7 Best Forex Trading Courses Review

Forex Trading Courses

Forex trading is incredibly unpredictable and more confusing than other ventures. For this reason, you should go for the best online trading courses to get more insights before any trading.

The introduction of forex trading courses was to help forex traders with insufficient knowledge of trading strategies. It also helps them understand currency trends and better investment strategies for maximum returns.

An aspiring forex trader is now better positioned to access the best forex trading classes as they can learn anywhere. Good forex courses aim to equip their learners with sufficient knowledge and experience before introducing them to the real Trading community. We’ve listed down 7 of the best forex trading courses with their relevant features.

1) Asia Forex Mentor

Ezekiel Chew founded Asia Forex Mentor in 2008 in Singapore. It has over 26 lessons filled with examples and Ezekiel’s personal experiences and insights on trading forex. Chew’s insights are highly sorted for by leading entrepreneurs and forex traders on the best online forex trading classes.

Initially, Ezekiel Chew started Asia Forex Mentor for his friends as they requested him to teach them advanced forex trading. But soon, many people wanted to learn how to trade in the forex market, and there was no one to teach them. Chew introduced online trading forex classes and later on launched physical courses.

His Forex trading classes are so practical that they are considered the final learning destination for potential forex traders. Asia forex mentor usually receives enquires from forex traders with many years of trading experience; they have pursued various online forex trading classes and attended many seminars without mastering the art of forex trading strategies.

About The Forex Trading Course

Asia Forex Mentor’s one core program provides helpful insights that give its students necessary trading expertise. Traders learn through an online training program, and the Ezekiel’s teaching is very well planned out and engaging. They have a strong support team as well.

Its curriculum has 26 lessons divided into many categories, with 63 videos and a course introduction. It’s an easy guide that combines Ezekiel Chews’ hand-picked life examples from his interpretation and life experiences, enhancing the total value of each session.


  • Get trained directly by one of the best traders around.
  • It offers immersive training with live trading sessions.
  • Proven and tested strategies.
  • Complete system from beginner to advanced.
  • Ezekiel is a great teacher and is able to make trading fun and easy to learn.


  • The One Core Program may be pricy at $940 but it’s the complete trading system.

2) Simpler Trading

Raghee Horner is the co-founder of Simple Trading after achieving success in her 3-decade old career in forex trading. Her most outstanding achievement is that she never experienced a losing year throughout her trading career. She was optimistic and constructed his trading style based on a systematic approach and carefully reading market trends.

Simpler Trading is famous around the world and is known for offering professional financial trading tools. Most successful and highly experienced traders empower learners on financial and forex trading strategies.

Simpler Trading provides engaging lessons through webinars, live chats, and mentorship through cutting-edge technology. The team of specialists is available all through the day for seven days a week.

Simple Forex Trading courses offer learners the most appropriate insights since they cover stocks, futures cryptocurrencies, and live trade Forex, which are helpful for all online forex trading students. Learners are also equipped with strategies such as price analysis to prepare them for actual trading.

About The Forex Trading Courses

Apart from being an accomplished forex trader and tutor, Raghee Horner has also published several forex books helpful in trading. She has offered a platform with the best forex trading courses. Subscribers to this course are given insights and experiences of Raghee Horner’s successful trading system in the financial markets.

She breaks down trading techniques with simplicity such that all traders will have no problem processing provided information. Simpler Trading offers a 60% discount for students, but for a limited time.


  • Traders learn all types of trading styles and investments.
  • Have a trial period with full access.
  • Contact details are available on their website.
  • Reasonable pricing structure.


  • Retail quarterly costs are on the other end; hence you need to use linked discounted rates.

3) Traders Academy Club

Vladimir Ribakov founded the Traders Academy Club, and since then, it has received many positive reviews from different enthusiastic traders. Vladimir Ribakov anchors this class and has achieved trading experience and success over the years. He is also an influential teacher aiming to master the best online forex trading tricks like foreign exchange with little experience.

Vladimir Ribakov has an admired reputation and is among the top traders in the world of forex trading. He has a good track record and 12 years of experience and has introduced others to currency trading. Ribakov has maintained his policies strictly and more transparently and has used his trading journey to empower upcoming traders.

Ribakov is also a vocal and easily recognizable person in the forex trading community. He has witnessed many achievements, and his contribution to the field has earned him numerous awards. Ribakov stated that he introduced Traders Academy Club to help forex traders avoid multiple pitfalls in the forex market.

Traders get helpful ideas and practical tools and interact with the most successful traders. Having subscribed, you get premium educational materials and access to a comprehensive media zone wherever you need.

About The Forex Trading Courses

Traders watch 30-50 minute clips on forex trading through a webinar combined with other lessons to avoid boredom. They will receive professionally analyzed forex signals during the session, breaking applicable procedures for each trade recommended. Premium members will access a valuable library of educational materials, including books, videos, eBooks and best-in-class trading tools on best online forex trading strategies.


  • You will master the forex market yourself because you learn about the ins and outs of trade through the webinar.
  • Live webinars are in the American and European time zones.
  • Support is offered 24/7 by the Traders Academy team


  • You’ll miss live webinars if you are outside the listed time zones.

4) Udemy Forex Trading

Udemy is one of the best online forex trading course providers. It is designed to educate those interested in forex trading but do not know where to start. This forex trading course is more comprehensive and affordable, making it almost tailor-made for beginners who want to test their trading abilities before engaging fully in trade.

The course developer, Kirill Eremenko, is a data scientist and an experienced forex trader with over five years of experience. He has served in many industries, including transportation, finance and retail. With his long-term experience, Kirill has turned his academic background to provide excellent learning to other passionate forex students. He has become a forex system expert and has given others a trading opportunity.

Like all other best online forex trading courses, Udemy has one core program, testing students after the period and ensuring they are certified and have lifetime access. All subscribers can access the tutors online for help 24/7 in case of any problems.

About The Forex Trading Course

Subscribers to online forex trading classes acquire a thorough indebt course, which induces basic tricks required to evade risks in trade. Udemy is suitable for beginners to learn the basics of trading forex and the most important trading strategies. The paid course also offers video materials with over 57 short videos of lectures.


  • It is more affordable compared to other courses.
  • Access to mentors.
  • It provides practical educational concepts.
  • It has a seven-day refund period and a free trial.


  • It is for beginners only.
  • It does not have live learning sessions.

5) Forex Signals.com

Forex Signals.com was established in 2012 and is a top choice for advanced forex courses. It offers a wide range of options, a vibrant community, and top-quality education. Students get exposure to professional mentors who instill practical forex skills and information on undertaking weekly market analysis.

Nick McDonald founded Forex Signals.com when he had just begun trading. Currently, he is an independent trader and also a financial coach who is known globally. Forex Signals.com offers interactive lessons with the most influential and professional traders giving daily live stream analysis. All these have been made easier through the YouTube channel with tips and guidance.

It accommodates inexperienced traders who want to learn forex trading and introduce the best online forex courses. There are also online forex trading classes for you to do anywhere you are.

About The Forex Trading Course

Forex Signals.com was explicitly for new learners with no experience in forex trading. The sessions provide one core program with different options for the trader to learn basic information before gently evolving to the technical aspects. It is unique since it allows for three trading strategies, offers excellent flexibility, and gives its members a chance to choose their best trading options for trading success.


  • The platform features knowledgeable and most experienced traders.
  • Top-notch customer service.
  • Easy access to information.
  • Very convenient.


  • It uses a manual trading system.
  • It depends on the signal provider.

6) Six Figure Capital

Lewis Glasgow founded six Figure Capital in 2016 after being recognized globally for inventing new methods of generating signals. Being a forex systems expert has inspired him to teach others, and he eventually came up with the 14-day course. Lewis Glasgow attributed his success to his discipline, patience and simplicity.

Six Figure Capital is among the best platforms since it equips skills to its learners in the shortest time possible. The trading course learned is titled Master the Art and Science of Trading. It runs for four days and contains a lot of trading information.

About The Forex Trading Course

The course entails 19 videos for the learners to watch within two weeks. The 19 lesson videos cover the paid course duration, with a new topic taught every day. Glasgow made this arrangement to avoid boredom by engaging learners in the friendliest way. Learners are shown various markets like foreign exchange and stock trading, which expands their trading knowledge. The course gives learners interaction with more experienced traders to encourage them.


  • Learners get intense two-week training.
  • Learners participate in live trading sessions.
  • There is no ongoing fee for a lifetime membership.
  • Active, interactive learning sessions.


  • Six figure capital offers no free trial.

7) Forex Trading Coach

Forex Trading Coach is a course that Andrew Mitchem developed in 2008 as a multi-task course because it is helpful for forex traders of all levels. This course is incredibly beneficial for beginners since it grows traders from amateurs to experts in just 90 days. Mitchem said that beginners might become advanced and better traders than those with years of experience since they may progress faster

Andrew Mitchem is a full-time currency trader, mentor and investor with much experience in the financial market. Mitchem has been an active trader since 2003 and established Forex Trading Coach in 2008 after coming up with a trading strategy that made forex trading most profitable for him. Mitchem started losing money rapidly in his first trading years, which resulted from unhelpful eBooks and trading robots that gave false promises of success.

About The Forex Trading Course

The course has many professional trading tools and is very detailed. Andrew and his team make regular webinar sessions to guide traders on a unique trading strategy. In case of anything, traders freely contact Andrew and the team for assistance.


  • Regular live sessions.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • They have a clear trading style with highly focused materials.


  • Training is suitable only for those who want to be technical traders.


There are indeed more variations in forex trading than most people’s knowledge. What works well for others may not work well for you. It is, therefore, necessary to look for a course that would help you maneuver.

We’ve discussed 7 of the best trading courses available. After deliberating on capital gains and success stories made by different traders, we conclude that Asia Forex Mentor is the leading forex trading course around.