Clash Royale Strategy: Top 8 Clash Royale Strategy Tips for Winning!


For those who are looking for great Clash Royale Strategy tips to push themselves to the next level; this article is for them.

Clash Royale is a very popular gameplay for those who want to experience battlefield games for the first time. To win in this game you first need to be very careful in choosing your opponents and should attack them correctly.

Since most of us yet are not skilled too much to win this game; the best way to get over this game is by using the best Clash Royale Strategy. If you are eager to be succeeding in this game you need to follow all the tips described in this article.

Clash Royale: 8 Tips, Hints, and Strategies to Win Battles

You can skill yourself as well as improve your fundamental knowledge by using the following strategies to win battles:

Top 3 Clash Royale Strategies for All Players!

Clash Royale Strategy

Patience is the key:

If you are playing a heavier one like Golem then you must keep patience; it is very much effective to wait for your enemies to attack first. It will reduce the time until double Elixir; where heavier decks are most influential. It also lets you respond to any play that is made by your opponents. Also, prevent you to be quickly countered.

If your opponents are smarter then they will surely push the opposite lane then you will have little Elixir to defend. The perfect example of this is a Golem.

But, if you are playing a cheaper deck that thrives in a single Elixir, then you need to start the game relatively earlier. A great playing example of this is bait. The most effective Clash Royale Strategy for these decks is that you need to wait a couple of seconds and then start a safe play.

Learn to Count Elixir:

You need to learn the best timing for you to push by learning the counting cards. In the beginning, it may seem very hard to you but after some time, you can gather more simple concepts about it.

The great way is to make it a little easier to wait until both players recoup their elixir. Card Counting is incredibly useful but it can take a while to pick up.

Learn when to stop pushing:

It is very tempting to contribute to your push with added support if you have an Elixir lead. You must not put similar troops together; otherwise, your opponents’ jobs will become incredibly easier. Adjusting your deck can also help you to combat this issue. A perfect example of this type of deck with multiple wizards or dragons.

I hope, these 3effective Clash Royale Strategies will be so much helpful to you to win the game.

5 Advanced Clash Royale Strategy Tips

Clash Royale Strategy

What is your opponent’s deck?

If you know about your opponent’s deck then you can win every single battle in this game with little effort. At the beginning of the game, you should gather knowledge about your opponent’s cards.

One of the strategies to know about your opponent’s card is to wait for them to play all of the 8cards out and you must remember all those cards while playing. But in this case, your memory needs to be very powerful.

Bait strategy:

If you can understand whether your opponents are playing a bait deck, this will help you to assume the win condition of your opponents earlier. Then you can assign specific counters to your opponents.

You need to find out the bait cards that they have and you should keep the counters in your hands. You must predict the bait strategies that your opponents have right at the beginning of the battle.

If you hit your best counter card and your opponents hit you hard with their best bait card then you will become upset. Before hitting them you need to effectively plan to deal with the bait cards.

Can opponents counter on your win condition?

Yes, your opponents can make a counter on your win conditions. The counters can be hard counters such as Goblin Gang vs. Hog Rider or Rocket vs. Sparky, or something else. If you can predict the counters of your opponents that may take place on your win conditions you can make a predictive move.

The best time for the prediction is when your cards have already crossed the river. You can add cards to support your conditions and also disrupt your opponent’s defensive strategy.

The best Clash Royale Strategy to counter an opponent’s win condition:

If you want to make a counter to your opponent’s on their win conditions then you need to know their winning strategies right from the beginning of the battle. It will help you to counter them throughout the entire game with the correct card you have.

Besides, you need to keep your best counter cards to attack them on their win conditions immediately for the minimal damage taken. Otherwise, they may use a rocket.

Further, you need to keep in mind that your opponents always trying to counter your counters. If you want to stop your opponents to make a predictive move or to counter their bolstering pushes easier, you need to change the placements of your cards for defense.

Punish or Invest?

You might ask this question when you have a huge Elixir advantage. If your win condition is more expensive, place it at the back and then start to build a huge push rather than placing it right at the bridge.

Otherwise, you can wait for your opponents to play their cards and then move right to the bridge of the opposite lane.

I hope, you have found these Clash Royale Strategies guidelines helpful.


What are the best Clash Royale combos?

Ans: Clash Royale is gameplay where you need to build a deck of units that synergize well.  Some updated Clash Royale combos are Hog Rider and Freeze, Balloon and Freeze, Rocket and Huts, Giant and Wizards, and Prince and Dark Prince.

How do I get better at Clash Royale for beginners?

Ans: You should not leak Elixir; if you do so they will defeat easily. Another thing that you can follow you must not activate the king; if your king is activated your opponents will have one more tower to help him on defense. Then you can find it harder to attack.

What are the 3 best cards in Clash Royale?

Ans: the cards are powerful and these need to be used in the right deck to make sure that they are being used to their full potential. In my point of view, the best 3 cards in Clash Royale are Elixir Collector; Zap, and poison.

How do I play Clash Royale like a pro?

Ans: with more than 90 cards in Clash Royale, there is a lot to learn to play like a pro. You can use minions or baby dragons while someone uses a balloon, you can also zap spells against the Skeleton armies and you need to use the Rocket while others use the pesky spawners.

Which legendary IS BEST IN Clash Royale?

Ans: Clash Royale’s cards are expanding so the players are getting excited when new legendary cards appear. Each of these cards is valuable to your deck and can swing the game in your favor by its potential. In my point of view, the best legendary card in Clash Royale is Ice Wizard.

Wrap Up:

There are various strategies to play well and achieve victory in Clash Royale. You can win the matches on how well you can manage your battle deck, how you are planning more brilliant placements of your units during the games, and how you can achieve the new cards for your collection.

Once you have boosted your skills you will be better on your way to reaching the top of the leaderboard. In this article, you can find effective tips, tricks, and strategies for Clash Royale to improve your skills. With these mentioned steps you can Clash Royale in no time.