5 Best Investment Apps In The UK

Investment Apps

In this word, people can invest and save their money in plenty of ways. Technologies are highly helping them to invest money over the internet. With the support of experts’ knowledge, people are accessing plenty of investing applications. This article talks about the importance of some investing applications used in the UK country. Stock market and other business people are using these investing apps to perform fractional purchases.

What Are The Investing Apps?

The investors will collect the money in dollars, and they have to convert it into their country’s money to use it on the local market. To access this system, you need to connect your debit card to the account you have in this kind of app. Then, it crafts the huge finance with the trusted plans, which help you get extra cash. Some of the best apps used in the UK are mentioned below.

  1. Nutmeg,
  2. Freetrade
  3. Wealthify,
  4. Wombat,
  5. Plum.

Which App Is Feasible For Competitive Fees?

Wealthify is an app that makes sense for competitive marketers or investors. In the particular platform, some people are depositing money to the different trades to gain cash between the competitive markets as setting the goal. So, this app is used for that purpose, and it charges low fees for every competitive action. The investments start from 1 Euro for 50 Euro as a wealthy pension. The annual management fee is 0.60%, and from the beginning of user’s access, it takes charges; but as low.

Which App Is Suitable For Beginners?

Are you looking forward to stepping into this investing world? Then, you can try this “Plum” app. Yes, the plum app is one of the best investing apps in the UK, which offers you to invest in tech and all emerging markets. The starting investment is 1 Euro, and it is completely authorized and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Then, the user needs to choose to invest between the lists of funds. Fund fees vary from 0.06% to 0.090 %.

Which App Offers Free Transaction Fees?

Nutmeg application is one of the investment apps the UK that offers many favors for the users:

  1. It is completely free for investing for about 12 months.
  2. The Individual Saving Account (ISA) and the stock marketers are using this app, and the minimum investment would be 500 Euro.
  3. It demands the investors choose between four styles such as fixed allocation, fully managed, socially responsible, and smart alpha.
  4. This app’s great advantage is that it won’t fix any set-up or exit or transaction fees.

Go For Small Investments!

One of the Best investment apps UK is the Wombat application which offers more benefits for the users. It is suitable to make small investments, and you can even invest 10 euros. In this app, your money is protected by the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS). So you can be a tailor for crafting your investment portfolio according to your lifestyle. The user needs to pay 0.07% – 0.75% to the fund provider. The subscription fees are automatically charged for a month up to 1 Euro.

Have Free Sharing App:

Freetrade app is feasible for free share. It won’t ask you to pay for the basic investing accounts. You can open your account through money and get a free share of up to 200 Euro. It is completely instant and can buy UK and Us stocks. If you are in the starting stage, you can utilize it to gain free access to trades. The finance exchange rate is +0.45%, and it is the immediate charge on the spot. Bitcoin investment is very much popular now a days, you can try bitcoin motion as an bitcoin investment option.


With all the previously mentioned applications, there are some more apps available such as Cashbox, Trade 212, eToro, and many more, where you can invest in those apps also. You can get to know me on the internet platform. Moneybox is the best choice for investing the spare change. And, just 1 Euro is charged for a month, and this particular system uses the “round-up” function. So, you don’t need to pay the money for saving with your MoneyBox.

If you want to replicate the other traders, you can use the eToro by investing 200 dollars. According to the policies and rules for all the investing apps, you will be charged separately under the legal, financial agent. Now, you can optimize the suitable apps for the investment you prefer by referring to this article.