How to Choose The Best Credit Card Machine For Small Businesses in The UK

Credit Card Machine

Credit card swiping machines are the best choice for receiving digital payments for small businesses, and it is also suitable for all kinds of business. People can choose the best credit card swiping machine by comparing essential factors like security, connectivity, portability, and usability of the devices. By evaluating these features, the users can select the best credit card machine for small business companies and other commercial transactions.

These credit card machines are essential for digital money transactions and various attractive features. The following details will help users select the perfect credit card machine for their businesses. These devices should have multiple abilities, which makes money free transactions easier. The users will benefit from using these devices, and then pay for the card machine will change as per the service provider of the devices. 

5 Credit card terminal features to look for

Most people think that getting payments is enough for these credit card devices, but it is not the only necessary feature for these devices. Beyond payment transactions, the users need to seek various elements in the machine. While getting a new credit card swipe machine or replacing the old one, the users need to check multiple features that make the device more effective and suitable for business. The most essential five credit card terminal features are

  • Ease to use
  • Payment security and PCI compliance
  • Connectivity
  • Portability
  • Receipt printing ability

All these are the terminal features of the credit card machine that every user should check for while getting the device. These features will improve the device’s functional ability and help increase the capacity of the business in the digital money transaction. Each element of the device has unique usage.

Easy to use

The device should have a simple user interface to interact with the user to understand the device’s working. While choosing a credit card machine, the user should select a machine that needs less training and accessible working features. If the device is difficult to use or has some complications in working, it may frustrate the clients. So, selecting a credit card device with a simple interface is advisable.

Payment security and PCI compliance

While choosing a device, the user should select a perfect device with proper payment security and PCI compliance. This PCI stands for the payment card industry, with various rules and regulations for digital card transactions through the credit card swipe machine. If the users or the client disobeys the rules of PCI means, they have to pay several charges and penalties. Payment security helps the clients to trust the transaction.


These credit card devices need internet access to work properly, and most business people use ethernet or wifi connections. So the users should choose devices capable of working with the kind of internet source available to them. If the device creates any network issue while transacting, it may irritate the clients and cause irregular transactions. So choosing a machine with proper connectivity is essential for flawless business transactions.


The portability feature is essential for all kinds of credit card devices because it helps the users take the widget wherever they want and help them make payments at any time and location. This feature provides freedom to the device, and it also helps to improve the business in many ways. Users using this card machine for small business groups will get several benefits from these kinds of portable devices.

Receipt printing ability

The necessary primary feature of the credit card device is to print the receipt for the clients and the user, explaining the previous transaction. Many devices are available in the market with various features. Still, the receipt printing feature is common in all the machines because this feature is the proof of transaction for both client and the device user. This compelling feature of credit card devices depends on the small printer and the paper roll on the top.

All these five features are essential features for getting the best credit card machine, and these following features will help the users to improve the business of the users.

Credit Card Swipe machine processing costs

Credit Card Swipe machine

If a client uses a credit card swiping machine, the device will pay various fees for using the device. These fees will involve several charges applicable for using the swiping machine. If a user swipes a credit card in the card swipe machine, the payment process will start, and in that process, the user has to pay various charges to various parties. This transaction cost and charges per card will differ as per the service providers of the device.

This processing cost includes startup fees, monthly due, statement fees, PCI- compliance fees, and refund fees. And in this list, the hardware leasing fees and business card fees are also included. There are several kinds of credit card fees available with the device.

Types of credit card transaction fees

The credit card transaction involves several kinds of fees, and for users or merchants, there are three different types of costs involved in each credit card transaction process. And those fees are

  • Interchange fees
  • Assessment fees
  • Payment processor fees

Interchange fees

These fees also include swipe fees that every merchant will pay for the financial company for every swipe in the machine. These fees will be a small percentage of the merchants’ bank account. This fee covers various actions like fraud risk, handling cost, and other related deals, and the price value will differ as per the financial company and the company’s service provider. These are the features of interchange fees.

Assessment fees

These fees are for the credit card association and not like the interchange fees because that fee is for the credit card company that provides the card, and this assessment fee is for the card associates. These fees will be a percentage of the amount that is given monthly as per the transaction volume.

Payment processor fees

The payment processor fees are the charge for using the credit card, and this type of charge is common for all kinds of credit cards. For every credit card, the value will be 2.6% + 10 cents per swipe which will be for the usage of the card in the card swipe machine. And like other charges, this charge will also differ according to the card type.


Following all these processes and knowing about the additional charges will help users select the best credit card swiping machine. These devices are the best inventions that help improve the business with the choice of digital money transactions, and it also allows the world to move towards money-less payments.