10 Ways to Revamp Your Business on a Budget  


Does your workplace inspire motivation and productivity? If not, it could be time for a change. 

Multiple studies have shown that the working environment greatly influences our mood, productivity, and motivation. If your office space design leaves a lot to be desired, it could be hitting your bottom line.

You don’t need to have a huge budget to upgrade your work environment. From giving the office a fresh lick of paint to installing luxury flooring – there are lots of ways to revamp your business on a budget.  

Discover 10 of the best ways to transform your business without breaking the bank…

1. Invest in luxury flooring

You might think that having a small budget stops you from being able to invest in quality flooring. However, there are companies such as Stories Flooring that specialize in buying in bulk, from wholesalers in order to offer their customers discounted, budget-friendly commercial floors.

Changing the flooring in your workspace can give it an entirely new look. It doesn’t just improve aesthetics; however, the right flooring can also aid in functionality and performance. The more aesthetically pleasing a workspace is, the happier and more motivated your employees will be. 

2. Begin with a de-clutter

The first step to revamping your business on a budget doesn’t cost anything. De-cluttering the work environment doesn’t just make it look tidier, it can also help to improve the way the business functions. 

Is there anything that needs to be thrown away or recycled? Does everything have its own place? If not, it’s time to get organized and add extra storage solutions if needed. Once the space has been de-cluttered, you can get down to transforming its design. 

3. Give it a fresh coat of paint

One of the cheapest ways to give your work environment a new look is to apply a fresh coat of paint. This tip alone can make the office space feel brand new. 

While white walls tend to be the norm for businesses, it could be worth seeking out more inspired colors. For example, did you know that green inspires creativity? Painting your office space a green colour could help to boost worker creativity, great for industries that require constant innovation. 

Other colours to consider include yellow, red, blue, and purple. These colours encourage motivation, helping to potentially boost productivity. 

4. Bring in the plants

Nature is good for the soul. It’s also fantastic at boosting workplace morale. Bringing plants into your working environment will make everyone happier, more productive, and better able to focus on their work. 

Numerous studies have revealed the benefits of adding plants to your business. One study published in 2014, showed that staff were happier in a green workplace, as well as more productive. 

Adding greenery to your working environment is one of the most affordable ways to transform it into a happier, more efficient space. As an additional benefit, plants help to improve air quality, which leads to better concentration and focus. 

5. Replace old appliances

If your business is using old appliances, it could be costing you a small fortune. Not only are older appliances more expensive to run, but they are also bad for the planet. Replacing old appliances can make your workspace a lot more efficient. You will also find that it helps your employees to do their jobs more effectively. 

When searching for new appliances, look for ones with at least an A+ rating. The cost of replacing appliances may seem high, but they will save you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Re-arrange it

Sometimes, just changing the layout of your workspace can help. Move the furniture and equipment around to transform the space without spending a penny. Before you do, however, make sure you take practicality into account. 

The layout of your workspace should foster efficiency. Everything should be easy to reach and easily accessible.  If it isn’t, it could take longer for staff to carry out certain tasks, reducing the efficiency of your business.

7. Add a little art to the walls

Wall art can be expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives out there. You don’t need to invest in a Picasso painting, even a cheap canvas print will help to boost productivity. 

Artwork adds colour to the space, while also inspiring creativity. The added texture also helps to break down the room’s design, creating interesting focal points. Like plants, several studies have shown that art in the workplace can make employees happier and more productive. 

8. Add texture with soft furnishings 

While at work, staff often miss their home comforts. Adding texture into the space with soft furnishings can help to make it more comfortable and nicer to work in. 

Instead of just having blinds, consider adding curtains too. You can also make furniture more comfortable by adding throws and cushions. The more comfortable you make the workplace, the happier your employees will be.  

9. Invest in ergonomic furniture

This is one of the more expensive ideas on the list but doesn’t write it off just yet. Investing in ergonomic furniture doesn’t just save your business money in the long term, it also helps to improve productivity.

Ergonomic furniture is designed to be used for long periods of time. It reduces back pain and eye strain, reducing the amount of time your employees are absent from work. As they are more comfortable, staff will also find it easier to focus on the task at hand, getting more work done as a result.  

10. Take advantage of natural light 

Office spaces in particular can suffer from poor lighting. This has a negative effect on both morale and employee health. Bringing as much natural light into the space as possible will help to improve focus and concentration. It also makes the space look more inviting, encouraging workers to be much more productive. 

You can increase the amount of natural light in the space by using mirrors to reflect the light that comes in. Making sure the windows are unobstructed will also help. 

Giving your business a revamp could be just what you need to improve efficiency and productivity. The ideas above are some of the best ways to transform a workplace without spending a fortune.