Supporting Your Favourite Charities Through Lottery Participation

Charities Through Lottery

Giving to charity is one of the most rewarding things anyone can do. You get to help your community and do something practical to help improve human lives.

It helps strengthen your values and understand the moral duty of assisting those in need. And while there are some that would say human beings are inherently selfish and would always rather receive than give back, studies have shown that generosity has a proven positive neurological and psychological impact.

People who are used to being generous are more optimistic and have a sunnier outlook on life.

So, what better way to help both yourself and others than supporting a charity?

Action Medical Research

Action Medical Research is a British research charity focusing on treating and preventing disabilities and diseases affecting children and babies. Since 1976, the charity has adopted the beloved children’s literature character Paddington Bear as a mascot.

Action Medical Research was founded in 1952 with the aim of eradicating polio, a frequent problem in the UK in the 1940s and 50s. After the reduction in cases following the introduction of the vaccine, the charity’s activities diversified.

Now, much of the research is focused on pregnancy and preventing conditions that can occur during this period, such as providing folic acid supplementation to expectant mothers in order to eliminate the risk of spina bifida or the diagnosis of retinopathy in premature births. Projects aimed at helping older children include helping treat liver disease and burns.

But children aren’t the only ones the charity helps, as it has also been involved in projects for older adults. Action Medical Research has also sponsored research into hip replacement surgeries, nerve repair, osteoporosis and myasthenia gravis.

Charity lottery

Action Medical Research organises a Friday lottery that allows you to donate money in a fun and engaging way and win a prize in the process. £1 per week is all you need, with the top award of £500 being up for grabs for the lucky winner. By joining a charity lottery, you’ll have the chance to support breakthrough research aimed at finding cures that can save children’s lives.

For example, one of the causes you can support is that of premature babies who need additional care and support to have a chance at a healthy life. Every year, around 55,000 infants are born too soon. These newborn babies are typically cared for in specialised neonatal intensive care units.

These devices involve sophisticated, complex processes, including brain activity, cardiac function, oxygenation and temperature measurements. Treatment also differs depending on the case but most often requires medication, mechanical ventilation, and ensuring optimal nutritional and fluid intake through the use of intravenous catheters.

Since a wide range of conditions can affect preterm babies, any help is very much needed to ensure a positive outcome.


Charity lotteries help bring returns for the causes, ensuring that more money goes into supporting the projects. For charities, every single penny counts and can ultimately make a difference.

Research is a continuous thing, and progress requires ongoing support. Otherwise, it is challenging for charities to achieve their goals. Lotteries also offer a predictable means to conduct fundraising, meaning that charities have a clearer idea of what they can expect to see.

Lotteries are also more likely to attract supporters, as they stand out from the typical fundraising endeavours. Therefore, it’s easier to attract more significant numbers of supporters for different causes.

The potential for a reward will likely attract even those that wouldn’t have engaged initially. Through social media and digital marketing, charities can gain exposure to more diverse audiences. That way, any cause can be supported, from medical research to environmental protection, social welfare and education.

Winning a lottery

There’s a lot to be glad about when you win the lottery, but it’s more difficult than it appears. So, what are some of the tricks you can use to boost your chances? Some of the most popular tips include:

  • Joining a lottery syndicate: These groups play together by pooling money and playing simultaneously, increasing their chances of winning. Syndicates have claimed considerable prices in the past, proof that the method works.
  • Analysing past results: Historical data is essential for a wide array of investments and ventures, and it’s no less crucial when it comes to winning the lottery. Choosing the numbers that occurred the most, the odd/even strategy and regression to the mean are the most common strategies.
  • Regular participating: The more you participate in the lottery, the higher your chances of winning will statistically become. It also helps the charities you’re supporting.
  • Statistics: Just as maths can help you find the lucky numbers, so can statistics reveal the probability of certain combinations.
  • Budget: Sticking to a comfortable budget can also improve your likelihood of winning.

The proceeds from charity lotteries go towards making the world a better place by supporting sustainable development and offering support to those that need it most.