What Are the Main Features of a CMMS?


Computerised Maintenance Management Systems(CMMS) are used by many asset-intensive industries for equipment maintenance. Here are the key features of a CMMS.

What Are the Main Features of a CMMS?

To keep your equipment working optimally and ensure safety compliance, effective equipment maintenance is crucial. Equipment maintenance software, also known as a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), is a powerful tool for organising, recording, and optimising the maintenance of assets such as machinery, vehicles, and other equipment. 

But how does this software work and how does it fit into your asset management strategy? Here’s a quick introduction to CMMS software. 

CMMS software explained

Used by organisations in a wide range of asset-intensive industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, oil, gas, and energy, and more, computerised maintenance management systems(CMMS) give businesses greater visibility and control over maintaining assets.

The CMMS holds all the information about each unique asset in a central database. This includes asset information such as serial numbers, warranty information, insurance, and safety manuals.

It also records the location, position, maintenance history, and maintenance schedule of each item. This makes it possible to see the status and information about all a company’s assets at a glance, enabling easy auditing and reporting. 

A CMMS covers a number of functions including scheduling maintenance, creating work orders, recording equipment calibration information, and enabling asset maintenance in the field. 

Scheduling equipment maintenance

One of the key features of CMMS software is scheduling preventive equipment maintenance. Whether you maintain your equipment with calendar-based, usage-based, or condition-based preventive maintenance, or using another preventive maintenance strategy, equipment maintenance software allows you to create different maintenance schedules for all assets.

Moreover, with a CMMS system, you can also automate reminders for preventive maintenance tasks, ensuring that maintenance is never missed. This enables organisations to keep equipment in optimal and safe working conditions, reducing downtime and expenses.

Work order management

When it’s time for an asset to undergo maintenance, CMMS software can generate and route work orders for the maintenance to be carried out. This includes specifying the maintenance tasks that need to be undertaken, which parts need to be used, and whether any repair parts need to be purchased for the work order.

Work orders are given numbers and categorised by priority and maintenance type. The CMMS allows you to schedule particular maintenance teams or individuals, reserve materials or equipment, and attach key information to the work order such as safety and repair manuals. 

Recording calibration for equipment

A key aspect of maintenance for some types of testing and monitoring equipment, calibration is carried out to ensure the accuracy of readings. CMMS software helps facilitate calibration by scheduling tasks and recording equipment calibration data in its centralised database.

This means that there is a clear history of asset-specific calibration information which can inform future maintenance and replacement planning.

Enabling asset maintenance in the field

CMMS software facilitates equipment maintenance in the field with powerful asset tracking capabilities which make it easier to locate assets and the ability to assign work orders to the appropriate maintenance team or individual.

Some of the more advanced cloud-based CMMS tools can be used on a mobile device, making it easier to access and provide information in the field instead of relying on paperwork.

For those not in the field, it’s possible to track equipment status, maintenance workflows, and the cost of downtime using the CMMS system. 

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