What Equipment Do You Need to Set Up A Large Corporate Office?


If you’ve started a business and you’re looking to set up an office, we know you’ll need to write quite a long checklist for equipment. To help speed up the process, we’ve outlined some of the most essential IT hardware and equipment to complete a functional, contemporary office space in our guide below.


You can between either desktops or laptops, or a mix of both. When it comes down to the pros and cons, laptops excel in portability and convenience, allowing employees to access their work files on the go or while working remotely.

However, if your business uses storage-heavy applications that require faster processors, you might prefer to keep powerful computers in your office. In either case, each employee will benefit from their own personal computer.


According to a report on hybrid working, up to eight out of ten users believe that their work performance would improve with a larger monitor.

Working with multiple displays is understood to enhance productivity and efficiency, so it’s a good idea to make sure each desk has two monitors to help employees manage tasks effectively. Or, if you’re working with a compact desktop space, choosing a curved monitor could suffice.


Regardless of which computer system you choose, you’ll need a range of different USB cables for each device. Most peripherals use USB-A, with larger equipment like printers using USB-B, but newer devices are now frequently released with USB-C inputs, too.

It’s always worth learning about the entire range of different USB cables for each of your devices. This will allow you to get all the equipment up and running as soon as possible, ensuring that you have the necessary connective cables.


You’ll also need a range of computer accessories, also known as peripherals.

These include a mouse and a keyboard for each employee, and these can either be kept in the office and shared between the team or individually assigned. If you’d like a tidy office, we’d recommend keeping cables at bay by choosing the best wireless mouse for your team.


To help your team organize documentation, you’ll need both a photocopier and a printer.

If you’d prefer to invest in a quality machine, you might choose to buy one with both functions. This is essential for printing out important information and making copies of paperwork. Or, if your company requires lots of physical documents, you might need multiple printing devices.

Meeting equipment

Any flagship office space needs a designated meeting room. In this room, you’ll require the appropriate equipment for meetings and presentations, including a large screen for presentations, and an integrated camera and microphone to use during remote calls with clients or teammates.

We hope this article has given you a clearer idea of the fundamental equipment needed to get your office plans off the ground. Good luck!