Why Are Major Investment Firms Moving From Gold To Bitcoins?

Gold To Bitcoins
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Gold has always been considered a safe haven for capital. The obvious proof to prove the claim is that the government always keeps a gold reserve. They do so because, in the crisis, the only thing that can buy things for the country is gold.

When the conditions are harsh, all the promises do not hold any value. Gold is the only commodity that stands as the standard payment.

In the same way, many gold buyers hold the same thought process. They do not trust any promise made on paper and are happy to swap their Gold with digital Gold – Bitcoin.

When it comes down to investing in Gold, there are many things that look fishy. One aspect that makes investors doubt is the documents that promise to offer gold equivalent to their payment.

The fear of losing Gold is not the only problem; you also need to consider the quality of Gold.

If these points correlate with your thoughts and make you think about choosing Bitcoin over gold, the bitcoin loophole might be the best place to invest in Bitcoin.

Why Does It Make Sense To Invest In Bitcoin Over Gold?

From March 2020 low, Bitcoin has gained more than 20000%. This spectacular surge in the price of Bitcoin over the last two years has made Bitcoin a primary investment option for any investors.

Furthermore, there are a few more things hidden from common people’s eyes that make Bitcoin a better investment option than Gold.

1. Surging Prices

The other thing Bitcoin is good at, other than its Volatility, is its surging prices. No matter what people talk about Bitcoin, it is a fact that the Bitcoin industry has given more millionaires to the world than any other industry.

Just pick the pictorial representation of Bitcoin’s price over the last decade. You will find that it has only become better over time. In fact, it has escalated in the last two years. Experts believe that this will continue for the next ten years, at least.

2. Full Control Over The Assets

Yes, it is true that Gold is the best investment to make if you are thinking of all the uncertainties that can happen at any time. But with the Gold investment, you lack one thing, full control over your asset.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. That means there is no authority holding its reins. This allows the investors to have full control over the assets. Whether you are holding, trading, and transacting, you don’t need permission from a third party to complete the process.

3. Decentralized

The decentralization of Bitcoin is what makes it unique. In fact, this is the sole reason why so many investors and traders are going head over heels. As we mentioned earlier, decentralization means there is no authority to control the assets. This gives the investors full control over their rein.

4. Involvement Of Big Companies

The Bitcoin industry is a virtual industry. They do not exist in the physical world. This is why people have always raised questions about their authenticity. However, the involvement of big names like Venmo, PayPal, Square, and the JP Morgan group has certainly changed the way others perceive the Bitcoin industry today.

These companies support Bitcoin in the open market and believe Bitcoin to be the sole solution to the current financial problems. The involvement of these companies has revamped the trust of the investment firms.

5. Millennial’s Keen Interest In The Digital Financial system

Finally, the keen interest of the Millenials.

Believe it or not, most of the Crypto investors are millennials. These are the same group of people who have seen the market collapsing in front of their eyes multiple times, the recent one being due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

These millennials understand that the triad financial market does have the right infrastructure to cope with the modern-day crisis, and hence, they are choosing Bitcoin over Gold.


Comparing Bitcoin with Gold is a major compliment for Bitcoin. Gold has always been a hedge against inflation since the prehistoric age. Hence, comparing the two shows the hidden potential of Bitcoin.

Companies like PayPal, Venmo, and JP Morgan understand the importance of Bitcoin’s existence and have started supporting it. Seeing these big names affiliated with the Bitcoin industry, other investors feel at ease while investing in Bitcoin.