Conveyor Systems Market Will Increase Despite Manufacturing Woes In The UK

Conveyor Systems Market

British manufacturers have increased the costs of their goods by 15.7% in May 2022. Most companies are apprehensive of further price increases because of inflation and supply chain issues. Despite this, Future Market Insights (FMI) predicts continuous growth for the conveyor systems market worldwide. The automation of the automotive, eCommerce, and mining industries in the United Kingdom is the primary driver of the need for conveying solutions

Automotive Manufacturing

The £61-billion industry is a major contributor to the British economy. The bulk of vehicles produced is for clients abroad. Domestic sales, though, increased by almost 41% in July 2022, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Even commercial vehicle production was at its best, with the highest output in July since 2016. The 2030 deadline for petrol and diesel-run cars will mean an increasing demand for private and commercial electric vehicles. The growing need for green transportation and labor shortages will have a proportionate necessity for automation. 

Online Shopping

The worldwide phenomenon of purchasing goods online has only reached the UK in the last decade. It is now the fourth largest eCommerce market in the world and shows no signs of stopping. The most popular eCommerce sites are US counterparts, but local brands are also thriving. Asos, Currys PC World, and Tesco are just some of the homegrown stores that have benefited from the popularity of shopping via the internet. One element that makes for a successful online shop is the timely delivery of items in good condition. Enterprises can accomplish this with the right resources, such as sortation, order fulfillment, and warehouse technology. Storage solutions and lifts will ensure that products are in perfect shape.

Mining Minerals

The government’s Green Revolution created a need for more lithium, copper, and tin. These are minerals needed for batteries for climate-friendly sources of power. For this reason, the Department for International Trade sees an explosion of mining activity in Cornwall, Anglesey, and Yorkshire, among others. To meet the demand, the industry will need digital tools and technologies. The closing of SE-TEK, a mining conveyor manufacturer, will give room for other companies to deliver what will be required for the expected mining upsurge.

These industries are showing outstanding economic numbers, but they also have challenges to face. Apart from inflation and labor deficiency, they will need to cope with supply chain disruption and rising energy costs. Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) CEO James Selka DL delivered a sincere entreaty to Liz Truss. He says, “The MTA is therefore keen that the government and the wider community treat UK manufacturing as a critical national asset and one capable of delivering much-needed added value to the UK economy. This lies at the heart of the government’s intention to deliver a Net Zero economy, improve supply chain resilience, grow exports and help with the leveling-up agenda. It is also critically important for reinforcing the UK’s sovereign production capabilities.”