5 Best Portable Dog Washers We’ve Picked for UK. 2024

Portable Dog Washers

Are you a responsible dog owner? Then you must be obsessed with the cleanliness of your loving pet. But, it’s not easy to keep them clean all the time.

This is because our furry friends always love to run and jump into muddy puddles. They want to enjoy their life most of the time in the lap of Mother Nature.

Our cute pets remain crazy to smell her muddy scents. Well! The idea is not bad at all unless it turns into a tedious job for you to clean your dog.

After all, it’s not at all easy to wash away those obstinate muddy stains from your dog’s body. But, with high-quality portable dog washers, the task becomes easy.

You might be thinking, are there any such dog washers in the market? Of course, yes! We have brought info about not 1 but 5 such dog washers available in the market.

Choose the one you think will suit your furry friend best and make the tedious task easy. So, let’s discuss them in detail. 

Portable Dog Washers – An Overview

Portable dog washers are mainly tanks of water that have connections with hoses and shower heads. They are natty devices that comprise air pressure systems in them.

Being portable, you can carry them in any place you want to shower your dogs.

Just fill their tanks and put them inside your car boot space to carry them. You can also fill their tanks with warm water if you think that the days are colder.

It will help your dog to get a warm bath. The dog washer’s hose helps you to wash your dog’s difficult-to-reach places effortlessly. Want to know more?

Well! You can use these portable dog washers to wash your cleaning bikes and football boots as well apart from bathing dogs. So, these dog washers are very essential on-the-go items for dog owners. 

Best Portable Dog Washers – What Features Do They Have?

  • It’s easy to fill water in their tank. You can fill them with water from your home before carrying them out. 
  • They are easy to use. 
  • They have solid connectors without any chance of water leakage. 
  • Their tank size is big so that you never fall short of water while washing your dogs. Some come with a 5 to 7-liter washer while others come with an 8-liter washer or more. It depends on your requirements, which washer you need. 
  • They usually come with long-length hoses of at least 2 m long. 
  • The best portable dog washers usually come attached with an integral brush. This brush mainly helps to remove the stains from your dog’s paws. 
  • Good dog washes are silent and non-motorized. They work efficiently without making any noise. So, your dogs remain stress-free while bathing. 
  • They give the option to store warm water for your dog’s bath. It helps to beat the cold weather. 
  • They are portable.
  • They are easy to set up.
  • The best dog washers are sometimes sold in the market with extra accessories. These accessories include- 
  1. Towels.
  2. Insulated jackets.
  3. Power brushes.
  4. Pre-wash spray, etc. 

5 Best Portable Dog Washers – Our Picks

1. Mud Daddy Dog Washer

Wanna know about the most popular portable dog washers in the UK market? Mud Daddy is one of them. Their tanks come in sizes of-

  • ​​​​5L.
  • 8L.
  • 12L.

Choose the one you need to store water for your dog’s bath. The 5 L dog washer is the most portable model. You can carry it on small trips to give your dog a single-time bath after his muddy walk or play on the beach.

In case you need to bathe your dog multiple times or go for a long trip, you should look out for an 8 or 12-litre dog washer from Mud Daddy.

The washer looks like a petrol can and is lightweight. It comes with a soft-bristled brush to remove the toughest mud from your dog’s body.

The hose pipe is 2 m in length. The washer is suitable for carrying warm water.

However, installing a neoprene sleeve will ensure the retention of the warmer water for several hours. 


  • ​Long-length hose pipe.
  • Comes with an integral brush head.
  • Comes with a power brush.
  • You will get a lot of extra accessories with this item.
  • The battery is rechargeable. 
  • Steady water flow. 
  • 30-day guarantee for money back if you find any fault in it. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Holds enough water.


  • Quite pricey.
  • An insulated jacket is not included in this set. You need to purchase it separately.  

From Where To Buy

  • Mud Daddy site.
  • Amazon.com.

2. Petacarium Dog Washer

Image- Smart Bark

Want to buy portable dog washers from a reliable business source? Then, trust Petacarium! It’s a South Coast-based small pet care business run by a family.

Petacarium offers every dog owner a professional portable shower with which you can wash your dog and do many other pet care jobs at the same time.

They come in the sizes of 5L (the small one) and 8L (the large one). This dog washer set includes an insulated neoprene jacket. Also, it includes a powerful 8-setting shower head.

The handle through which you have to give the pressure to the shower is strong enough. The hose length is 1.3 m.

With this portable dog washer, you can wash your dog multiple times or give it a single exceptional wash. With its shower, all the mud from your dog’s body will vanish.

The washer gives you the facility to alter the water stream. With it, you will feel like using a traditional garden sprayer. You can additionally purchase a pet shower brush from Petacarium as well along with the body washer.

It will contain silicon bristles and will help to dislodge its body’s pesky mud within minutes. 


  • Adjustable shower head.
  • Portable and handy. The washer unit comes with a fully adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Longer hose pipe available (though at extra cost).
  • Comes with an insulated neoprene jacket.
  • The water can stay warm for up to 4 hours.
  • Available in different colours and designs. 
  • Different types of additional accessories are available. 


  • The hose is shorter in length. It is of 1.3 m. 

From Where To Buy? 

  • ​​​​​​Petacarium site.
  • Amazon.com.

3. Kurgo Portable Dog Washer

Kurgo is a company that sells portable dog washers and travel equipment. The Kurgo portable mud dog showers it sells are matchless and value for money.

Its shower head fits into all plastic bottles. Just fit it into your on-the-go plastic bottle (of any size between 16 oz and 2 L) that you are carrying and get ready to shower your muddy dog. Kurgo mud dog washer is very easy to use.

Also, it is budget-friendly. You can attach the shower with a high-capacity water bottle for nearly one or two minutes and use it for showering your dog.

This washer is most suitable for washing a dog’s muddy paws. This is because the shower head can be connected only with bottles with low water volume.

Unlike the above two dog showers, you have to squeeze the bottle while showering your dog with this shower. Squeezing the bottle helps to enter the stream of water within the shower head.

There is no option to pressurize the water to come to the shower head. However, regarding portability, this mud dog shower is a great option. 


  • This dog washer is of great value.
  • Comes in a simple design.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great for cleaning dog’s paws.
  • Affordable.


  • Is only of use if you need a low volume of water for a dog shower.
  • Doesn’t come with any integral brush.

From Where To Buy

  • Amazon.com
  • https://Kurgo.uk 

​​​​4. Mud Mummy Dog Washer

Here’s one of the portable dog washers that are reigning the market like Mud Daddy dog washers. Both belong to the same company and maintain the same authenticity and standards.

Mud mummy comprises a rechargeable shower head.

So, with this dog shower unit, you will be free from the headache of pressurizing the tank manually. The shower head comes with a USB port, which you have to plug into the electrical socket for charging.

The charge can run up to 1 hour from the time it gets full. Here are the things that come in the Mud Mummy unit –

  • 8-litre tank.
  • 2-meter hose pipe.
  • Power brush head (can be recharged).
  • Large brush head.
  • Small brush head.
  • Charging cable.


  • Easy to use. Just press the shower head button, point it towards your dog and all done.
  • Simple to attach and remove the hose.
  • Superior in quality.
  • Comes with a large tank.
  • Comes with a variety of equipment. 
  • Rechargeable.


  • A little noise from its motor is produced. 
  • The long hose can make the storage fiddle. 

​​​ From Where To Buy

  • Mud Daddy site.
  • Amazon.com.

5. Woof Washer 360 Portable Dog Washer

Image- Petstreet

Looking for revolutionary and portable dog washers for your pet? Count Woof Washer 360 in. Yes, this washer is quite famous in the market for its innovative design and thorough bathing technique.

The washer comes with a 360-degree spray feature.

So, it makes your dog’s body bath from all angles. With this device, there will be no trace of dirt or mud on your dog’s body.

The unit comes with adjustable water pressure. It is compatible with almost all kinds of standard garden hoses. 


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Highly efficient in washing your dog from different angles. 
  • Easy to use.
  • The water pressure is adjustable. 


  • ​​​​​​It may not be comfortable for all dogs. Some may find the 360-degree water spray uncomfortable. 
  • Dependency on compatible hoses.
  • Not suitable for areas having low water pressure. 
  • The unit is made of plastic. So, there’s a doubt regarding its robustness and durability.    

From Where To Buy

  • eBay.
  • Amazon.com.


1. What is the difference between Mud Daddy and Mud Mummy?

If you don’t want to wash your dog with a pumping water system, purchasing Mud Mummy is a good idea. Being run with power, everything happens in it automatically only with the press of a button.

The brush is operated with a rechargeable battery in it. However, the Mud Daddy cleaning device doesn’t give you such options. You have to pump the water manually to make it run and wash your dog’s body. 

2. How long does Mud Daddy keep water warm?

The Mud Daddy device can keep your dog’s bathing water warm for more than 5 hours. The credit for it goes to the Mud Daddy jacket. Being made of high-grade neoprene, the device remains free from scratches and bumps while you are busy travelling. 


Dog washers are a convenient way to keep your dog stain-free. So, which of the above portable dog washers do you think will suit your dog best? Go through their features, pros, and cons once more and make your decision wisely before making the final selection. Have a good day!