3 Digital Marketing Strategies that Will Help You in 2024

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies assist businesses in setting specific goals and putting them into action before their competitors.

Working with a digital marketing agency to develop, implement, and manage your personalized plan for your business is critical.

Digital Marketing agencies such as digital agencies UK help digital implementation to brands by keeping and executing end-to-end solutions to help industries grow.

These agencies employ various tactics, techniques, and tools to assist enterprises in fulfilling their marketing goals.

Digital marketing evolves based on what buyers want or how the market changes.

To keep up with the ever-changing market and to help your business succeed, let’s explore the three top digital marketing strategies in 2024.

Live Streaming and Short Videos

According to statistics, 50% of global businesses use videos, such as email and landing pages, in their marketing campaigns. This digital marketing strategy attracts customers’ attention, influencing their purchasing decisions.

Videos can boost conversion rates and lead generation on any social media platform. However, it relies on evolving trends like short-form videos and live streams.

How are live stream videos used in marketing?

Real-time videos, or live streams, are used for advertising products or services. They are versatile tools that provide audiences with information about interacting and clearly understanding your products or services.

You can stream live in many ways with options tailored to your brand. The features and opportunities to effectively target various audiences vary by platform.

Businesses can use live stream marketing software to broadcast live events that are affordable, engaging, and authentic, capturing a much more enormous audience potential.

Furthermore, when selling products and services, live streaming on social media channels will be one of the most profitable digital marketing techniques in 2024. Entrepreneurs who go live when marketing their brand gain massive conversion rates.

Benefits of Live Streaming

Remain prominent in your audience’s mind.
Amplify brand awareness
Increase brand loyalty and trust
Grow the number of genuine opportunities for interaction
Generating more money
Boost conversion

Why short-form videos?

Since the average customer’s attention span is eight seconds, short-form videos like IG, FB reels, and TikTok are compelling digital marketing strategies for businesses to gain leads and increase ROI.

On average, short videos range from twenty seconds to sixty seconds and two minutes. Short-form videos give brands and content creators an innovative way to present their work, disseminate knowledge, and deliver messages. They can be used wisely in marketing content to convey viewers’ emotions and personify a brand.

TikTok and Instagram reels dominate social media feeds. They are extremely popular with customers and are still growing today. That is why Facebook is adopting this method as well.

Since short-form videos are other forms of media, short-form video material is already a successful way to connect with Gen Z and younger generations.

To remain relevant, brands must embrace this strategy and appear in their customers’ channels.

Benefits of Short-Form Videos

Promote greater engagement
Achieves notable content
Gets better results in Google search
Boosts email open percentages
It brings you before your targeted audience
Establishes community

Customer Experience

The most important thing to consumers in 2024 will be a memorable experience. All digital marketing optimization aims to improve the user experience because that matters most.

Since the user experience matters most, most algorithms and AI are used in digital marketing optimization to improve it. Consider online customer service, after-sales support, or algorithms that recommend products for us to buy. AI makes business cleverer by connecting customers to the right brands and messages.

Here’s how Al and algorithms used in marketing:

Data Collection and Analysis

It is collecting, analyzing, and measuring accurate data from various sources to find solutions to problems, and questions, evaluate results and predict trends and statistics.


Natural Language Processing includes customer service bots that appear instantly when a customer visits a site.

Media Buying

Media buying is forecasting the most critical media placements, such as ads, to reach potential buyers or target markets to maximize marketing strategy and increase ROI.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists brands in determining which marketing strategies to employ based on past data gathered.

Generate Content

Al aids in generating content such as web copy, video captions, and more.


This strategy optimizes the customer experience by tailoring web pages, emails, and social media to the customer’s preferences to compel them to sign up or click a link.

Interactive Marketing

It is a marketing strategy that directly responds to customers’ actions, expectations, demands, behaviour, and preferences. This method has evolved for a decade, becoming more effective and a priority.

Interactive Marketing Types


It’s a unique way to encourage audience interaction with your product or service. Quizzes provide additional information about products, which can assist consumers in determining their needs or answering previous questions about the buying process.

Promo and Contests

Providing giveaways or executing contests on Social media platforms is another way to capture audience attention.

Email Marketing

Reaching out to your customers through email is another strategy that helps you maintain loyal customers and grow your email list.

Provide the customer with valuable data or an incentive to purchase while letting them know how much you value their interest in your company.

Poll or Survey

Customer feedback is essential for improving the customer experience. Surveys provide businesses with valuable information about their products, letting them know that you value their feedback.

Personalized Information

Posting personalized content at the appropriate time yields the best results. Instructional videos can help people who are having difficulty implementing solutions.

Benefits of Interactive Marketing

Increased audience engagement
Increase leads and ROI
Improve customers experience
Promote brand awareness
Cost-saving, impactful interactivity

Why is a digital marketing strategy necessary?

Many businesses that do not have digital marketing plans do not have clear strategic priorities.

Through marketing strategy, you thoroughly understand the online market’s dynamics, such as customer information and behaviour, competitors, and leads.

A digital marketing strategy can provide guidelines while also assisting in creating a compelling selling point.

It also allows you to conduct a more thorough analysis of your market share and customers, which can increase your revenue.