Who Is the Personal Chef and Why Is It Cost-Effective?

Personal Chef

One of the key elements of any holiday or event is delicious and healthy food. But sometimes you may not have enough time to cook your meals. In such cases, you can use the service of a private chef.

In this article, you will find out what a private chef is, why it is profitable and what the prices for hiring a personal chef in London are.

Who are private chefs and what do they do?

A private or personal chef is a person who previously worked in restaurants or as a family cook and switched to freelancing. They have a culinary education and experience in cooking.

A mobile chef can become a real artist at your party or event because they always have a unique style. The presentation of their dish can look like a real work of art. This is all thanks to the fact that they are constantly improving their skills and style.

The question may arise: what is the difference between a chef & cook? The first will not leave you hungry and will prepare delicious food for customers regardless of budget. In contrast, the cook with a basic set of products will prepare an excellent dinner.

Key benefits of hiring a private chef

If you want to hire a personal chef in London, you will get unforgettable emotions in addition to delicious food. That’s why:

  • The food at your dinner or event will be insanely delicious and look luxurious
  • You can choose a menu with different dietary requirements so that every guest will be pleasantly surprised.
  • You will have more time for important things if you entrust the work to a professional
  • An experienced private chef in the UK will help you calculate the right amount of products. Thus, you do not have to buy more products at the last moment and there are no leftovers.
  • Some private chefs can recommend grocery sellers where you can get a discount.
  • A personal cook will help you cut costs and create a diversified menu
  • In general, hiring a personal chef for a dinner party will be more cost-efficient and easier than cooking everything yourself.

How much does it cost to hire a private chef?

In a private-chef agency, you can see the following values. The minimum salary for a mobile chef in the UK is £180 and the maximum is £250. This means that in 2022 you will have to pay an average of around £200 to a private chef in London.

The price depends on the following 4 factors:

Type of food and event

The price depends on the number of requirements for the personal chef. The cost of preparing food for a birthday party with friends outside and for a business meeting with partners will differ significantly. Because for a party, a cook can prepare dishes that can be easily transported and taste better than ordinary snacks.

To prepare food for a business meeting, a personal chef needs to have certain skills and spend more time and effort. A professional will make dishes with an attractive presentation so that your guests can take attractive photos on Facebook or Instagram.


You can easily find a chef for simple home cooking. However, finding a private chef in London specializing in Thai cuisine can be more difficult and expensive.

Dietary requirements

Among your guests, there may be people who are allergic to certain foods and do not eat sugar or gluten. To keep every guest satisfied, you can send a list of dietary requests to your private chef. Experienced professionals easily adapt the menu to these requests. But this increases the cost of a personal chef.

Menu variety and volume

The price of a private chef depends on the number of dishes you order. If you order dozens of large dishes, the price for the chef’s work will be high. Some suggest using a tasting menu, so the guests can taste all the dishes, and it’s cheaper.

In conclusion

We hope you found this helpful article, and now you know who a personal chef is and how much it costs to hire one. It will be much better for you to hire a private cook than cook yourself. An experienced chef will prepare delicious meals and surprise your guests.