4 Best NFT Projects That Have Revived In 2023


Since the beginning of 2023, the pricing of Bitcoin has been quite a pitfall. And, the same are still been quite prominent in August, too. And, we don’t think it’s going to get solved anytime soon. Like, take a look at the British Bitcoin Profit Review and see it for yourself.

So, what’s the solution?

In our opinion, it’s best to keep your investment in Bitcoin as it is and look for an alternative. Something a little less mainstream, like NFTs, can work wonders in this aspect, for example. Let us share some options that you can choose from.

Best NFT Projects To Keep Your Eyes On

Even though they’ve been available for more than half a decade, NFTs have gained immense popularity only recently. Let’s learn more about them.

Option – 1: ShipAge

ShipAge is a limited NFT collection, which is designed to stake in the market. Hence, it’ll be easier for the shareholders or collectors to earn passive income without any issues.

Each of the ShipAge NFTs is minted in a form of a limited edition. And, you can only get them via the dedicated platform. The security level of the wallet is quite top-notch as well.

Additional Information: Due to the design, ShipAge NFT can help in building a metaverse world as well. Apart from the usual, you can sell merchandise, collaborate with brands, and host live events there too. It’s pretty fun in that sense.

Option – 2: Silks

Like ShipAge, Silks, too, is a P2E NFT collection but with a quirky twist. Unlike the former, it already has a blockchain-enabled metaverse where you can –

  • Trade,
  • Own, and 
  • Earn rewards

… from virtual racing horses. The whole collection is entirely based on an actual event. Thus, almost everything, including horses, has a counterpart in our world. If you want, you may do some research on the prospects of the race and create a strategy on the basis of it.

Additional Information: In the beginning, the price of the horses began from around 24.00 GBP. However, now, each of them is priced at around 100,000 GBP. Since the beginning, a total of 11,999 horses have been sold as of now.

Option – 3: Battle Infinity

Unlike the aforementioned, Battle Infinity is an up-and-running metaverse game with a huge fan following. Although being released only recently, it already has an NFT and DEX buying centre in place. You can buy the tokenized assets from there and use them as tradeable NFTs.

Battle Infinity is also quite nifty in the security department. It’s been built on a decentralized platform, which can’t be traced as long as you aren’t creating an account in it.

Additional Information: The game is an all-inclusive battle arena where you can play with or against another player and try to win it. In case you get the victory, you’ll be able to earn a bit more NFTs as a whole. And, then you can trade them as you please.

Option – 4: FaceTransPlants

FaceTransPlants, in essence, is a PFP project that comes with around 10,000 caricatures. The NFTs have been designed in a form of artwork and will be displayed as a social media DP.

The primary object of the project has always been to create a community that appreciates and focuses on artistic creativity more than anything. So, if you’re an art fanatic, it’s for you!

Additional Information: The very first NFTs (around 1,000) are going to get pre-sold during the month of August 2023. If you own a single FTF NFT, you will be able to get access to a wide array of artistic endeavours and innovative events.

Start Investing In NFTs!

Although it may not seem so, NFTs are the future of Cryptocurrency and blockchain. Thus, it will be ideal for you or anyone else interested in it to start investing in it today. 

It might feel a little expensive at first, though. But, with the innovation and technical efficacy it comes with, we say it’s worth the price. 

Don’t believe us? 

Then, why don’t you invest in something and then come back to us again?