What you Need to Know About GRC for SAP


Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is a set of processes or procedures for managing security, privacy, and risk within the organisation. Spanning multiple disciplines, GRC includes risk management for the enterprise, third-party risk management, compliance, and internal audit, among others. Managing an organisation’s GRC processes and procedures keeps the organisation secure, compliant, and best prepared for both internal and external threats.

SAP is enterprise resource planning software that allows all departments to share and access common data. Its integrated modules ensure good business management and a better work environment.

There are GRC software solutions available on the market that are able to integrate directly with SAP to assist organisations in effectively managing their risk. Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace, organisations cannot afford to expose themselves to risk by not managing or prioritising their SAP Security. The only way to effectively manage GRC for SAP is to automate the process by using a tool, and not just any tool. Do careful research when considering the options. Ensure the solution that you choose is agile and future-proof.

When selecting a GRC solution, it is important to look out for certain functions that can best assist your organization’s needs while also meeting audit requirements.

Ensure the GRC solution offers the following functionality:

• Access risk control features to identify the risk and come up with a remedy.
• Offer user access change management and risk mitigation.
• Compare the SAP basis configuration with the best set of rules in the industry.
• Adequately prepare the organisation for annual external audits and ensures complete compliance to eliminate unfavourable findings.
• Enhance efficiencies in the SAP user provisioning process and decrease the effort/cost of managing user access in the SAP landscape.
• Analyze and highlight the fields in SAP with personal or sensitive information.
• Provide fire-fighting access within an automated workflow-driven process assisting the management team to review the things executed in the elevated rights access period.
• Allow users to reset their SAP passwords.
• Provides a business-friendly process that reviews access to risk and business processes and encourages smart decision-making and improves insight in GRC.
• Identifies irrelevant SAP user accounts by scrutinizing user activity in SAP.

Ensure the GRC solution offers the abovementioned functionality for the organisation to extract maximum value from their GRC investments.