Write A Dissertation in Less Time Than You Plan: Here’s How

A Dissertation

A dissertation is a research paper project that you will have to do at the end of your undergraduate or postgraduate program. It’s a piece of writing that isn’t easy to write and needs a lot of attention to detail, patience, and, above all, proper time management. Proper time management because you don’t really have all the time in the world to write your dissertation, as you may think. First, because dissertations have deadlines, and secondly because proper time management can guarantee a good paper. If you have a problem managing your time when writing a dissertation, here are some tips you can follow;

Have a plan

A Dissertation
A Dissertation

The very nature of a dissertation calls for a solid plan before you even get to the writing part. A plan here includes setting goals that will help you successfully write your dissertation. There are certain steps you can take to create a solid plan;

  • Structure your plan to include what needs to be done at what intervals. For instance, write down when you plan to complete the chapters’ drafts.
  • You save a lot of time when you start writing early. You could go with research first and then write later, or research as you write. Either way, don’t wait too long before you start writing
  • Have some time allocated for consultation with your professor, friends, or peers.
  • Set time aside to revisit the feedback from your professor and peers.
  • Set enough time for proofreading, editing, and formatting your dissertation.

Having a working plan will ensure that you stick to the task and not deviate. It also ensures that your focus isn’t all over the place, which could lead to procrastination and inefficiency in the end.

A weekly writing schedule is a good idea

Writing a dissertation is no easy feat for many students. However, it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do the entire week. In fact, you’ll get tired and procrastinate if you spend too much time on the paper. That’s why you need to figure out a weekly plan that includes working at a certain hour of the day. Some people decide to spend at least three hours a day working on the dissertation, others decide on a certain number of pages a day. Either way, have a plan that will get you doing something each day.

But even as you create a weekly schedule, it’s never a bad idea to get help, especially if an area of your research isn’t clear. Many students contact the best dissertation writing services for such help. These services come in handy when you are stranded, either because of time or lack of research material.

Assign priority to tasks

Prioritization of dissertation tasks involves figuring out what parts of your paper will be most pressing. This allows you to allocate time wisely to these tasks and eliminate them successfully as you go. For instance, you could group difficult tasks and allocate more time to them. Figure out whether such tasks need to be eliminated immediately or if you’ll need to come back to them later. Bibliographies can be easy to write if you already have a record of where to find them. You can allocate more time to knocking out the chapters and get to the lighter tasks when you are done. also, if a task can be taken care of immediately, do not prioritize it for later, even if it’s seemingly easy.

Eliminate distractions and make good use of “rest time

To be honest, no one is a machine that can work non-stop (even machines need rest time). You will need some time to rest and figure out other things in your life. Sometimes you don’t rest because you have to, or because you are burnt out. However, even as you rest, use your time wisely. Some people like to have “filler” tasks that they consult when they rest or take breaks. Some filler tasks could include visiting the library to check recent works on your topic, organizing your files, or working on a different program. Constructive rest eliminates distractions like emails and looking at your phone for many hours.

Pretend you are working for a structured company

In order to beat procrastination and use your time effectively, you need to realize some sort of responsibility. It’s never easy to hold yourself to account so you’ll need someone else to hold you to account. This doesn’t have to be a real person. You can make them up. Just pretend you are working a 9 to 5 job and have to fulfill a certain quota at the end of the day or week or month. This will help you finish off tasks faster and structure your work more efficiently. Find out what works for you and use it to your advantage.


Writing a dissertation shouldn’t be something that snuffs fun out of life. You just have to figure out how to expend time wisely and everything will fall into place. Stay in the groove with these tips and watch your dissertation disappear right in front of your eyes!