures in this British city. 

1. A Stunning View of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

When you land in London, the first thing that comes to mind is Buckingham Palace. Of course, it is not an unknown place. However, you cannot ignore the grandeur of this place even if you are interested in discovering something new. 

A better view of the Palace is visible from St. James’ Park. This incredible park of Westminster stretches for 57 acres. The splendid sight of the pelicans will keep you spellbound.

Moreover, it was one of the famous grounds for deer breeding during the reign of King Henry VII.

Now, you can give a quick visit and enjoy the spectacular views of the Palace from this ground. It is undoubtedly one of the unusual things to do in London for couples.

Spying on the Palace is itself adventurous, as well as romantic. 

2. Shakespeare’s Globe for Groundling

 Shakespeare's Globe

Are you a Shakespeare drama fan? London presents the most prestigious spots to enjoy the originality of Shakespeare’s times.

Shakesapeare’s Globe is the renovated version of the old Shakespeare’s Theatre. One significance of this theatre was enjoying the shows as a “Groundling”.

It implies watching the performance while standing continuously. 

Today also, you can relive those days by purchasing affordable tickets for a standing spot. It costs around £5. The view is remarkable, and that makes you forget the ache of your feet while standing for so long. 

3. Enjoy the Views of Primrose Hill

Want to cherish the mesmerizing greeneries of London? Please spend some hours at the Primrose Hill.

Furthermore, you can count it as one of the most romantic things to do in London. When you are dying to propose to your partner, what can be a better place than Nature’s lap? 

The neighbourhood is also attractive with lovely lanes, posh restaurants, and walking zones for pets. The place is near Regent’s Park.

Please do not miss the glorious shade of red and orange as the sun sets on the horizon. It is a heavenly scene as you witness the amazingly painted sky. 

4. Flower-spotting at Kew Gardens

When nature is in your mind, Kew Gardens is the best spot to spend your holiday.

If you are confused about the cute things to do in London, please check out the splendours of this garden. Not only greens but also happiness will surround you. 

This green patch of 300 acres is home to various rare plant species. Furthermore, you will also find interesting sights of a Chinese pagoda and Victorian glasshouse here.

The blooms of the garden are truly mesmerizing. Therefore, you must visit this horticultural delight for a mixed package of flora.

Please check out the latest addition, the Temperate House, for the rarest plant variety, encephalartos woodli. Scientists say that they are older than the dinosaurs. 

5. Shopping at Columbia Road Flower Market

Theatre At The Yard

Shopping is the favourite activity of most travellers, whenever they visit a new place. However, you may seem bored by the common shopping malls in London.

Therefore, I will reveal an interesting destination where you can purchase bunches of colourful flowers.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most romantic things to do in London. The Sunday visit to this place will make you more excited. Gift your love a bunch of happiness to turn a simple day into a special one. 

Columbia Road Flower Market is the epitome of floral delights. This incredible paradise of East London will catch your eye with all the seasonal blooms.

Moreover, it is open only on Sundays, from 8 am to 3 pm. It will be better to go for the fresh blooms at 8 am. Therefore, decorate your garden, patio, or indoors with the best plants and flowers. 

6. Theatre At The Yard

If you are interested in watching the authentic English theatres, go for The Yard. Enjoy the contemporary performances, Classical Art, and Live acts. Explore the creativity of British culture at the fringe theatre. 

50 volunteers constructed this lovely set-up with salvaged materials. Therefore, you can come across several unusual and quirky aspects here and there.

Indeed, this is more affordable than the classy and lavish productions. The innovative theatrical performances will keep you engrossed for a long time. 

7. Enjoy the Night at Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall

Start preparing for a fun-filled night at Royal Albert Hall. Enjoy the orchestral concerts at the eight-week-long proms.

Moreover, this signifies the age-old custom of London to shake your legs with the lovely tunes. 

The stunning performances inside this hall will keep you captivated the whole night. You can get budget-friendly tickets for booking a standing space.

There are more than 4,000 such tickets. However, you can opt for the online ballot to occupy the front seats. The tickets are also available at the last minute from Queen’s Steps. 

8. Tennis at Wimbledon

Tennis at Wimbledon

Enjoy the largest lawn tennis championship in the world, Wimbledon, as you come to London. Moreover, this counts as an important activity on the list of fun things to do in London.

You can be a part of this spectacular sports event during the Summer. However, apart from that, the fans can check out the delicious cafes, cream, and sweet strawberries. 

Tickets are available for various spots, like Murray Ground, Centre Ground, or the Aorangi Terrace. Please try from an advanced time as the tickets become hard to collect due to the rush. 

10. Travel Time At the Museum of the Home

the Museum of the Home

Learn the history of English culture by visiting the Museum of the Home. This amazing structure belongs to the 18th century.

Moreover, you can find out the exciting history of British interiors and the design magic at every corner. 

The tour of this museum is more of an interesting journey from the old lifestyles to the contemporary living patterns.

You can see the recreated looks of the old middle-class living areas, decorative art forms, and living styles of a typical English household. 

11. Watch a Play At Boulevard

 Watch a Play At Boulevard

Enjoy variations in the brilliant performances of British artists. The innovativeness will keep you engaged for hours.

Furthermore, the fusion of old and new will open a new aspect of London’s theatre. You can create a stunning impression on your Instagram handle by portraying the beautiful interiors. 

You should try the amazingly curated cocktails. I bet you will get surprises and twists in the flavours. 

12. Tour of Sipsmith Gin Distillery

Sipsmith Gin Distillery

Are you keen to taste the rich flavours of the gin? In London, you can tour the gin distillery and learn the secrets of its marvellous taste.

Sipsmith Gin Distillery first came as a copper still plant in 2009. Thus, West London is the home of every Sipsmith sip. 

The master of this distillery invents new tastes in this place of experiment. You can also try some interesting combinations, provided you are lucky enough. So, never miss this exciting adventure. 

13. Visit Richmond Park

 Visit Richmond Park

Among the top cute things to do in London, Richmond Park’s brilliant views also take a prominent place.

This woodland has an ancient vibe. You can have a memorable time in this grandest park in London. Richmond justifies its name and gives a royal feel. 

If you visit this place during the winter or spring, the Isabella Plantation will be a prize. Moreover, you can also get lucky to have sights of fallow deer or wild red.

It can be difficult to cover the whole park on foot. Therefore, you can take a bike on rent to witness every corner of this woodland. 

14. Enjoy Afternoon tea at Claridge’s 


The English traditions are famous worldwide. Therefore, if you are new to London, you must try the delicious flavours of London’s tea.

Enjoy a cup of happiness as you consume the afternoon tea. Claridge welcomes you in the company of the classical musicians. 

Moreover, the decoration of this place is elegant. It lets you have the traditional interior style of European culture. The perfect blend of every cup is like celebrating a British ritual.

You can also taste the delectable sandwiches or patisserie with the tea. 

15. Admire The Shard

The Shard

The Shard is renowned for its great height. Moreover, this 95-storied skyscraper is the talent structure of West Europe. Furthermore, you can witness the glorious city from the top.

The height from the ground level is around 244 metres. A perfect snap will be your smiling face from the clouds. Such is the vision as you look from the bottom. 

The iconic structure ensures easy observation of the entire from the extreme top. This is a great help for the cops to locate the criminals who try to escape their eyes.

The Shard provides the most admiring views for all the visitors. Indeed, this is one of the fun things to do in London. 

16. Refreshing Bath At Hamstead Heath Ponds 

Hamstead Heath Ponds 

Take a splash and enjoy the summer to the fullest in London. However, it is not just one season, Hamstead Heath Ponds gives you the facility to swim during any season.

There are different ponds for men, women and kids. Furthermore, professional swimmers can have great practice here, especially for competitions. 

Furthermore, it is the only public pond in London with a lifeguard. However, you can find hot water only in the Ladies’ pond, during the chilling winters. 

17. Witness Canals of Little Venice

Witness Canals of Little Venice

The water views are equally mesmerising like the lush greens on the land. Have a captivating site while moving with a waterboat.

Come to Little Venice, and taste the incredible cuisines at the bustling special spot. Have a grand feast at The Summerhouse, which offers seafood dishes and extraordinary drinks. 

Rembrandt Gardens welcomes you to a new magical world, while Quince Tree Cafe lets you sip the best hot beverages ever. Do not miss the incredible shows at The Puppet Theatre Barge when you are here. 

18. Enjoy Company of Wild Friends at Walthamstow Wetlands

Walthamstow Wetlands

In 2017, a new oasis came into existence in front of the public at large.

Zone 1 is the central spot from where you must take the tube ride to reach Walthamstow Wetlands. You can get to see a wide variety of fauna in this urban wetland. 

Generally, it is a paradise for the birdwatchers. Anyone can enter the place without spending anything. However, for serious bird-watching, like catching special movements of a kingfisher or a wildfowl, etc.

You have to sacrifice some pennies. Moreover, there are special facilities for angling. 

You can enjoy the homemade soups, toasts, or jacket potatoes at the adjacent Larder Caf. The place’s overall vista and lovely snacks will win your heart. You can consider it in the list of romantic things to do in London. 

19. Smell The Roses at Regent’s Park

Smell The Roses at Regent's Park

The unusual things to do in London for couples are not out-of-the-blue activities. You can have a romantic date by presenting a rose to your partner.

However, the background should be unique. The Grade-I Regent’s Park makes a splendid environment. 

More than 25,000 roses spread their fragrances throughout Queen Mary’s garden. The best blooms are the gifts of June. No other place in Europe has such a great collection of varied roses. 

20. Free Art at Tate Modern

Free Art at Tate Modern

How can we forget the free art when it is about cute things to do in London? Tate Modern is an iconic riverside spot, offering splendid sights of contemporary art.

Moreover, you can now get a 360-degree view of the city’s skyline from Switch House. This place has been operating since 2016 and ensures complete entertainment for visitors.

The Gallery Space helps viewers watch the masterpieces of Tate Modern and Tate Britain. It is a 30-minute tour of the Tate Boat. 


Where can I go to spend a romantic evening with my wife in London?

You can check out any traditional theatre houses or go to the Royal Opera House for a romantic evening with your wife. 

Can I observe wildlife in London?

Yes, of course. You can have a whole day spotting the wildlife at Walthamstow Wetlands. 


London trip will never be so special when you have the most unusual things to do in London for couples. Furthermore, these activities are not limited to the couples only. Every visitor can be part of this mesmerizing journey. 

There are plenty of cute things to do in London. I hope this article gives you some beautiful ideas about how to spend your holidays in the capital city.