Best Leaflet Distribution Near Me

Leaflet Distribution

You’d never guess, but door-to-door leaflet distribution is exactly how it sounds; a direct marketing or advertising service where businesses create and send out leaflets through different means, to reach potential or existing customers. 

This means, you get to see through that your leaflet is reaching people through their services, while all you have to provide is the information on it and the design or logo you’d like to include on it. Pretty neat, huh?

How Much Does It Cost For Leaflet Distribution?

So then, if you want a business or agency that caters their services to you through leaflet distribution, so you can get your product, service, event, or venue on the map, how much is this all going to cost?

Depending on the agency you choose, even if you’re searching for “ leaflet distribution near me “, like The Private Postman, the prices will vary, which very much needs to be considered if you want not just the best for your wallet, but for your campaign too.

Shared leaflets, meaning ones that get sent out with other competing leaflets or flyers, start around £48 – £78 for 1000 deliveries, including tax.

For solo distributions, however, you can be looking at £85 – £185 for 1000 deliveries, also including tax.

As mentioned prior, these prices can change depending on the agency you choose to do your campaign with, how much they charge, their experience as distributors, the location in which you are and want to distribute the leaflets too, etc.

It’s highly recommended to book a consultation with someone in the agency to discuss terms and regulations, what you want, what they can provide, and other details, to better understand the process and how much you’ll be paying.

Can You Track Leaflet Distribution?

There are two main ways you can track businesses and companies when it comes to leaflet distribution on your campaign. This includes Leaflet Lookouts and GPS trackers on the delivery persons.

Leaflet Lookouts are people in the hired leaflet distributor agency or someone in your company that goes around and checks whether the leaflets and flyers have been delivered or not to houses or areas which they may or may not have reported going through.

These people usually go at specific times of the day, and check mailboxes, during reasonable time frames that suit when to deliver, and ensure that people have delivered them correctly, not scrunched up, half sticking out of the letterbox, you get the idea.

The other, more efficient and reliable method, involves GPS tracking the deliverers. This ensures live tracking of the people delivering the leaflets to houses, right up to the doorstep.

A lot of businesses just simply put them in mailboxes, but the ones that take the next step and deliver them right to the potential clients’ hands, are really golden.

Generally, you don’t have to pay for GPS tracking as an extra addon, but some companies do, do that.

When you talk to a consultant, be sure to bring that up so there’s no confusion and you can know for sure that you are getting GPS tracking, whether it’s an add-on or already included in your package.

How Many Leaflets Are Delivered In One Hour?

Depending on the leaflet distributor agency you go with, their experience levels, and how many people they have running your leaflet campaign, can vary on how quickly it can all be delivered and done.

If there are delivery persons, a single person can expect to deliver around 60-100 leaflets and or flyers through letter boxes per hour.

Less can be expected if it’s through door-to-door instead, but sales are so guaranteed since it adds a personal touch and a thoughtful introduction.

When it comes to handing them out on the street, in cities, or in busy areas, the number of leaflets or flyers delivered can increase to roughly 150 leaflets per hour, or decrease to 20 or 40.

Often the case though is they are increased, due to experienced distributors going to busy or built-up areas to do the handouts.

Generally, leaflet distribution agencies, like The Private Postman, will show their statistics and how well they’ve delivered in the past for previous clients, so you can get a better idea of how well your campaign will do.

It’s better to go with more experienced agencies, as they know what they’re doing and all the hotspots if and when doing handouts.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a person searching for “leaflet distributors near me”, for results like The Private Postman, be sure you fully understand the terms and book a consultation with your desired agency to discuss how much your campaign is going to cost.

It’s all seriously worth it, especially if you’re a business or a group wanting to advertise their event, venue, property, etc, to people, targeted or not.